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The Caddy Reference

Viewing the Cadillac through exercises that are most supportive/most rigid through to those that are least supportive/least rigid.

Push Through Bar
sprung from below
(rigid on the sides, rigid from side to side)

Push Through Bar
sprung from above (bigger range of movement)
(rigid on the sides, rigid from side to side)

Roll Down Bar
(no rigidity on the sides, rigid from side to side)

Leg Springs
(no rigidity on the sides, independent suspension side to side)

the classic five( circles, bicycle, beats, frog, scissors)

((straight leg, bend knee, straight leg, bent knee, straight leg))

Leg Circles

(you go out into tension with legs apart to test legs independently, before you circle in the opposite direction with the combined strength of both legs out into tension together)


If you can control straight legs the next test is to control bending at the knees. Springs always on the inside of the knee.

Body too close, arms can't be out longer.

Hands like this. Not like this. So that you are pushing/reaching out through your arm from a stable shoulder girdle, not pulling inward for stability.


Tuck, Neutral, Arch

Doesn't that arch look like it hurts? Ribs are popped.

This Not this

This Not this. Knees stay soft, not locked.


Here you establishing your ability to find your heels in space as you go out in tension and then come back. Inhale away from center, exhale back.


The frog is the result of the preparation in the prior three exercises. Inhale out, make circle out further into tension, exhale return. Then reverse. Control the circle.


Like elsewhere in the method (at the conclusion of side kicks on the mat, at the conclusion of Joe doing a pattern on the spine corrector) Scissors bring you back to the median plane, establishing the "go forward" mode of walking. So you are ending by bringing the movement pattern back to the frontal position.

So hips up would be next, leg circles and frog keeping your heels together. Not bicycle.(Too much strain on the knees.)

Control is always the issue, is the powerhouse stable? Is the movement powered by the breath?

Prior to circles you might stay in plane holding legs together, inhale out, exhale home.

Copyright ©2004 Michael Miller. All rights reserved.