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A course is a series of classes. Classes are recorded sessions from courses that can be downloaded on demand. A Private would be a one hour discussion, question and answer period with one or more people in a private session.
Each class in a course is live, participated in over the telephone, and participants have the opportunity to make comments and ask questions. Classes available for download can be found here. Privates can be recorded or not.
Each class is recorded and by your registration you release all rights to the recording being made.   If a private is recorded you release all rights to the recording being made, but will come away with a free copy of the recording.
If you wish to enroll in the course or an individual class, email the host and you will be sent a request for payment. Once your payment is received you will be sent the telephone number to call and the pin number to access that specific class. Please contact your host 24 hours prior to the scheduled tele-class.   Different rates apply to which type of private you would like--recorded or not.. If interested please contact your host for more information and to schedule.
Guidelines for participation can be found here.    
A course schedule can be found here.    

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