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Michael Miller Pilates

Teaching the crease at the sternum headed towards the roll up:

Using the strap encourages the client to release in the sternum.

After using the push through bar, moving to less support with the roll down bar
and encouraging the same release at the sternum. Here I'm using a heavy iron bar to help focus the release.

I teach that it's important to be in rotation around the axis of the ears
before the body takes on the weight of the head.
Start with a shorter than normal back of neck,
inhale, and at the peaking of the inhale
the rotation of the head lifts the head up off the mat.

Now putting pads between the inner thighs helps get the core engaged.

"Inhale, fill up, head up, start the squeeze of your inner thighs
to exhale out through an open easy mouth and throat,
rotating around the axis of your ankles so it feels
like you are exhaling out through your heels."

Then take away the support of the springs,
keeping the pads for focus.

And finally, no pads, doing the roll up on your own.

Copyright ©2005 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.