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Welcome to the subscriber area of the Michael Miller Pilates. It's a mess. Well, really not a mess, just one long file that has been added to over time. So, if you want the best historical perspective of what you have just gained access to, I would go to the bottom and work your way up. (because the most recent additions are on top)

Much of the "subscriber area" is still defined by intermediate and advanced exercises, and anything related to them, like blog entries. So, after (or not) you've worked your way through this file, going to What's New from my home page will take you to where all the recent activity has been. And if you're still digging for what's out there you might go to the old menu (Home/Old Home) and work through the stack of entries there.

Welcome. Remember that my message is that pilates is a very specific idea. As you knock around this site be on the lookout for insights to that message.

Okay, have fun!


Eye Test Table
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Volume 2
Reformer Side Split Modification

Video Clips from the start of my new "Volume 2"
Welcome Inhale More Inhale Peace & Blessings No Slack No Springs

Audio Clips from a Peru workshop
where I compared Machu Picchu and Pilates: (English/Spanish)
1 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5 Clip6fish Clip7 Clip8 Clip9 Clip10 Clip11 Clip 12 Clip14 Clip15 Clip 16
The full 39 minute CD can be ordered here.

December 28, 2007 Just found this clip mis-labeled. It is a video clip of Michael Miller explaining the word "pilates". Here

December 4th, 2006 Audio interview with Claudio Fernandez, in Rio de Janerio is here.

May 22, 2006 New Subscriber clips are here.

Yes, welcome, welcome.

There are new video clips for the Mat Basic 10 and Push Up,
plus on the Reformer:
Elephant, Knee Stretches, Up Stretch, Down Stretch.
The Mat list is here:
and the Reformer list is here:

A good look at the release of the sternum on the Roll Over is here

Here's my favorite work on the high and low chair to lead a client into fluroescense.

The latest continuing ed session has to do with finding release in the sternum to make the roll up more doable. Click here.

The Michael Miller Pilates Powerpoint slide show presentation is here.

The message in South America is here.

A key sequence of concepts is here.

A new section called Springs Only is here.

Updates on coordination and backstroke are here.

Notes from the last workshop in Zurich are here.

Some of the Ladder Barrel material is here.

Oh my gosh! Something new? 14 more Reformer exercise photos are posted here.

Caddy Teaser Sprung from below and above

L' raison d'etre fluorescent.

An eye test is here.

A couple new sessions, one on lifting the head is here.

and one on the exhale transition is here.



To download a copy of my studio release and waiver click here. (Beats typing it all in yourself and there may be some phrases you haven't seen before, and there may be a lot you want to leave out in your form.)

My latest session is here. It has video clips that each take a while if you have a dial up connection, so be patient.

Most of my new stuff is out there in the translation tables, getting some French savoir faire into English.

Here is an audio file of a passing thunderstorm outside my cave in Boulder. click here to download.

Here is a point about why square hips are so important to strive for--stability of the axis affects stability of rotation, which affects the movement.

The low chair arranged according to the idea of uniform eccentric loading flowing through progressive patterns of movement is here.

The low chair arranged the way they appear on old film and the way they might associate with mat exercises are here.

Small Barrel exercises list is here.

Large Barrel / Ladder Barrel exercises list is here.

Spine Corrector/Humpback Barrel exercises list is here.

An audio clip about the inflection point is here.

Michael Miller Pilates Continuing Ed on the Web sessions are posted: here and here and here and here

The Video Glasses Equipment Information (new!)

The Michael Miller Pilates Mat Themes

The Michael Miller Pilates Mat List

The Pyramidalis muscle

Standing arm springs

How about a little spine corrector? What is the progressive pattern of movement?

My latest product offering is an audio recording of my workshop in Fort Collins on June 9, 2002.
Three hours, one person in the workshop, and her teacher who is a student of mine. order here

The fact of physics: (click to download the video)

The latest journal excerpts are here.



(take a few minutes to down load on a phone line)


(The order is important; if I were new to Pilates I would buy right down the list.)

Introduction January 2, 2002 Introduction

#1 ****** The Mary Bowen video
archive of Joseph Pilates
It can be ordered at this phone number:

Session 110 May 15, 2002 Gravity

#2 ****** The book Return to Life Through Contrology... by Joseph H. Pilates and William John Miller and the book Your Health : A Corrective System of. exercising that revolutionizes the entire field of physical education by Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Session 111 If you missed my political email I posted it here. Fluorescence #3 ****** Joseph H. Pilates Archive Collection,
Session 112   Imagination #4 *** the book The Pilates Body: by Brooke Siler.
Session 113   Listening #5 ***** The book The Elements of Pilates and The Michael.Miller View..
Session 114   Bear Creek on a recent walk (1:07 seconds, it takes a while to download) #6 **** The video The Mat is the Method by Michael Miller
Session 115
Irving, TX
Mat Workshop
  Critical point to my teaching #7 *** The video The Full Mat and The Mat Explained (order one get the other free)
Session 116
Tyler, TX

  Inflection point  
Session 117
Oklahoma City







Reference books:

(you don't need all of these but these are some of my best recommendations)

The Anatomy Coloring Book (3rd Edition) gotta have this one. Start at the beginning and color in all the bones and muscles.

Anatomy & Human Movement: Structure & Function an expensive book but a deep source of reference

Manual of Structural Kinesiology with...

Taking Root to Fly : 7 Articles on.. Irene Dowd's book, great imagery.

Session 118

Alisa Schillinger
on movement patterns


Michael Miller Pilates makes sense.






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    I think breath is a servant to movement, and not the other way around.  
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