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I hope your summer is going well.
After July 4th I will be "back to school."
If you ever forget your password to my subscriber area
you can always go to my home page and select Forgot password?enter your email and have it sent to you.
New!, is the Michael Miller Pilates Blog with RSS feeds.
This means for free you can go to my blog at: http://michaelmillerpilates.typepad.com/michaelmillerpilates/
click on the little orange square that looks like a speaker and have any new posts automatically show up on your home page.
(This way you automatically know what's new from me without having to go look!)
Upcoming travel includes Zurich [Room to Move,  Jules pure Pilates]Chiasso, Atlanta, Boulder, Annapolis, Philadelphia, and Chicago.  In the fall I'll be visiting Peru, Chile, Argentina, and BrazilMy calendar is here and fliers for workshop details can be found hereIf you would like to consider hosting a workshop go here.
"Cornu Tension" is my latest DVD and focuses on finding alignment through engaging cornu tension.  "The DVD shows that the same "cornu tension" is applied throughout the Method.  The lines are seen so clearly--when it is done wrong, and then right. You can see the alignment, and find yourself pulling good posture while you watch!" Bettelynn Steiner.  You can order it here.
Email fielded at:
michaelmiller@hermit.com [recently questionable]
I must be on my way, which takes me away from the "at home connection" to the internet that is such a privilege. So patience please on my response times.
I wish you peace within passion,
Be safe, have fun,
www.hermit.com (website)


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