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Excerpts from the Hermit's Journal:

April 28, 2006   Friday  2:03 PM
Pilates for Survivors
Another current fad is defining Pilates for special populations, anything to expand the market and make more money.
I take special exception to the Pilates for Men fad.
“The expansive history of Joseph Pilates and his exercise method would not have been possible without the indispensable influence of his wife, Clara Pilates.”
“It was she who paved the way for “Contrology”…”
pilatesstyle March/April 2006 Vol. 3 No. 2 Regina Joseph
In reading this article I couldn’t believe any magazine would publish such a biased article meant to aristocratically bolster a mentor by emasculating Joe and elevating Clara to an undeserved and fabricated level of importance.
For subscribers I will “Clara”fy here:

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