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First up, in almost every exercise there is a "key phrase" to the movement, usually one of oppositional energies. In the Coordination, on the reformer, the knees bending into the nose while the arms continue reaching past the completion of the exhale, is such a key phrase. Only bend the elbows after completion of the key phrase. In the swan, this is good alignment, this is good alignment, this is bad alignment at the neck. Same in the rocking, good alignment, bad alignment.

On the Cat on the Cadillac, good alignment, bad alignment, On the Down Stretch, good alignment, good heels pressed back to make a "point of tension" around the axis of rotation at the ankle, and then there's bad (as in no) tension in this shot.

good curve through the lower back, compression in the lower back, and the lower neck. This is a good neck. Swan on the floor with a good neck, Swan on the floor with a short neck. In the Swan Dive, you want to maintain the line throughout the rock, like this, not like this.

On the Spine Corrector/Hump barrel I believe its original purpose was to facilitate a tactile feedback to learn the curling under of the sacrum. From this, to this not this.

Then lay out long, stretch, and release.

Scissors, Bicycle forgot leg circles, then corkscrew Shoulder Bridge with kicks Swimming Teaser

Here is the Hanging Down with twist (tell your client to always come down when they feel like it, no matter what you are asking them to do. "hang from your arms" is a good phrase "dead bottom" , "lead bottom" "come to flat" "arch your back" "back to flat" LOOK AT THAT LINE! GREAT. "pull ups" "bend one knee in" "get it to 90 degrees from you spine" bottom hand on assist helps maintain the long line, then allows the weight of the leg to add a gravity feed to the stretch. back to flat, stand tall.

Here is the classic Half Hang feet on the outside of the straps not in a straight line. the press out is good practice for the High Bridge on the Reformer. the Full Hang with push out with a sit up. Careful you don't lose the support under the feet. On the Pull Out, work your hands up and down the spine for massage, in the Swing keep your eye on the feet, rarely do I do all of these in one time. Here's the Swing with twist one way, then the other. No socks, no delicate ankles, artifical joints, shoulder problems, high blood pressure, eye problems, or a headache. Thanks to eveyone at Sutdio@107 in Tyler, Texas.


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