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Michael Miller Pilates Courseware 119


In London I got to teach for Body Control Pilates Limited http://www.bodycontrol.co.uk at the David Lloyd Studio near South Ken, and do three workshop sessions at their Professional Development Weekend.

There were four of these mats that took up about 12 feet by 20 feet of space.

Burnham Business Park
ENGLAND   CMO 8T3   mats

I learned

I learned to never assume anything, and when an exercise starts getting out of range to shut down and start over.
I learned how much you can teach core stability, and when it's taught well, what a good foundation it can be.
I learned that major equipment manufacturers throw money at any organization that promises equipment sales. I learned that equipment manufacturers, in their rush to cash in on the Pilates craze, are gearing up to flood the world with cheap equipment made in China that they can push into every exercise and fitness club in the world, and press the Pilates teaching industry into bulk en-mass reformer classes.
I learned that equipment manufacturers “sponsor” (which means throws money at) any organization that promises more equipment sales, even if the organization seeks to “own”, “control”, “dominate”, and “keep American” the Pilates community. and then goes elsewhere in the world and claims everyone is now on a level playing field.
I learned that the basis for any organization is to use fear to get allegiance, to claim aristocracy for the grabbing of power and prestige.
I learned that nobody wants to know any more about Pilates than what suits them for their purposes.
I learned that pictures and videos will never reveal Pilates like words, because Pilates is an idea, and ideas are best explored in the word.
I learned a lot about anatomy by visiting the Body World exhibit in London.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested and able to look under the skin.  http://www.koerperwelten.com/

I learned from Miranda Bass who says, “I did some research into the illiotibial band or tract. That white, long, triangular sheath of fascia down the leg of that ex-guy at the exhibition. This is the gist of ifs function and why it is released after the side lying mat exercises.
It originates from the Tensor fascia lata and, partially from glut. max. These two muscles control it's laxity and the other muscles in the front and back of the thigh connect into it. It inserts into the lateral side of the tibia and also helps to stabilize the knee joint.
As tensor fascia lata works hard with Side kick 1 and any of the abduction
exercises, turning prone and turning out and working glut, max. will help
draw the sheath back on the thigh after the strong pull forward, or medially.
by tensor fascia lata.

Notes from London Body Control Professional Development Weekend

422 Members

221 in attendance

a history lesson through the eyes of the trademark

it seemed to me he was parrying criticism of the length of his reformers by citing evidence that since 1910 to 1985 humans are averaging 4 inches taller.
He stated that because eyebolts are the weakest link his safety strap is the “only way” to be safe


“Queensland Book”
Muscles are only a member of a team.
A way to keep track of which way the obliques run
“External pockets”
“Internal pockets”
pockets being the obliques
Dimmer switch—engagement appropriate to load.
A good dancer cheats late (I like this one.)
Pelvic floor contraction to stop peeing
The transverses does not produce movement
De-medicalization of injury

Anatomy & Human Movement: Structure & Function

Body Control Pilates in the British Air in-flight magazine.



Hotel Zurichberg


The Giles REMY Jazzband


4-20-02 To the Pilates community

I beseech you all to recognize safe harbor and to steer a responsible course.  Responsible if you want to survive the current wave of popularity.  Responsible if you want to be left standing.
Having said that, the gold rush is on and it’s everyone for themselves.  Beware the horizon, trim while you can, run with the wind.
Stick close to the root, follow your heart, find the geist.
Selling you “Pilates is an idea.” And the Cornu View,
Michael Miller

A link to brady’s site (run his videos! they state the method visually, look at the embodiment of the idea.)



Lost least
Equipment seedlings

Brady’s message:
“Respect nature, that’s the thing.”

Joe stories

Put something into it.

I learned that Joe used to swagger around the studio and in a thick German accent say, “Put something into it.”  A classical pianist that worked in Joe's studio for many years says of Joe, “He was a survivor, made of steel in his heart, steel in his body, steel in his very being.” And unsolicited, he told the story about going to someone and threatening them with a gun if they continued to teach his method. “He stood there for a few moments, and then he left.” He said Clara, at best, was a second lieutenant, more like an early airline stewardess. There weren't other teachers, just facilitators who helped others do things that they might not be familiar with.

Clara Second Leut. 


Indian wrestling

FW prone

Swiss trademark canceled

One studio has turned Pilates into their very own acronym

Pilates Exercise
Took lesson to give one
Nice studio but expensive equipment rental

A listing for the teacher’s of Zurich

Shopping for chairs

Custom $1,500 (no springs)

Balanced Body $595


Peak Pilates $995


Mark Spenard $650  http://www.hermit.com/hermit/equ/spe/spebio.htm

“It’s taking me to a totally different dimension.” JS

Gratz $1,000  http://www.pilates-gratz.com/

Stott $825  http://www.stottconditioning.com/

In Zurich a good place to get a rock ball is at Scheitergasse on #15 Munstergasse

Financial references.

Swiss Financial Law in an International Context

Swiss Securities Regulation : An Introduction to the Regulation of the Swiss Financial Market

Swiss Bank Accounts : A Personal Guide to Ownership, Benefits and Use

Hotel Otter http://www.wueste.ch/

Hotel Rossli

Across from art galleries

Very nice bar

“You’ll find no coins at the bottom of a Swiss fountain.” the hermit’s journal

Robert Wilson Theater


Malik is a billards wizard at Schlough #12 Munstergasse at Shoffel Gasse

Pilates jewelry


“Abstract on what you know best.”

Pilates links

Pilates on the Ball


Balance on the Ball



Back packs



Tight space

Tight schedule

Narrow view

So, what did I learn?  I don’t know.  What did you learn?  What do you want to learn?

Copyright ©2004 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.