A Favorite Old Excerpt

February 1, 1988 9:24 PM

"Life is no sequence", came from the back of the room in a low feminine voice devoid of emotion, said more to one's self than meant to be heard out loud. But with the silence broken and having captured the attention of the class with such a direct contradiction the force of the statement seemed to gather momentum and the young woman with emptiness behind her eyes continued..."life is moment to moment, unrelated, unattached, without meaning."

She had been speaking to herself really, unaware that she had been overheard. The quiet that ensued broke the spell that she had been in and looking up, blushed from the realization that she had spoken out loud.

Everyone looked back to the teacher, waiting for the conflict. He just stood there, hands in his pockets, staring down where the sunlight streamed in, illuminating the stained wooden floor. Slowly he pulled out a stick match from his pocket and held it up so all could see. Then going to the window sill, drew the match across it and watched the flame, as did all the others. With the flick of a finger the flame went out and the stream of smoke trailed off in the sunlight.

"Three pages on what just happened, due tomorrow. Class dismissed." and with that the teacher waved the smoke like erasing the black board and then stared out the window as though the class room was already empty.