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Large Barrel / Ladder Barrel Exercises


Horse Back Horse Back Horse Back (classic form)
Short Box Short Box Short Box
   Curl    Curl    Curl
   Flat    Flat    Flat
   Tilt    Tilt    Tilt
   Twist    Twist    Twist
  Tree Tree
  The Reach (bridge stretch) The Reach (bridge stretch)
  Side Sit Up Side Sit Up
       Single Leg
Ballet Torso Ballet Torso Ballet Torso
Ballet Legs Ballet Legs Ballet Legs
   Front (Parallel)    Front (Parallel)    Front (Parallel)
   Front (Turn Out)    Front (Turn Out)    Front (Turn Out)
   Side    Side    Side
   Back    Back    Back
   Slide    Plie/Releve    Lift
  Overhead Legs Overhead Legs
     Walking    Walking
     Small Circles    Small Circles
     Beats    Beats
     Arcs    Arcs
     Circles (roll over)    Circles (roll over)
     Scissors    Scissors
  Shoulder Bridge Shoulder Bridge
     Heliocopter    Heliocopter
     Splits    Splits
     Bicycling       Bicycling   
     Low Bridge 1    Low Bridge 1
Rolling In/Out Rolling In/Out Rolling In/Out
Corkscrew Corkscrew Corkscrew
  The Swan 2 The Swan 2
  Swan Dive Swan Dive
  Grasshopper Grasshopper
    Handstand 6
    Jumping Stomach 7
  Swimming Swimming
  Back Bend Back Bend
    Walk Overs *
  Hanging Back Hanging Back
Hanging Front Hanging Front Hanging Front


1 (standing leg on barrel or instructor holds leg) back

2 add twist from straight arrow position - arms in 2nd or 4th back

6 head to ladder - hands press into handles - close to sheur version - add leg beats. Balance - arms in 2nd. - front ribs/pubic bone

7 combo - swan balance - down to hands on rails - grasshopper to feet on rungs - or even lever off ribs.

* can use boxes under hands

A transcription of a photo copy of a copy of notes compiled by KH Carlson that was given to me so long ago I forgot who it was. There's more, but for now this is what I've chosen to put on the site because it addresses the spine corrector and is a good template on how the degree of difficutly spectrum.





Copyright ©2004 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.