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pilatesstyle May/June 2006 Vol. 3 No. 3 page 36
powerhouse / pure principles by Randye Hoder, a freelance writer in Los Angles

Claim to fame: Jillian Hessel studied with three elders--teachers who learned directly from Joseph Pilates. Known as a "teacher's teacher," she relishes training other Pilates instructors as a way to pass on this historical conection and because, "I don't want my take on it to be lost."

Fletcher, another direct discipleof Joseph Pilates, had been a principal dancer with Martha Graham and incorporated his dance background into his Pilates practice. He is a proponent of "percussive breathing," a form of loud, intense breathing that emphasizes full exhalation. From all her teachers, 50-year-old Hessel says, she "learned that there was no one way of doing Pilates."


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