Michael Miller...


has taught Pilates more than 30 years, calling upon an appreciation of evolution, physics, and the power of imagination to accelerate mastery of the method.


professes Pilates to be an idea open to anyone
capable of understanding and embodying the idea.
“Embodiment is the ultimate authority.” mjm


has assembled the most extensive Pilates database in the world on the internet at www.hermit.com. All exercises on all equipment at all levels are show in frameable photos. There are comprehensive lists on each piece of equipment organized by level. Video clips, training segments, the eye tests are the most popular feature of the site.


has taught in: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, Indonesia, Italy, France, Peru, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.




The Michael Miller Trademark is a symbol of ideal posture and perfect body alignment.  Based upon the physics of angular momentum, and the natural emanation of spiral movement out into space found in galaxies, whirlpools, shells, wind and light.  Only by assuming the natural and counter-balancing tensions of reality in our own body can we mitigate the stress of gravity and move pain free with ease and grace. 




--have fun
--honor my gift
--illuminate the ideal within the tradition




1980--                    Taught a “stretching and meditation” workoutat Club Med, Copper Mountain Colorado

1981--                    Wanted to teach the same workout at the gym of Bob Farentinos who said,  “You mean Pilates.”  Studied the book The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning by Freeman and Eisen.

1982--                    Stephan, who was Ron Fletcher trained, came from Beverly Hills to teach in Boulder.  Before my ten punch card was up Stephan and his two trainees moved on.  I started teaching a 90 minute sunrise class on ten reformers.

1982  1996             Influenced by Debora Robinson

1986~                   A workshop with Bruce King

1990                                        Two nine day intensives with Romana Kryzanowska, one month apart

1991                       Lots of influence from Steve Giordano

1994~                    A workshop with Ron Fletcher

1991  1996             Taught at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado

1996                      Produced the Michael Miller Encyclopedia

1995--                    Workshops throughout the world

1995--                    The  Michael Miller Teacher Training Videos

1998--                    The Rose Tour Documentary 

1999--                    The Mat on CD-ROM


1999--                    Established web-based Pilates training materials


2000--                    Published book: The Elements of Pilates and The Michael Miller View Kindle

2001--                    Produced CATV program: The City Mat sponsored by The Pilates Lounge

2002--                    Workshops in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States.

2007                    Michael Miller Pilates Convention

2008 June 21st      Pilates Trials at the Michael Miller Pilates Convention

2009                    Published the novel: The Pilates Workshop Kindle
Pilates Marathon in Cantania, Italy

2010             The Michael Miller Pilates Library App

2011             Summer Solstice Michael Miller Pilates Convention





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