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Welcome to Hermit.com

Hello, my name is Michael Miller.

This website has 98% of the classical Pilates exercises on all the equipment in photos. It also has material on my view of Pilates as an idea. The fastest and easiest way to currently learn about Pilates as an idea is to go to Shopping pick Top Recommendations and select anything that is pay per download.

My trademark is an image that points to a feeling and shows the way to achieve the goal of Pilates: complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.

I write the Hermit's Journal (hence hermit.com) and selections of that journal are available as well. Since then, I've written "The Elements of Pilates and the Michael Miller View." Also, managed to write my first novel "The Pilates Workshop". Both books are available in the shopping cart.

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Copyright ©2006 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.


Copyright ©2006 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.