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The Ladder Barrel

This is only the first third of the exercises.
This is the whole series on one side with both hands making contact. (usually)
The second part will be the same series with one hand.
The third part will be the same series with no hands.
You can do all one side first, or switch sides between exercises.
Given what is here you could extend through the rest of the series.

leg crosses mid-line to lift

flexion and extension without the hip axis moving:

hip axis slides forward and back keeping hips square:

this is just the series of stretches Sandra picked after the previous exercise:

same this as before but with a bending knee:

"with attitude" knee bent, straight out from hip (not off to the side):

rotate on ball of foot to turn:

side bending hips stay stable:

side bending hips slide:

Bent knee, hips slide:

Open the Hip


from all the previous extension comes flexion, then side bending, and more flexion to finish:

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