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Aristocracy vs. Ideology

Aristocracy: A governing body or upper class usually made up of hereditary nobility. Aristocratic-socially exclusive, snobbish

The history of Pilates is one of folklore (traditional customs, tales, or sayings preserved orally among a people) and superstitions (a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or false conception of causation).

Ideology A systematic body of concepts

Idea The central meaning or chief end of a particular action or situation The idea of Contrology is the complete coordination of body mind and spirit (link to anchor) "Geist Es isdt der Geist Der sich den Körperbaut" Schiller Graphic Pyramid At the base, any body can mimic the movements and get some benefit. Add the mind and you increase the benefit. Include the spirit and you get what you're after--the complete cooridination of body mind and spirit. If you only stay in your mind you will never experience pure Pilates.


Gravity forces the issue of alignment.

Alignment is perceptable

Alignment is perceptable via tension

It takes two endpoints to trigger fluorescence.


is a uniform medium. It works the same, is the same, consistently, uniformly, throughout the universe.

Uniform usage

If uniform development is the result of Pilates (link to contrology) it is easy to see that it must take uniform usage to get uniform development. Uniform usage is "whole body", the body acting like one, singular, cellular, whole. Not like a light bulb where the single filament (muscle) in engaged, but like a fluorescent light where it's the whole tube or nothing.


Out from the center, the center being the pelvis, often called the "powerhouse". The idea being control the core and move out from there.


As in weight bearing. The way you make any exercise harder is by adding more weight, moving weight further away from center, less contact points.

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