The Hermit's Journal 1993 Excerpts (Part II)

July 7, 1993 Wednesday 8:06 PM

[Autonomy] The most powerful thing you can do with a computer is turn electrons into paper and ink.
[Autonomy] Printing out what you see on the screen is most basic. Shift print screen does it in DOS, then an online-offline-online to flush the printer. In Windows it's something else. Something like: Alt-shift-print screen dumps it to the clipboard, and from there you can open paintbrush and paste it in there and then print.
[Autonomy] Printing out a file is even better.

July 7, 1993 Wednesday 8:12 PM

[Pilates] You wear the Pilates look. The Pilates look is light and lifted. The Pilates look reduces stress by elongating along the primary axis of gravity. The Pilates look uses motions to coil and uncoil energy. The Pilates look pulls a string--"lengthens your spine." When it gets longer it gets straighter.

July 7, 1993 Wednesday 8:39 PM

[Autonomy] When you are autonomous, that means you are dangerous because you can find you own answers.

July 7, 1993 Wednesday 8:40 PM

Does success dull the edge of passion? mjm

July 15, 1993 Thursday 9:52 AM

[Autonomy] To protect your files that are in electrons, have a duplicate copy (usually called a backup) geographically removed from the original. This is to protect against fire, theft, or other natural acts of god. When you rely on the network for it's nightly backup--as the network goes so do you. You might group which files you can rely on the network backing up, and which ones you have in hand. In hand means on your local hard drive, better yet on a floppy in your pocket. That is if we are talking a few files. If we're talking about protecting your environment, we're talking about a lot of files. This means tape backup. Tape backup of your environment means all the files that are on your personal computer's hard drive(s). So the target there is to have a tape drive that can backup up your environment onto one tape. One tape, one mind, one environment. ((If it takes more than one, who's going to change the tape?))
[Autonomy] So much for protecting your files by having a duplicate. The other half is trickier. How do you control who has access to your files? Power over something lies in your ability to destroy it. Deleting files only checks them out of the hotel; it doesn't remove them from their room. So some companies now offer little programs that go out to files you want to destroy and "wipes" them into nonexistence. So ideally, you would want to set up a convenient but not to obvious way to wipe a file or group of files from a menu selection.
[Autonomy] This all assumes, of course, that you know where all of your files are and what is in them. Yea, right. But to that end, that's why understanding and using directories to keep your files grouped together is so important. So here we are again, back to grouping and sequencing.

July 18, 1993 Sunday 10:14 AM

I publish excerpts from my journal. The excerpts I publish usually address issues of autonomy in either fitness or personal computing. Systems really, one carbon based, the other silicon. In both areas grouping and sequence are the guides to improved results.
On an electronic information service called CompuServe I have a shareware file available (HERMIT.EXE in the Word for Windows forum) that let's others publish excerpts from their journal the way I do mine. It only works for those using DOS based Word for Windows.

July 20, 1993 Tuesday 9:21 AM

[Pilates] When I do a Pilates workout my being changes. My mind is more focused, my body more mobile. In some ways the distinction between mind and body begins to fade. The distraction of mind and body fades before your will. Dancing, picking up a baby, catching the ball, walking, can all be glorious fluid acts of will.

August 2, 1993 Monday 11:31 AM

Ya gotta be driven to feel the isolation.

August 2, 1993 Monday 12:02 PM

We talk to the people we need to talk to, unless they are unavailable. And when they're not, we do without, until at last we talk to ourselves. It is then the opportunity begins to listen to your self, to stop talking, and listen.
I don't know when I'll loose this grip on the merry-go-round, but my, what a ride.

August 2, 1993 Monday 12:14 PM

[Pilates] You all do it for the wrong reasons. You do it for the detail.

August 7, 1993 Saturday 8:51 PM

How can the love you hold so dear not turn to fear?

August 13, 1993 Friday 11:38 PM

Purpose is not reason.

August 15, 1993 Sunday 4:57 PM

It amazes me how in our minds eye we entertain the reality we wish. Is all that is is what is?

August 16, 1993 Monday 9:36 PM

It doesn't work as well, voice mail, that is. The sequence not as woven, the thought before talk not as long.

August 17, 1993 Tuesday 8:34 AM

(((((How rare it is to find our part of self in others!!)))))

August 22, 1993 Sunday 9:32 AM

[Pilates] When you do pure Pilates there is no thinking, only doing. You imagine and you move. (Strange how that happens.)

August 22, 1993 Sunday 9:35 AM

I've been allowed a lot of time to do core processing. Came to recognize it as such, then extended my self (let my self) out from there.
I hold several core beliefs--the continuum of time, the timelessness of transcendence, that the spin resulting from gravity is the source of all life. ((Where are you when you are aware of the rules but you don't make the rules?))

August 22, 1993 Sunday 10:07 AM

[Pilates] It is not until you know the sequence that you can pour your self into it.

August 22, 1993 Sunday 11:46 AM

[Pilates] Muscle and bone facilitate the physics.

August 22, 1993 Sunday 12:01 PM

Sting: God make me pure, but not yet. (his ethos)

August 22, 1993 Sunday 12:21 PM

[Autonomy] One of the most powerful tricks of data manipulation is cross-tabulation. Take records of information that accumulate vertically and change it to groups laid out horizontally. That lets us arrange numbers from left to right as time (and charts) are usually laid out. So we move the time axis from vertical to horizontal. JAN FEB MAR It will seem very vague until you work with it a little, then become a tool of vengeance.

August 22, 1993 Sunday 10:28 PM

I wish I could understand why you can't have what you want when you want it. It is always too much of one and not enough of the other.

August 28, 1993 Saturday 7:26 PM

There is a point at which your past doesn't matter because you are present in the moment. ((Knowing how you became awake doesn't matter to being awake.))

August 28, 1993 Saturday 7:33 PM

Where so many others act so smart but really have no clue--you do.

August 28, 1993 Saturday 8:08 PM

Many people suffer; few graduate to an attitude that transcends that suffering, but once you do you are free from the suffering of the past, present, and future. (Humm, makes you wonder about time, doesn't it?)

August 28, 1993 Saturday 9:02 PM

Men are not that hard to understand, they all want one specific service from women and dress it up to suit their personality. Men objectify, women subjectify. the difference between treating someone like a thing versus treating them as part of your self. There is no blow job in the cosmos because we go where will chooses. ((We just like to get sucked into where we want to go.))
When the hormones tell you one thing and you would rather hear another--listen to what you hear and choose how you respond.
(((((Would you trade away what has made you into who you have become?)))))

August 30, 1993 Monday 11:09 AM

You force me to understand the "what" you ask when we stare into each other's eyes. What is at the base of this question? "What are you looking at?" Your self, silly, locked up inside another, made uneasy by the brilliance of self awareness. To me it seems more like a pregnant pause, left awkward by the failure to act.

August 30, 1993 Monday 12:44 PM

Age or experience has little to do with what any one has put together.

August 31, 1993 Tuesday 6:03 PM

I'm glad you don't use me to amuse your self.

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 12:08 AM

I want to count my blessings and be glad I can appreciate you without having to possess you.

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 10:59 PM

That I should end up here, lost in a journal, lost in too many style tags, when all I have to say comes from the one. From the one to you, the same as me.

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 11:01 PM

Why is it that everyone puts on their front to the world? I guess it is because there is no other way.

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 11:02 PM

There was a time when watching the struggle to capture the sequence of the mind into keystrokes used to bring great joy--it still does.

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 11:04 PM

Life is no easier

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 11:04 PM

once you understand it. Worse even.

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 11:05 PM

How can you possibly be left so alone?

September 1, 1993 Wednesday 11:07 PM

(((can you go to bed without calling anyone?)))

September 2, 1993 Thursday 6:15 PM

[Pilates] "It's like elastic, you just have to control how far you let it stretch." clutz

September 3, 1993 Friday 9:42 AM

You do what you do in the moment you are in it.

September 6, 1993 Monday 11:02 AM

[Autonomy] What to do next seems to be more of an issue of choosing the direction rather than trying to get more of the same. (((If I'm not willing to do it my self then maybe my direction needs to be one in which I can maintain my autonomy?)))

September 6, 1993 Monday 11:07 AM

[Autonomy] The brain moves so much faster than we can write or type, much faster than we can capture, even on a keyboard attached to the fastest computer. So the issue becomes how do we act as outfielder and catch all the balls that come our way? Thinking is a matter of participating in patterns. (Acting a new level of participating) A PC becomes the outfielder's glove, the quickest catch around for a name and address, a business receipt, or an email message.

September 12, 1993 Sunday 12:48 PM

Summation. Why is the "+" key on a calculator sometimes bigger and a different color than the rest? Because it is most frequently used. And what is summation? The act of grouping.

September 12, 1993 Sunday 12:55 PM

I gained a new appreciation for the saying that, "You can't build Rome in a day." You can only teach someone so much in a given amount of time.

September 12, 1993 Sunday 1:27 PM

One of the changes in communication is the ability to store and retrieve answering machine messages.

September 12, 1993 Sunday 1:28 PM

I know I could close the connection if I wanted to, "closure" and all. But I choose to value the sequence. (((smile)))

September 12, 1993 Sunday 1:44 PM

[Autonomy] I train people in spite of themselves.

September 12, 1993 Sunday 1:45 PM

[Autonomy] I bought the three ring binder even though my client dismissed the idea because I knew it was integral.

September 15, 1993 Wednesday 12:07 AM

To live life. To be here for all of it. To live it the way it comes and know how to live what you have to live. To have fun, to be real, to not look for more than the experience.

September 17, 1993 Friday 7:37 PM do you ride the roller coaster of your perceptions?

September 18, 1993 Saturday 8:59 AM

[Autonomy] I think the method of my delivery

September 18, 1993 Saturday 9:10 AM

[Autonomy] The Method is the pursuit of autonomy, both in the physical and the mental aspects of our beings. The Method makes the most of what you've got without relying on more from the outside. Spontaneous delivery, spontaneous processing.

September 18, 1993 Saturday 9:35 AM

It seems everyone wants their experience to be what makes the difference to the experience of others.

September 19, 1993 Sunday 8:48 PM

Your presence in my life forces me to be in mine. To accept my life on a more obvious plane, and be at peace with that.

September 20, 1993 Monday 7:19 PM

Ultimately, it is a matter of being in tune with yourself.

September 22, 1993 Wednesday 9:39 AM

[Autonomy] In the sequence of things some things go wrong with a PC, that is why something doesn't work. If it is not hardware related, like something that isn't plugged in, then amazingly often one of two files are involved in the solution--CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT. These are the two files that determine the environment every time the computer is re-booted, and what automatically happens after DOS (the secretary who manages my files) comes on the scene.
[Autonomy] So, when trying to figure out why your computer isn't working, go to the contents of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, these are areas you control the contents of which in turn control which files get loaded onto the desktop (into memory). And more often than not, the problem is a matter of memory, i.e. too little thereof, so CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT are areas where files get loaded and take up precious memory. And get this, not only what gets loaded matters but also the order they get loaded in. (Ah, can you hear the chimes of grouping and sequence in the background?)

September 22, 1993 Wednesday 9:50 AM

[Pilates] What is important to keep in mind about The Pilates Method are its principles. Concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, precision, breathing.

September 22, 1993 Wednesday 12:17 PM

You have moved me further away from what it is I thought I wanted.

September 23, 1993 Thursday 8:40 AM

What to say...conversation active, no interruptions necessary.

September 23, 1993 Thursday 8:15 PM

When you come out of thought you are still here, now. So no matter what the template, you are still here, now.

September 23, 1993 Thursday 8:18 PM

By the time I got where I figured out I wanted to be, I forgot why it was so important to get here. Something about transformational awareness, riding the paradigm shift. Leveraging the new advantage, autonomy; like it or not, how you fare can be largely forced on you.

September 25, 1993 Saturday 11:16 PM

For me to cope with how uncertain life seemed to be, I wrote. All of what I wrote was fragments of the flood of conversation. In using the power of a personal computer to gain monumental control over that conversation, I came to realize that who we speak to is only a projection of our selves. In the presence of another all we can do is listen and respond.

September 25, 1993 Saturday 11:21 PM

[Autonomy] A good user wants to know how to best make use of a program's help features.

September 26, 1993 Sunday 7:49 PM

To be so alone with no one to talk to, that's what begins a journal. To weave together the orgasm of time in some sense that lets us know who we are and where is our home. Having a sense of belonging.

September 26, 1993 Sunday 8:07 PM

(this method) hedonistic or survivalistic?

September 26, 1993 Sunday 8:10 PM

[Pilates] The challenge for me is not knowing who it is you are going to teach, that it constantly forces yuo to recalculate the meaning of the work, why you use the method, what you use the method for.

September 26, 1993 Sunday 8:20 PM

Ya know, it doesn't matter. You have to act like it does, but it doesn't.

September 28, 1993 Tuesday 11:02 PM

[Fiction] It all started with easy money. I was a PC computer consultant looking for work and here was a guy that was willing to pay for empowerment.

September 28, 1993 Tuesday 11:19 PM

[Fiction] As soon as he showed up deceased in the public domain database the invitations were sent. Talk about event driven programming! So everyone was invited. The saints, the devils, the conservatives and liberals, the asleep and the wide awake, the innocent and the soiled, the compromised and the dreamers.

September 28, 1993 Tuesday 11:28 PM

[Fiction] Movie: First scene, hard ass, no emotion.
[Fiction] Second scene: hard ass, no emotion
[Fiction] third scene: alone, dancing
[Fiction] forth scene: hard ass, even worse.

September 28, 1993 Tuesday 11:30 PM

You see now I start to smile, when the message doesn't matter. Only the process. Only the living and breathing of life and love.

September 28, 1993 Tuesday 11:51 PM

[Pilates] Pilates offers you such clarity. When money isn't an issue, where does frame of reference come from? Yes. And when you seek to apply a frame of reference how well does it fit? How much better than Pilates and breathing.

September 29, 1993 Wednesday 12:01 AM

Make her a slave to her memory of you like I am.

September 30, 1993 Thursday 9:16 AM

[Pilates] Your approach to Pilates can be as mechanic or driver of your body. The mechanic pays attention to the form; the driver pays attention to the flow.

September 30, 1993 Thursday 11:56 PM

And there you stand.

October 2, 1993 Saturday 9:04 PM

seduced by an idea

October 3, 1993 Sunday 1:47 PM

exquisite adj [from Latin: to search out, to seek] 1: carefully selected 3a: marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution c: accomplish, perfected 4c: having uncommon esoteric appeal

October 4, 1993 Monday 8:51 PM

Life is often a test of what you can endure. I'm glad you said that. Helps me.

October 6, 1993 Wednesday 8:02 PM

[Autonomy] The software just keeps getting easier to use. This places more of the burden on knowing what you are trying to do than actually getting it done.

October 13, 1993 Wednesday 10:16 AM

Beware of people who draw you out but hide themselves.

October 13, 1993 Wednesday 10:22 AM

Reduced to silence. Having nothing to say, nothing to comment on the stream of thoughts that flow by.

October 18, 1993 Monday 6:08 PM

[Autonomy] Just after you make a tape backup of your hard drive
[Autonomy] far as a record of who you are, there you are--in electrons.

October 19, 1993 Tuesday 8:38 AM

(((((How well do you have to get to know your self?)))))

October 19, 1993 Tuesday 8:41 AM

Buddhism is a path Taoism a forest Zen a current.
((It's funny how sometimes you write things the way you mean them even if you know the superficial representation is inconsistent.))

October 21, 1993 Thursday 8:30 PM

[Autonomy] What I really want is the ability to move names and addresses back and forth between Quicken and Access. Meaning, I want to move information between my address book and my check book.

October 22, 1993 Friday 12:02 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is all about focusing your awareness.

October 22, 1993 Friday 12:27 PM

[Pilates] "The bottom line is that you have a human being in front of you--and you want them to feel good." drk

October 22, 1993 Friday 12:38 PM

[THO] The Hermit's Office
[THO] File Groupings
[THO] Money
[THO] Green--cash, income accounts
[THO] Yellow--keeping track accounts, checking accounts, credit card accounts, statements, receipts, check stubs
[THO] Orange--Wants, purchase journal
[THO] Red--Expenses, food, clothing shelter, IRS
[THO] People
[THO] Each person gets a pendaflex (some with square bottoms)

October 25, 1993 Monday 11:50 PM

(((((You never get it all out.))))) I get lost in the wonder of it all and realize my keystrokes are but brush strokes on an infinite canvas, a brief sparkle in the comet's tail. no real end other than the engagement of the moment.)))))
My scene has lingered on far too long, surely there is nothing left to see. (except maybe Debora moving.) So...I rest to rise. ((("I rest to rise"?)))

October 26, 1993 Tuesday 12:07 AM

And what would I teach you? Focus on having fun. Forget about sex as you have known it, there are completely new rules (which we shall discuss later.)
Harden your heart. Stay who you are, but raise an internal force field that protects vital organs--like your heart.
Appreciate what you have and don't expect more. Expectation has to do with attitude towards the future.

October 26, 1993 Tuesday 6:34 PM

[Autonomy] Looking for the keystroke. When you are personal computing you are looking for the next keystroke.

October 28, 1993 Thursday 7:48 PM

[Autonomy] At first I thought it would diminish my opportunities to participate; but that only forced me to project how I might participate. This forced me to focus on my central principal to training--autonomy.
[Autonomy] Are you planning to just go along with the status quo, or are you going to take advantage of the paradigm shift to check in on what's available in technology?

November 1, 1993 Monday 10:45 AM

[Autonomy] The trade-away in writing a journal that becomes too personally directed through the use of customized style tags is the time spent on listening to what you hear rather than trying to direct what you want to say.

November 1, 1993 Monday 11:27 AM

[Pilates] The challenge as a Pilates instructor is not just to give some of the work to the body in front of you, but to give all that the body can absorb.

November 1, 1993 Monday 12:48 PM

[Pilates] I think we all seek ways to engage physically with the world that are satisfying. Some of my ways have been football, tennis, yoga, martial arts, and Pilates.
[Pilates] Pilates is about physics, about mass moving through space dominated by a primary gravity field. The method will be used as standard training for astronauts.

November 2, 1993 Tuesday 9:28 AM

[Autonomy] A media clip is only a glimpse into a sequence. So don't try to make it more than it can be.

November 2, 1993 Tuesday 10:57 AM

There is a place beyond mentality, beyond listening, called being.

November 2, 1993 Tuesday 8:55 PM

[Autonomy] Do you have any guidelines or rules of thumb for utilizing technology?

November 5, 1993 Friday 1:34 PM

There is such a broad spectrum you have to cover. I only address a small band and understand that. What I focus on is developing autonomy skills.

November 6, 1993 Saturday 11:41 AM

Corporate America is in for a real shock when executives seek to implement the technology that is thrust upon them.

November 16, 1993 Tuesday 9:49 AM

[Autonomy] From the gadget guru on the Today show about technology, "if you need it now you buy it now."

November 17, 1993 Wednesday 12:20 PM

((((Too much directed at others; not enough directed within.))))
Is it that the subjective asks of the objective what it cannot deliver? Hummm? ((((()))))

November 28, 1993 Sunday 9:29 AM

Our greatest faculty is also our greatest weakness--autonomy.

November 28, 1993 Sunday 9:30 AM

[Pilates] Stabilized movement cannot occur without rotation.
[Pilates] By elongating your spine you extend your self, just like pulling taffy, or silly putty. You're fluid.

December 9, 1993 Thursday 2:35 AM

Guys fail to recognize the feeling is not uniquely directed toward one person. The feeling is. What you do with it and who you restrict it to is up to you.

December 9, 1993 Thursday 2:39 AM

[Autonomy] How do you save on a keystroke?

December 9, 1993 Thursday 9:27 PM

(Who needs such complexity? Far better to keep it simple.)

December 9, 1993 Thursday 9:57 PM

[Pilates] My understanding of the guiding principles of breathing is to strengthen the weaker side to bring better balance. In my experience with martial arts the most forceful blow is delivered on the exhale--the stronger of the two cycles. At the moment of a baby's delivery what is required to live? Inhale. Breathe in. Take in energy in order to expend. (All this too obvious? Then how does one gauge the flow?) The flow of breathing, of course.
[Pilates] So, inhale begins it all and everything rides on the breath from there. The pace of breathing is round, like the rhythmic beating of a bellows.
[Pilates] (((Teaching the method to yourself is a good way to get a clue.))) Namely, focus on breathing as the only point of concentration while going through a sequence. (Fast anticipation, slow delivery.)

December 9, 1993 Thursday 10:13 PM

[Autonomy] What is indirect formatting? The essence of a style sheet is the skill involved. Assigning subject matter to a grouping label in order to manipulate the groups later. (or to manipulate the labels later.) ((another way of saying it)) Indirect formatting is most commonly used in publishing documents that maintain a consistent look while the content changes. Multimedia will be the same way, look to pour your content into prepared contexts.

December 12, 1993 Sunday 9:27 AM

[Fiction] "You rarely see the fragility in someone you admire", he said, "only when they care do they reveal themselves."

December 12, 1993 Sunday 9:30 AM

Fiction turns my mind into sludge. Coming to a screeching halt in trying to make something of it rather than getting on to the next. Didn't I say, "Fast. I want to go faster than fast!"?

December 12, 1993 Sunday 9:33 AM

[Autonomy] People treat this "cyberspace" as something new, but the only thing "new" about it is their arrival. Cyberspace has long been called "electrons" by me and the term picked up by many others as well. The main focus of cyberspace is not its most significant. Mainly people talk and write about cyberspace as a place where you meet others also participating at that level. What being in electrons is really all about is getting to know your self, who you are, what you are interested in, what you do with your life.

December 12, 1993 Sunday 11:19 PM

(((((Men impale themselves upon their ideals.))))) Otherwise, there is no point. If life is not meaningless, then where is the point, the focal point is always determined by rotation.
[Pilates] Spiraling is different than circling because a spiral is increasing (or decreasing) the distance from the axis the further along you get in the path of the spiral. When you attach one end of the spiral to the axis of rotation you get the possibility of developing coiled energy.

December 15, 1993 Wednesday 11:47 PM

[Pilates] Joe Pilates believed that the quality of what you did and the order you did it in matters. So do I.

December 16, 1993 Thursday 7:03 PM

[Pilates] There is a way to hang your body on its frame. The shoulder blades slide down and together, gotten there by the lats but held there by the serratus anterior. The diaphragm presses upward while the ribs reach down connecting to the hips, giving the drum-head feel to the perctoralis major, and a lifted barrel-shaped appearance to the thoracic area of the body.

December 18, 1993 Saturday 9:15 PM

Curious how my exposure to you is so surreal. A dream in the middle of having itself and doubting it all.

December 18, 1993 Saturday 10:35 PM

[Fiction] "I don't see regulars outside the club."

December 18, 1993 Saturday 10:54 PM

[Fiction] The girl, half asleep on her feet, made it to the last bar stool folded her arms , put her head down and fell asleep. After a while a manager type in a tux shirt stood before her across the bar and loudly slapped down his hand close to her head.
[Fiction] Shouting out to the DJ calls attention.
[Fiction] The big round guy Tim who soaks the bar for drinks going from one topless club to the next on his way home several towns away.

December 18, 1993 Saturday 11:57 PM

[Pilates] Feed the exercise.
[Pilates] Give it more of yourself.

December 21, 1993 Tuesday 7:15 PM

There are different groupings within the sequence, some that occur in the same order, especially during the beginnings of other sequences.

December 21, 1993 Tuesday 7:19 PM

Time is the immutable sequence.
And that is only our best guess on how it all happens, let alone worrying about why.

December 21, 1993 Tuesday 7:20 PM

(now I stamp my foot, demanding the inspiration to continue, the more I stomp--the further being in the moment fades.)((the fading moment))

December 21, 1993 Tuesday 7:44 PM

The nature of the game hasn't changed. Processing information means finding out what you don't know. It means getting an answer to get what you want. Doing it with information rather than directly on people is ever so much more subtle, but it is still the same nature.
We cope through belief structures we fanatically defend to the death.

December 24, 1993 Friday 8:55 AM

Temples are expressions of mankind's conversation with the god-within. But how we dress it up so, how we customize it so, when the conversation is generic.

December 24, 1993 Friday 8:57 AM

[Autonomy] You want your phone message to answer just as soon as you have established who is calling via "caller id". When you pick up, the message and recording should shut off.

December 24, 1993 Friday 9:01 AM

It is tough to see your self as you really are and not who you would like to be.

December 25, 1993 Saturday 8:38 PM

[Fiction] The kind of women he dated never gave their phone number, but they had yours.

December 25, 1993 Saturday 11:28 PM

"There's no peace without forgiveness, no happiness without peace."

December 26, 1993 Sunday 9:49 AM

[Pilates] The point to Pilates is to do it, not think about it. Pouring yourself into each exercise, knowing where you came from, what exercise you going to and how to transition from one to the other. One long choreographed dance, whose performance is designed to benefit the dancer.