Michael Miller Pilates Take Home Test

Saturday October 23rd

What plan did you have coming into this program?

How has your plan worked out so far?

What is your plan for the rest of the program?

How has the program thus far influenced your plan for the rest of the program?


What is Pilates?

Which answer do you think fits best?


Corrective Exercise

A group of exercises in a particular order.

An idea

An art form

A science of the body

The mat


If you consider Pilates to be an idea, what is the objective of the idea?


How do you get to the objective?

(explain each word)












Gravity forces the issue of ________________________________.


______________________ is ____________________________


via ___________________.


It takes two ____________________________ to trigger ________________________________.




Produce a drawing of Cornu that you instructed somebody else to draw.


Explain the difference between teaching and instructing.


What does the German word “geist” have to do with Pilates?


Order the Seven Qualities of a Good Teacher for what you are best at to what you are weakest in.

They have the ability to connect with and reach their students.

They create and manage effective learning environments.

They are knowledgeable in field of teaching.

They have effective classroom management skills.

They have effective methods of evaluating the learning of students and can use this is to give helpful feedback to students and parents.

They work out collaboratively with colleagues.

They continually grow and improve.


How much time have you spent online at www.hermit.com?


Produce a print out of one advanced exercise on the ladder barrel from www.hermit.com.


Produce a print out of a chair exercise on the low chair.


What is the purpose of the apparatus?


In order to be eccentric you have to start at _________________________________,


The number one goal when you are teaching is to have _________________________.


What is always in the forefront of your mind when teaching ______________________.


How can what you know about Balanchine help you be a better Pilates instructor?


Who “was the first to show that the human body is literally made of building blocks whose proportional rations are always PHI”?


What determines the purity of Pilates?


Why can Pilates never be encompassed by rationality?
(and therefore never completely within the purview of science?)


What is the ultimate expression of Pilates?


Can you do Pilates in no gravity?