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Spine Corrector / Humpback Barrel Exercises



The reach 1 The reach The reach
Breathing with bar 2 Breathing with bar Breathing with bar
Arm Circle Series Arm Circle Series Arm Circle Series
  Mermaid Mermaid
  Side Sit Up Side Sit Up
  Side Arm Series Side Arm Series
    Side Leg Extension
    Side Leg Swing
Over Head Legs Over Head Legs Over Head Legs
Walking Walking Walking
Small Circles Small Circles Small Circles
Beats Beats Beats
SpokesArcs Arcs Arcs
Large Circles Large Circles Large Circles
Scissors Scissors Scissors
  Fish with Arm Fish with Arm
Shoulder Bridge Shoulder Bridge Shoulder Bridge
Dips Firure 8's Heliocopters
Splits Splits Splits
Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
  Low Bridge Low Bridge
    High Bridge
Rolling In/Out Rolling In/Out Rolling In/Out
Corkscrew Corkscrew Corkscrew
Neck Stretch Jackknife Control Balance
  Teaser Series Teaser Series
  I, II I, II, III
    Hip Circles
    Can Can (up open, toes, knees) teaser II position
  Swan 10 (classical arm pattern) Swan
  Swan Dive (Rocking) (little finger reach to lift and look up) Swan Dive
  Grasshopper 11 Grasshopper
  Swimming Swimming
Hanging (forward stretch) Hanging (sit in well with legs over hump. Hanging
Coccyx Curl (legs off) Coccyx Curl Coccyx Curl
Rest Rest Rest


A transcription of a photo copy of a copy of notes compiled by KH Carlson that was given to me so long ago I forgot who it was. There's more, but for now this is what I've chosen to put on the site because it addresses the spine corrector and is a good template on how the degree of difficutly spectrum.

1 find...front lobe of ribs--psoas length back

2 classic- find iliai spinee e pubic bones with knees bending. back

10 front oloves of ribis at apex - heel press to toe lift-secure hands to front of step and lift both. balance on pubic bone for breast stroke -- add beats with glutes. back

11 faces other way (legs at step) pelvis at apex - push up position back

lumbar vertebrae not designed to rotate - most rotation in cervical, then thoracic.

Dismount - barrel close to back - balance - arms lift up and open, leg weight is thrown - psoas integration

Sit bones on ledge
ribs on hump - legs ext 90 degrees
I - uppers
II - lowers - hands at end of barrel
III - together




Copyright ©2004 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.