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On my tour of South America
here is what the view of
Michael Miller Pilates
boiled down to:

Words, photos, film same exercise, same sequence
Defines Pilates as the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. fluorescense
Doing Pilates yields uniform development. to get uniform developement requires uniform usage
  Gravity forces the issue of alignment.(the fish in air)
  Alignment is perceptable (you can feel it)
  via tension (stretching a rubber band)
  it takes to endpoints (rotation)
  to trigger fluorescence (uniform usage)
  Uniform (whole body)
  Eccentric (out from the middle)
       to be eccentric you have to start at ease
       the true point of ecentricity is the inflection point

Loading (weight bearing)

       to make any exercise harder
            more weight
            further away from the center
            fewer contact points
  Flowing through
       you have to press the flow to find the fusion
       gradually increasing or decreasing in difficulty

Patterns of movement

       Side bending
  Michael Miller Pilates makes sense. sm

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