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Excerpts from the Hermit's Journal:

April 28, 2006   Friday  11:20 AM

Pilates Principles

Pilates principles are the fad issue these days, as though you could explain Pilates through a vague and randomly ordered focus on principles.
For instance:
“What distinguishes the Pilates method from the rest of the world of fitness are six fundamental principles and the use of the powerhouse.  The six principles of Pilates are: control, center, concentration, precision, flow, and breath.”
The Complete Book of Pilates 2005 for Men by Daniel Lyon Jr.
“While some look down on Pilates plus yoga (or swimming or cardio or even dancing), the fact is that just about anything you do with your body can benefit from Pilates principles.”
Pilatesstyle May/June 2006 Vol. 3 No. 3 Editor in Chief Amy Leibrock
A display of ignorance on both counts, either intentional or self serving doesn’t do the understanding of Pilates any good. 
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