The Hermit's Journal 1993 Excerpts (Part I)

November 28, 1992 Saturday 8:04 PM

Distribution list.

November 28, 1992 Saturday 8:14 PM

To be in my phone book.

November 29, 1992 Sunday 12:25 AM

A private address. ( my telephone book) Or be part of a group distribution list. ((Enclosed is a list of group subjects.)) ((And their associated prices.))

December 1, 1992 Tuesday 9:41 PM

Dead men don't dance. They don't have to, they're dead.

December 1, 1992 Tuesday 10:56 PM

You limit your exposure to the pain that you can endure.
Some bodies in motion are never eclipsed.

December 1, 1992 Tuesday 11:26 PM

And always the new stuff seeks expression. Forget the old, why matter, (but there, there is the catch--it does matter, significantly.) For what comes and goes in the moment can be traveled by untold multitudes later.

December 1, 1992 Tuesday 11:30 PM

Slug, could never step outside of her self and take in the bigger picture. Until John Gault came around.

December 2, 1992 Wednesday 4:49 PM

Always, there is the conversation. And through all the confusion of voices there is your self, the one you listen to.

December 2, 1992 Wednesday 10:28 PM

So follow it through, if power is flowing to the enduser then what the enduser puts out will be what you pay for. Support newsletters are usually subject specific. Superstars are sure to emerge. You? Me? (Naw!)

December 4, 1992 Friday 7:02 PM

and now, out into the night...

December 4, 1992 Friday 9:39 PM

Many women have loved me through the years and left me for the same reason.

December 4, 1992 Friday 10:51 PM

"...and the more painfully clear it becomes." (that the people you remember are few and far between)

December 5, 1992 Saturday 8:47 AM

It never gets any better than this, or worse. Only the way we take it makes it so.

December 5, 1992 Saturday 8:51 AM

[Autonomy] The pursuit of autonomy means understanding the nature of improvement. It is easy to see that both bodies and personal computing involve systems. (Easy for me at least) ((I hope it is for you too.)) (((If not, bear with me, maybe it will become clear.)))
[Autonomy] Systems. Dynamics of change. More to the point-processes. A process has direction and character. The process is generally sequential, and the character is usually done in groups. Grouping and sequence. Equally important.

December 5, 1992 Saturday 9:19 AM

The rate of change isn't slowing down. To maintain your balance you must know how to find it. Remembering to breathe, links your mind to your body; identifying groups and sequences, reveals the process. To improve the process, improve the grouping-sequence mix. You just can't do one without the other. For best results the quality of the groups must match the quality of the sequence. And, in deed, it is tough to argue with results. (Especially, if you didn't have to kill anybody.)

December 5, 1992 Saturday 9:25 AM

laughter, then smile

December 6, 1992 Sunday 9:14 PM

I am so much in love with life! If it weren't so beautiful, it would be obscene. But it's not and I thank each and everyone of you who have befriended me. Your love gets me through, from long ago, from yesterday, from the promise of tomorrow.

December 15, 1992 Tuesday 2:04 PM

[Pilates] Teaching Pilates has to flow, you have to be part of the flow going on inside your client.

December 21, 1992 Monday 10:10 AM

The meat grinder of time.

December 27, 1992 Sunday 5:07 PM

Hello keys, hello self, (noticed) ((opps!))

December 27, 1992 Sunday 5:13 PM

There are many sources of cohesion in the world today. Thank you for being one of them.

January 1, 1993 Friday 11:48 AM

I guess that is what scares me. Here I am in this moment, leaving scratchings in the sand that will surely last long after the fingers have come to rest.

January 1, 1993 Friday 11:51 AM

I've come a long way with this journal. (Maybe it has brought me a long way.)

January 1, 1993 Friday 11:55 AM

The publishing process behind the hermit's journal.

January 2, 1993 Saturday 1:33 AM

When your mind turns its direction, that's the time to lay down a date stamp. New subject--new time, new date.

January 2, 1993 Saturday 1:43 AM

Pay attention! Whatever it costs--pay it!

January 2, 1993 Saturday 1:49 AM

January 2nd already, shit, where's the year gone to?

January 2, 1993 Saturday 2:04 AM

The reason you focus on the log is to establish a hub around which all other processing can revolve. (((spin)))

January 2, 1993 Saturday 2:12 AM

Close to ready to surrender. Close. (lonely)

January 3, 1993 Sunday 5:22 PM

I publish the Hermit's Journal. Excerpts from my log. My log focuses mostly on using your body and your mind more efficiently with better control and more enjoyment.
Then again, there's a whole lot of other stuff that primarily gets directed at individuals. Each individual with their own style tag (because each individual is a unique expression of style.)
Therein is the beauty of the technique. You do it all in one place and group it later. (through changing the style tag character to hidden or unhidden.)

January 4, 1993 Monday 10:12 AM

It's all pretty confusing....but it doesn't have to be. Choose your attitude, focus on what you have control over. Live now, with the future in mind.

January 10, 1993 Sunday 11:33 AM

The journal continues to evolve. Pilates continues to please. Planning to participate in Internet as soon as I figure out how.

January 12, 1993 Tuesday 5:51 PM

[Pilates] Traditional Pilates views the body mechanistically like a steam shovel--cables as muscles, struts as bones, and axles as joints. All that direction to end up in the joint seems a waste of trying to imagine the paradigm that works.
[Pilates] You see, it's not just the exercise. It is your mind that must imagine the perfect form in order to reach for the perfect form. To that end you seek to control the wrap of energy that uncoils from the axes that go through the hip, shoulders, and ears.
[Pilates] You want to align and stretch the distance between all three axes.

January 13, 1993 Wednesday 10:03 PM

Who to talk to, what to say, after a while it all goes away. We talk at other people only to get reflections of who we are. Ultimately, we are what we say here, to our selves. Yes, indeed, actions speak louder than words, but what of words above the silence?
All that exists, is here, now. The history that we record develops a resonance we seek stability from. ((I have often wondered if it helped.)) (((And don't give me shit for sentence structure.))) "I write the way I talk, not talk the way I write."

January 15, 1993 Friday 9:04 AM

A thousand and one things to do it seems, before a trip. In trying to resolve what needs to be done for a smooth trip I get carried away with trying to (expecting to) resolve my entire life.

January 15, 1993 Friday 9:06 AM

The advantage in the log is that it lets your subject change as fast as you can. A keystroke for a new date and time, a keystroke to assign a style tag.

January 22, 1993 Friday 10:20 PM

The curtain rises, the curtain falls, in between--we try to make sense of it all. Tonight, my cable TV went on or off every five seconds. Enough to follow the news but wishing there were more.

January 24, 1993 Sunday 11:51 AM

The secret to training is that the time you spend consciously doing it is focused on developing patterns that will resonate long after your attention gets diverted elsewhere.

January 24, 1993 Sunday 12:02 PM

It is easy to pay bills if you have the money to do it with.
It becomes a chaotic cauldron of stress when you have to decide which bills to pay when.

January 24, 1993 Sunday 12:03 PM

[Fiction] "Her father is just like her, they both stitch the world together with the thread of convenience."

January 24, 1993 Sunday 12:08 PM

"It's the trickle down economy of theft and larceny." mjm

January 24, 1993 Sunday 12:09 PM

Targets of merit.

January 25, 1993 Monday 9:56 AM

How to publish excerpts from your journal, and make money. That is what this is about.
(((((When you "make money" you do a better job of grouping and sequencing.))))) You organize your efforts, and usually the efforts of others.
You see if I can offer you a reserved style tag, just to filter my input through, and you can get that input off your private fax, so if you're interested in what I have to say you can get a paper and ink copy of it in seconds. Wouldn't you like to hear the way the author of a book published two years ago currently thinks?

January 25, 1993 Monday 11:31 AM

[THJ] How to publish excerpts from your journal for money.
[THJ] Basic requirements
[THJ] Windows 3.1
[THJ] Word for Windows 2.0a
[THJ] The file: HERMIT.DOT
[THJ] Getting Started
[THJ] Copy c:\winword
[THJ] Start the Word program
[THJ] From the File menu pick new, and then base it upon the Hermit template
[THJ] Now save the file you just created as LOG and you're all set.
[THJ] The Process
[THJ] Making log entries
[THJ] Assigning entries to people or subjects
[THJ] Printing excerpts by person(s) or subject(s)
[THJ] Making log entries
[THJ] SHIFT-CTRL-D (for date stamp) takes you to the end of the file and inserts date, day of week, and time (i.e. January 25, 1993 Monday 11:31 AM)
[THJ] Leave as generic "Log Entry" or change to different or new "tag".
[THJ] To change tag, open tag name box (CTRL-S) and select or write in a new one. (be sure to delete the name that started in the box)
[THJ] Viewing the tag names
[THJ] Go to the Tools Options menu and in the view category set style width to about 1 inch.
[THJ] Printing a tag
[THJ] Run the menu selection that:
[THJ] Hides everything
[THJ] Unhides selected tag(s)
[THJ] Unhides closest prior date stamps to those tags
[THJ] Prints out the tag(s) with date stamps
[THJ] Individuals and/or groups
[THJ] Paper and ink
[THJ] Electrons
[THJ] Resets everything back to normal.
[THJ] Setting up names and addresses

January 27, 1993 Wednesday 9:51 AM

Awareness rhymes with isolation. (((((hummm, I like that)))))
Consciousness distributes across a bell-curved spectrum. At the extremes of the spectrum, embodiments are few and far between.
Part of having a sharp mind is finding a smooth enough wetting stone.
...all in the effort to step back far enough to get a perspective on where I was and what part I was playing.
[THJ] For me, I'm willing to be judged on my published excerpts from my log, (because they give me such joy in the moment of creation, and in sharing them, I believe I fulfill my duty) and if people can't connect to the content, I'm also working on a file that would let them publish excerpts from their logs the way I do. ((Empower them with the context.))
[THJ] So, I'm swinging one bat of both content and context, and I may get to make some money at it before I die.
When you are caused to think I suggest you "remember to breathe" to engage the clutch to carbon.
Be faithful, be brave, and if you wear a felt had--know how to duck!

January 28, 1993 Thursday 9:21 AM

The knave rarely comes here anymore. Too full of the process to ponder.
And too distracted by all the other mind-fucks begging for attention.

January 28, 1993 Thursday 9:26 AM

[Autonomy] Learning to control the power of indirect formatting is a key. I've yet to plumb it's depths. Not only do you globally control the look and feel, you locally control content. That's right, indirect formatting gives you the ability to filter what you say. The press release, your thoughts on a subject, your log entries written to your best friend.
[Autonomy] The strength of running a log from one file lies in its simplicity. One place to dump it all in, indirect formatting to sort it out later. (Later being whenever.)

January 28, 1993 Thursday 9:33 AM

((((The hardest part about writing is sticking with the effort to get down what you're trying to say. For me my mind is always out racing on to the next thought to ever slow down enough to finish the thought I started. The date stamp structure of jumping to the end of a log file and entering the time and date and continuing on from there with whatever comes to mind, adding date stamps along the way provides an unexpected increase in writing efficiency.
The date stamp allows me to more easily let go of trying to say something when my mind is already on a different subject. The log lets me say what I have to say, when I want to say it, and lets me sort it out whenever I want. (That's the idea.)))))
The same principles involved allow Time magazine and US Today newspaper to customize their content.

January 28, 1993 Thursday 9:41 AM

(So busy with the subject of the log, not enough time spent in the log.)

January 28, 1993 Thursday 10:06 PM

...sharing that part of the spectrum that you inhabit is a rare delight indeed.

January 29, 1993 Friday 9:17 AM

I need your help to stay focused on the work.

January 30, 1993 Saturday 9:59 AM

I publish The Hermit's Journal. The Hermit's Journal is a group of excerpts from my log. I maintain my log in Word for Windows and use a template file I sell to do the publishing (to confidential fax addresses (that exist inside a computer.)) You may not be interested in what I have to say but there's a good chance you will like to use the template file to accomplish your own ends.

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:00 PM

There has been great joy lately, almost gone by unnoticed, in the embrace of inspired work. How fortunate is it when you get to swim within your dreams?

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:03 PM

The eyes of humanity rest upon us, we are the ones, here, now, able to act or refrain, either way--accountable.

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:04 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is a method of physical and mental conditioning. Pilates empowers you to arrive with presence--anytime, anywhere.
[Pilates] Pilates teaches you how to pay attention. If you don't have control of your body then what else could you possibly control with any degree of discipline? ((Strong logic, but flawed.))

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:17 PM

(((((Life is never dear to the dead.))))

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:18 PM

[Autonomy] Keyboarding skills, learn how from somewhere! Get the sense of sequence.

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:32 PM

[Pilates]'s because
[Pilates] I take people into fear and out without getting hurt, because afterwards they are more alive. ((not feel, are))

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:37 PM

Only deal with what you can remember. Only remember what you need to know. mjm ((?))

January 30, 1993 Saturday 6:38 PM

Everyone's looking for more. Whether it's debt or savings, we are looking for how we're goin' to get more.

January 31, 1993 Sunday 12:39 PM

The challenge is inside, fighting the battle within, gaining control through understanding.

January 31, 1993 Sunday 12:45 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is based in the comparison of ideal patterns of motion (like the vector and the orbit) to how your body moves--as a way to better physical and mental health.

January 31, 1993 Sunday 12:48 PM

[Pilates] The alertness you generate in a Pilates effort lingers long after.

February 6, 1993 Saturday 1:54 PM

Pepsi at hand--no problems. (At least none pressing at the moment.) All too relaxed to care.

February 8, 1993 Monday

Some kind of lesson hidden in the pleats, I keep watching to catch a glimpse. I must look within to stand under.

February 9, 1993 Tuesday 1:00 PM

...deception becomes an art form, but when no one is exempt, doesn't that force you into trying to deceive your self?

February 12, 1993 Friday

The promise of the future is the most potent narcotic.

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:07 AM

[THJ] Ah, here, back at last. They really don't know the joys inherent in maintaining a journal, do they?

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:08 AM

[THJ] But they will, if I show them. If I come stumbling out of the woods, a scout who stumbles out of the wilderness. Saying, look, here, read excerpts from my journal, see how I do it? Here, you try it. Just start a new file based upon the enclosed template and away you go, all your new options are listed in the menu Tools.

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:20 AM

This process is so powerful. It gives you one place to get down whatever you are thinking in paper and ink and then sort it all out later. Doesn't that sound good?

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:23 AM

God I hate surfacing...losing a thought, the fading merry-go-round is so frustrating.

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:26 AM

(((((Writing is splashing in the sequence, working is grouping the effort.)))))

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:27 AM

Grouping and sequence, grouping and sequence. Focus this way, look through these lenses to sharpen the image. Grouping and sequence are fundamental to the process.

February 11, 1993 Thursday 9:34 AM

If self projection is all we do then how best do we press the envelope? With a thought of those who follow. Why has it been so difficult to mark a trail?

February 11, 1993 Thursday 1:30 PM

[Pilates] It is the mind itself which creates the body, if a new appendage were needed we would grow one.

February 21, 1993 Sunday 8:07 AM

((((Where do you draw the line between duplicitous and discretion?))))

February 21, 1993 Sunday 8:08 AM

What would I do if I had a prepaid audience? What would I say? (((...)))

February 21, 1993 Sunday 8:08 AM

As I remember, the earlier passion to write was more of a message and less of a conversation. I wonder if my ability to type and then filter what I print contributes to that? Now, I can talk to many people, individually, at random, for however brief (a keystroke), and print out what I had to say to just one, or any group. I work in just one file, my log, and filter everything out from there. ((To the extent that this remains your focus, everything else shakes out from there. Meaning, sure you have other information that needs to be grouped by a separate file, but by working with a log as your focus the decision on whether to start a separate file to meet your need is determined by its inability to fit within your log.))

February 26, 1993 Friday 9:17 AM

(((As I was just coming up to make an entry, it struck me how long ago it was that I established this as my goal of making a living.))) It takes so long, it takes so long, its easy to forget what it was that you were after. But this is it, here, chasing butterfly feelings.
Do you know what it's like when you start feeling that you are reaching too hard? (To the point of losing your balance?)
And the trade-off,

February 26, 1993 Friday 8:36 PM

(I don't know, how quick is the pattern recognition?)

February 26, 1993 Friday 8:36 PM

[THJ] This is where you want to be, here in this log, capturing butterfly feelings.

March 2, 1993 Tuesday 7:30 PM

Grouping and Sequence!

March 7, 1993 Sunday 1:11 PM

Wisps of smoke is what I capture, so real and so true in the writing, but so vague and distant after the moment of inception.
It is what everyone wants, to participate in the creative process and leave the details to someone else. Details like distribution, collection, promotion.

March 8, 1993 Monday 8:36 PM

[Autonomy] Sometimes paradigm shifts occur and you are only aware of it after it happens. One such, just occurred; I loaded Microsoft's Windows based database, sucked in my address book from dBase and got the feeling I had left dBase and was never looking back. (much similar to leaving Framework behind once an obviously superior product--Windows 3.0 came along.)

March 8, 1993 Monday 9:25 PM

[Pilates] You need to know how to float on your joints. How to swim in a dynamic energy field. Like being in space, gravity changes. You need to know how to make your body work. ((And by work I don't mean negatively. More as in, to get it to work, to have it work at all.))

March 9, 1993 Tuesday 9:04 AM

[Autonomy] Computing can be a very personal thing. You choose when and how you interact. Almost always screen calls, on your main number; never hear the second line ring; work as much in fax as you can. Get paid as an infomediary. And choose the subject of your passion.
[Autonomy] I'm so excited, I've access to a Windows expression of my names file.

March 9, 1993 Tuesday 9:10 AM

[Pilates] Being a good Pilates teacher is a matter of how much you can be with your client when they are with their selfs. (((Yes, yes, yes, I know the usage is out of phase; and surely by now you know that is intentional and if so I must be pointing at something and if you understand that we have something in common. It is not uncommon at all to have absolutely nothing in common.)))

March 9, 1993 Tuesday 9:24 AM

[Pilates] Teaching the short spine is concise education.

March 9, 1993 Tuesday 3:21 PM

Beyond nuts and bolts. Actually, other than nuts and bolts.

March 13, 1993 Saturday 8:25 AM

Look out there and what do you see? Chaos and cosmos, right? What is the difference? How can you tell the difference between the two? Is there anything present in one and not the other?
Think of space, the big bang, matter on a straight line, blown out from the epicenter. Vectors in space, straight lines, total chaos. But matter, being what it is, influences other matter and all of us fall into patterns of revolutions called orbits. It is rotation, that aspect of spin that creates focus, that distinguishes chaos from cosmos. ((Could you say that patterns were a manifestation of spin?))
[Pilates] In Pilates, Joe was fond of the quote that says it is the mind itself that creates the body. So true, so true. (((Depending on your interpretation of the mind.)))
[Pilates] The mind which creates the body can imagine. ((Ou, murky waters here!)) Imagination is the key.
[Pilates] Physics is the best projection our imagination can come up with. (that is verifiably (at least within the scientific method))
[Pilates] Rotation, spin, imagination. Lines of energy. Not metaphors, but reality.

March 14, 1993 Sunday 10:02 AM

Everyone likes to recognize talent and hates to see it go to waste.
I've lived long enough, and fast enough, to know that after the game of musical chairs of relationship has lost it thrust it is easy to look around at your life and say what has my life been other than who I've been with?

March 15, 1993 Monday 10:38 PM

[Pilates] Don't ever demonstrate Pilates wrong! Especially, under spring tension, the wrong torque under tension can be very damaging.

March 16, 1993 Tuesday 10:32 AM

[Pilates] Once you smooth out the sequence, then you can reach for the power in snap.

March 17, 1993 Wednesday 7:15 PM

(...lost within the memory of you.)

March 20, 1993 Saturday 9:41 AM

[Autonomy] Why not promote the trainer instead of the subject? I guess many do, but for themselves, not by those who offer subject.

March 20, 1993 Saturday 10:46 AM

[Pilates] Everyone talks about the axis as a point of reference, but no one (till now (it seems)) has illuminated that point of reference as a point of initiation.
[Pilates] Energy (often) expands and contracts in a spiral pattern.
[Pilates] Why do we have a sacrum and not a tail? (((smile)))

March 20, 1993 Saturday 10:58 AM

It has always been me and these keys, locked in the struggle to make sense.

March 20, 1993 Saturday 11:07 AM

[Autonomy] Refine the movements of the process and you greatly enhance the efficiency of the process.

March 20, 1993 Saturday 11:37 PM

Why do I teach? What propels me forward? The need to share. ((Because the ability exists.))

March 21, 1993 Sunday 12:00 AM

[Pilates] Rotation! Oh my God, please see the rotation!

March 21, 1993 Sunday 12:06 AM

[Autonomy] Streamline your effort while personal computing. Don't reach too far or too awkwardly to do anything. (like turn on your printer, get a check to print, answer the phone, file away a receipt.)

March 21, 1993 Sunday 9:47 PM

[Autonomy] I look down at these keys, and smile, because in them is the struggle to find peace. It seems like peace could be mine if I only found the right filter.
[Autonomy] If only...
[Autonomy] I've let this log become too sterile. Comes from working the context side so much.

March 21, 1993 Sunday 9:53 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is a method of exercise that believes that the method matters. The quality of what you do, and the order you do it in--matters.

March 21, 1993 Sunday 9:57 PM

[Pilates] "Be in your spine" Be in your . (i.e. take your pick.)

March 21, 1993 Sunday 9:59 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is an involvement in working with carbon based systems. What is important for a system to exist? Is it some form of pattern? And what is pattern, put another way--a routine? A regularity. A commonness of the sequence, somehow things group together.
[Pilates] Grouping and Sequence, grouping and sequence, everything shakes out to grouping and sequence.

March 21, 1993 Sunday 10:04 PM

[Autonomy] When you write, you are dealing with the sequence of things; when you loose the focus of the sequence you surface to re-group.
[Autonomy] (Does that mean, having grouped, you then seek to establish sequence?)

March 21, 1993 Sunday 10:06 PM

[Autonomy] Does grouping come before sequence?

March 23, 1993 Tuesday 10:02 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is about from where you initiate motion. Where does the effort start? Which muscles do you choose to involve?

March 23, 1993 Tuesday 11:51 PM

[Pilates] Pilates for the Executive:
[Pilates] An exercise method which: Saves time Improves results And you can take it anywhere!

March 24, 1993 Wednesday 12:23 PM

It is a conceptual paradigm shift. Once you know how to drive it doesn't matter which car.

March 25, 1993 Thursday 5:22 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is about the glisten. The sheen on the face, that comes from concentrated exertion. Go to that and make it more.
[Pilates] It's too remedial there, too "body" for me.

March 25, 1993 Thursday 6:15 PM

[Pilates] When you do Pilates, feed the effort. Feed it as quickly, as you can determined by keeping it smooth.

March 26, 1993 Friday 8:14 AM

So many thing to do, priorities suck, don't they?

March 26, 1993 Friday 8:51 AM

[Pilates] "I need to do something and Pilates seems like a really nice way." CJ

March 26, 1993 Friday 11:31 AM

[Pilates] You do Pilates because of what it gives you in everyday movement. When you reach for that crumb beneath the dinner table, or up to the top shelf, Pilates influences how you move. The more you do Pilates, the more Pilates "does" you. The way you walk, how you hold yourself, how you relieve stress in your body. How you regain balance after injury.

March 26, 1993 Friday 5:28 PM

[Autonomy] It's working with electrons enough to get a feel for how things work.

March 26, 1993 Friday 5:28 PM

[Pilates] From drk: system happens gradually layering trust and take time

March 30, 1993 Tuesday 8:36 PM

(((Perhaps the saddest part of life is how inextrinsically it marches on, leaving us with fabrications of memory to suit our fancy.)))
May the god-within be kind to you and allow you peace.

March 31, 1993 Wednesday 10:32 AM

You want to know how I earn a living. So do I. Since 1984, after working in retail sales of personal computers for 3r years, I've been teaching, training, and consulting with people involved in making PCs do their thing. Most recently my interest has been in the Windows environment, using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and other neat state-of-the-art software.
I used to teach in the classroom, but the best way to learn is one on one and that is what I try to mostly do. So, many people consider me a "computer tutor." Most of my income is derived this way. At least for now. My ambition is to make more money publishing excerpts from a journal that I've kept forever. I can't write fiction, screenplays, or poetry, but driven I am to write what I can and it comes out in the form of a journal. Which is where I am now. Writing to you.
[Autonomy] The excerpts take the focus of commenting on how to make better use of systems to improve your autonomy. (That means independence in case you don't know and don't want to look it up.) So I write about system support, primarily in two areas: bodies and PCs.
Bodies are based in the carbon molecule, PCs are based in the silicon molecule (chips). So I specialize in carbon and silicon based system enhancement. And what I have found is how amazingly similar the two systems are. Both systems are governed by the quality of what you do and the order you do it in. Grouping and sequence. I preach grouping and sequence as a way to understanding anything. What groups? In what sequence? And you're there.
The drive to publish excerpts easily, and control which excerpts addressing which subjects, has brought me to write a "program" that will allow others to easily do the same for their publishing interests. And this might make enough money to bury me someday. It's almost done, I know how I plan to test market it and as soon as I catch up on writing to you, I'll turn my attention to getting the effort in gear.
The carbon based side of my career takes the form of being a fitness instructor of sorts. A year ago I produced a video on partner stretching. Going spine to spine is better than sex, well, almost. (And a hell of a lot safer.) For the last year I've been in a certification program for Pilates instructors. (Puh-lah-teez) Pilates is a very old method of corrective exercise, popular with people who are very hard on their bodies--like professional dancers. For me it's the best activity around and I hope to be teaching the method for the rest of my life. I'm even looking into buying some of the equipment for my place and teach out of my home.

April 1, 1993 Thursday 6:29 PM

It's so easy to get swept up in your intentions.

April 3, 1993 Saturday 11:05 AM

No shields, no panels, just chunks of stuff going granular.

April 4, 1993 Sunday 2:36 PM

The phone makes it so easy to reach out and lean beyond your limits. Beyond your normal balance.

April 4, 1993 Sunday 3:00 PM

Get a clue people, you must stand back and focus on the big picture. If you don't the detail will run you ragged.

April 4, 1993 Sunday 3:06 PM

My debut in electrons is near.

April 5, 1993 Monday 9:39 PM

...just couldn't take the easy fruit and suffer it's absence later.

April 6, 1993 Tuesday 7:10 PM

I sell a publishing tool. It enables others to publish the way I do. I make entries in a log, and then send out filtered versions to different individuals and groups.

April 6, 1993 Tuesday 7:16 PM

I feel the melting around the ankles as I approach the door knob of success.

April 11, 1993 Sunday 10:13 PM

For all that I've come with the context of the message I wonder if I've forgotten the nature of the content?

April 11, 1993 Sunday 10:35 PM

[Pilates] ("God, I need a Pilates workout in the worst way!")

April 11, 1993 Sunday 10:40 PM

[Autonomy] (Could this be? Could I be downloading a file and making a journal entry at the same time?)

April 14, 1993 Wednesday 10:39 AM

Publishing tool for those who keep a log or journal which allows you to address a variety of people or subjects (using style tags), and then select any subject or group of subjects to print out at a later time. For those doing document assemble from many different sources, a capability exists to base all style tags on normal and remove all direct character and paragraph formatting. Shareware ($9.00)--or free for subscribers to The Hermit's Journal.

April 15, 1993 Thursday 10:43 AM

[Fiction] He traveled round the world, with his electron first aid kit, staying in touch with the need by tapping into the data highway. More usually than not, he met his clients through other clients and so had come to have friends everywhere.
[Fiction] It was never possible for him to help the silicon system, or the carbon system alone, both were intertwined. And the message was the same for both. Grouping and sequence are the tools for any task.

April 15, 1993 Thursday 11:30 AM

[Fiction] Hold out your hands, now close them. In one hand is something disgusting, in the other hand is something deadly. Before you can react to the disgusting you must first determine which is deadly.

April 15, 1993 Thursday 12:25 PM

[Autonomy] Use Ctrl-S to easily type in a new style tag name.

April 16, 1993 Friday 10:16 AM

[Fiction] Repeat after me, "I want this paragraph, to look like this paragraph."

April 17, 1993 Saturday 11:04 AM

[Pilates] (((((The pattern becomes the moment you are in.))))) mjm w/ cas 4-16-93

April 17, 1993 Saturday 1:24 PM

[Fiction] You must recognize the pattern of relationships. The feminine seduces, the male either cooperates or not. It's the "or not" that is the difficult but superior choice, unless of course you want children. This is so Catholic, but more than Catholic, it is because of the nature of reality that Catholicism has and holds its views.

April 17, 1993 Saturday 1:29 PM

[Fiction] The modern woman drives to the man's house for a date so she can choose when to leave.

April 18, 1993 Sunday 12:21 AM art will always be my madness.

April 18, 1993 Sunday 2:12 PM

[Autonomy] You see it's the content that must reflect the context. Journaling was my only means of survival when I rejected externalized religion. And I guess there are many others who find the context of journaling or keeping a log of similar value. How nice, through the use of my template to have one central file to focus on and print everything (well, almost everything) out from there.
[Autonomy] There's Quicken.
[Autonomy] And there's a Names file. (Supported by whatever database you like best.)
[Autonomy] Keeping track of who you know, your money and what you want to say. ((Seeing so much surge riding the information wave makes me wonder if I've already lost the ride.))

April 18, 1993 Sunday 2:18 PM

[Autonomy] For me there is something Zen about my efforts to express my self through writing. Struggle as I may to wrestle an expression into words, it is not the expression that matters but the sight of my fingers doing something so real at the behest of something so ethereal. ("Thoughts are things.") Maybe that's why I like the expression, "the Windows ether", it is so reflective of the more complicated carbon system.

April 18, 1993 Sunday 2:25 PM

How do you let go of feelings? How do you make them go away? Never do, life just keeps squeezing you on through. I suppose it is false pride and ego, a sure sign I've become too extended into the world. How can that be?

April 20, 1993 Tuesday 8:29 AM

...why develop something that only takes you off balance?

April 27, 1993 Tuesday 4:29 PM

How can some people take what has been provided to them so far and yet be unable to improvise? It just goes to show you the advantage of expanding the envelope.

April 28, 1993 Wednesday 9:00 AM

[Fiction] He went over to the faucet and turned on the water. With his hand in the stream he redirected the flow. "This", he said, "is magic. For magic is an illusion. Here I appear to control the flow, when in truth, the flow controls me."
When moving between such different eddies of reality, be calm, focus on your breathing and move smoothly with the flow, keeping in mind that you don't control it, it controls you.

April 30, 1993 Friday 11:15 PM

The power of the program dilutes the message. Here I am looking at my fingers making the connection and that is all that matters. So fast, so spontaneous.

May 1, 1993 Saturday 10:04 AM

[Autonomy] Grouping and sequence. To understand how anything works--identify groups and sequences. ((To understand why anything works--I haven't a clue.))
[Autonomy] You exist on many levels. Your personal life, your business life, who you think you are, who others think you are (and who you really are) are all different aspects of you. With all of that you express yourself by how you act, what you say, the manner you express yourself in the written word. There has come into being a new medium of self expression. Over the years I have come to call it electrons. Naturally, I prefer my term to the one that has gained widespread usage--cyberspace.
[Autonomy] Electrons is information stored electronically rather than on paper and ink. (Two different mediums that each uses to store the self expression we call information.)
[Autonomy] If your life has no need of processing information, you have no need to become comfortable (and capable) expressing your self in cyberspace. (("Electrons" is so much better.)) On the other hand, like telephones and credit cards, it is adapt or die.
[Autonomy] Cyberspace is a place, a great ether of information, a great cloud of self expression you must learn to live with. Fear not! Get a few concepts down, much less experience than you fear ("I don't have enough time!" Jeez.()), and soon you will feel smug toward others who are still afraid of expressing themselves in cyberspace.
[Autonomy] Participating in electrons is getting easier all the time. But just because it is easy to play doesn't mean you know how. In case I'm not being clear, my expression is meant to help you learn the rules. Unfortunately, as a writer I am discontiguous and laconic. So what I have to say comes out as journal entries in a log. If you don't like it or don't get it, find someone who is good at helping you understand what is what with electrons. (Ask almost anyone, cuz almost everyone believes they can make it clear.) You can adapt, you only need the right help. Don't give up, and don't get discouraged!

May 3, 1993 Monday 8:37 AM

[Pilates] Fluid spinal movement. Not jerky, bent, or pinched. Spinal flow. Learn how to control the energy that moves through your body.

May 3, 1993 Monday 10:01 AM

Living in harmony means timing your events.

May 3, 1993 Monday 12:03 PM

[Autonomy] Things are almost always less complicated than they appear. Only a handful of things are usually wrong; only a handful of commands can get you where you want to go. (Just like in any other foreign language.)

May 3, 1993 Monday 12:27 PM

[Autonomy] Cut right to the quick--learn how to send and receive mail. Then get better at it.

May 3, 1993 Monday 12:41 PM

[Autonomy] Life doesn't change in electrons. You still have to put up with others messing with your life. The good news is that the playing field is becoming more level. And there are those who know aren't talking, because guess who typically sees what new technology can do?
[Autonomy] You don't need to know how to type. You do want to know how to "play" the keyboard.

May 4, 1993 Tuesday 3:46 PM

[Autonomy] You must learn to fend for yourself in this land of electrons called cyberspace. Information is flowing towards you "in electrons" and you want to know how to direct its flow with least effort and maximum impact.

May 8, 1993 Saturday 9:49 AM

[Autonomy] The hardest thing is to get a sense of self in electrons. Where am I? What am I doing here?
[Autonomy] You are here, in electrons, and what you do here is process information. You group it, and you organize it.
[Autonomy] The most basic unit of grouped information is the file. All the information you deal with, whether in electrons or paper and ink is usually grouped into a file. (So when you are confused about something ask how what you are trying to understand relates to a file.)
[Autonomy] You probably have access to a word processor, a database, and a spreadsheet on your personal computer. All of them create files that hold information--your information.
[Autonomy] Word processors act like typewriters.
[Autonomy] Databases act like address books. To understand how they work apply the guideline of grouping and sequencing.
[Autonomy] A database is a file. That file is grouped by rows of information. (About usually a person, or an event (like a transaction)) In each row the same piece of information appears in the same order. Like this:
[Autonomy] "Ms.","Jacquelyn","R.","Ralston" "Rev.","Ian","","Bear" "Mr.", "Patrick","Thayer","O'Rielly"
[Autonomy] Each piece of information is called a field and they are organized by sequence and separated from one another by commas. Also each field has double quotations. This manner of organizing is called comma delimited.

May 8, 1993 Saturday 10:18 AM

[Pilates] I fear my exposure is diluting my image, (the image in my imagination, not the image I project) the physics of it.

May 9, 1993 Sunday 8:39 AM

"It's not how many notes you leave in that makes your music great, but in how many notes you can leave out." Sweets, a famous horn player.

May 10, 1993 Monday 9:13 AM

[Autonomy] There is a tendency to inject more emotion into your communications because of their apparent absence in cyberspace. Au contraire, I have lived to regret more than one email message. Remember, the magic of electrons is that you can turn them into paper and ink.

May 11, 1993 Tuesday 8:33 AM

[Autonomy] What matters is your stuff, not all the stuff you get--the PC, the software, the communication links. None of it matters except "your" stuff. The things you write down and the things others have "written down" (in electrons) are your stuff. Your data. So...focus on controlling your stuff.
[Autonomy] Getting organized requires a balancing act between paper & ink and electrons. You need supplies and to know how to use them. You use grouping and sequence as your guides.

May 12, 1993 Wednesday 10:49 PM

(((((Come on! Let's go! Aren't you here?)))))

May 12, 1993 Wednesday 11:09 PM

[Pilates] I find that I am constantly "hanging" my shoulders. That means coming up from the inside and hanging down on the outside.

May 12, 1993 Wednesday 11:21 PM

[Pilates] Pilates works with your body. Yours, uniquely. It develops your weaknesses to achieve balance. The balance to be strong and flexible.
[Pilates] Pilates allows you to walk more upright. Up from the primates into human. And somehow the physical evolution aligns with the physical ideation.

May 14, 1993 Friday 8:54 AM

If what I write here is so important to me, why isn't there more here? ((I think it has to do with too many notes.))

May 14, 1993 Friday 9:02 AM

[Pilates] Pilates is about being present minded, using the mind to help you participate in the moment. You learn some precise movements, you learn transitions from movement to movement, then you learn to press your self through the sequence. You amplify the concentration into one brilliant flow.

May 16, 1993 Sunday 1:13 AM

We want to press the wave instead of ride it. Why? Isn't being one with the moment--enough?

May 16, 1993 Sunday 1:14 AM

Where else but in journal entries do you reach for the moment? The moments sort themselves out later, if not by you then by someone else long after you are gone.

May 16, 1993 Sunday 1:16 AM

"I just want an easy exit. I've been too long on the stage. Too long on the stage."

May 16, 1993 Sunday 1:17 AM

I'm still waiting for someone to acknowledge the message, when all along I've known the message is for later. If you work as advance scout your reports are not valuable until they get there.

May 16, 1993 Sunday 1:21 AM

The problem with Monique is that she always wants to press the wave. This diminishes balance.

May 20, 1993 Thursday 9:37 PM

[Autonomy] The pattern is what you are looking for. What is a pattern?

May 20, 1993 Thursday 9:37 PM

[Autonomy] I missed Ted Koppel's report on cyberspace. And cybernauts. Like astronauts, they are both explorers. They seek to find out more.

May 20, 1993 Thursday 10:07 PM

I find it difficult to direct the entry to a tag. Just say it, get it out, and if you don't know at the outset maybe it is for someone else to judge.

May 20, 1993 Thursday 10:15 PM

[Pilates] Pilates purists, they miss the journey.

May 20, 1993 Thursday 10:22 PM

[Autonomy] Everybody has started publishing. The burden is on you to determine who you listen to. The unseen burden is not knowing how to listen. How to process information. Grouping and sequence. Over and over again my thing lately is grouping and sequence. It happens that way so you might as well do it that way. Recognize the pattern and make it work for you. (((if you can maintain the meaning)))

May 20, 1993 Thursday 10:40 PM

[Pilates] Pilates est de rigueur. (indispensable, compulsory)
[Pilates] Pilates puts purpose into movement. (which brings joy)

May 21, 1993 Friday 10:26 AM

[Autonomy] You want to establish groups and communicate that way. Let the computer remember who is in the group and how to get in touch.
[Autonomy] You can send faxes, but that freezes electrons into paper and ink. (At least without jumping through the hoops of a graphics package or optical character recognition package. OCR)

May 21, 1993 Friday 7:23 PM

Just came across the term "information gridlock" and thought you'd like it.

May 22, 1993 Saturday 11:34 AM

[Pilates] "When you get your circulation going the whole world goes with you." mjm 5-7-93

May 22, 1993 Saturday 6:56 PM

[Fiction] He understood that making love was to treat her as an object filled with awareness.

May 24, 1993 Monday 3:26 PM

[Autonomy] Whether you participate or not, this world called cyberspace exists. It is a world of information and communication. You receive and transmit messages. How well you do that is how well you communicate.
[Autonomy] Using a PC forces you to communicate--to send and receive. Just like with paper and ink you can try to organize your efforts. Remember, the one big message to start from is "Grouping & Sequence." When you need to organize anything, start by identifying groups and sequences.
[Autonomy] By and large, we communicate with groups of people, our families, our careers, our friends. What is new in cyberspace is becoming accustomed to group addresses. What is new is saying the same thing to a group of people. ((As though mail merge in paper and ink is only an introduction to group addressing in electrons.))

May 25, 1993 Tuesday 3:27 PM

(((They stare out from their pictures waiting to see what you'll do.)))

May 25, 1993 Tuesday 3:32 PM

[Autonomy] Beware of knee jerk communications. In a space so void of emotion it is easy to over express yourself. Those kinds of email are usually referred to as "flaming". Use technology to pace your interaction, too quick can be just as bad as too long.

May 25, 1993 Tuesday 3:36 PM

[Autonomy] You want to focus on your data, specifically your files. Know which ones hold your stuff. Keep them grouped together. Be able to destroy them and protect them. Think files. Think my files. And then group and sequence from there.
[Autonomy] Messages are files. Other files like spreadsheets or graphics can be attached to messages.

May 25, 1993 Tuesday 3:40 PM

[Fiction] They look to see what you are going to do. They know you can act; they've seen it before. But what will you do now? And will you suck my voyeurism into your action? Will I loose this lonely sense of self? Will you make me feel alive? Can you bring me back to the moment I so cherish? Can you? Will you? Oh, please God I beg you, make me, keep me as alive as this moment."

May 25, 1993 Tuesday 3:59 PM

[Pilates] When you have your breath knocked out of you it means you are thrown off your pace. The sequence gets interrupted.

May 26, 1993 Wednesday 9:12 AM

Women are drawn to idealism and once on the scene expect pragmatism.

May 26, 1993 Wednesday 6:14 PM

[Pilates] The difference between ligaments and tendons is that a torn ligament doesn't heal. All you can do with a torn ligament is build muscle to support it.

May 27, 1993 Thursday 8:32 AM

[Autonomy] A clipboard is where you temporarily store something. In electrons, it could be text, a graphic, a table of numbers.

May 28, 1993 Friday 8:44 AM

It takes time to focus.

May 29, 1993 Saturday 10:11 PM

[Autonomy] How long has this message been here waiting for you? The point is that help is available, but you have to want it first. Then you have to know how to ask.
[Autonomy] That's why I say, "Send messages." Communicate, learn to send the same message to a group. Learn to identify groups, and keep what you send and receive organized by how you group them together. Learn to recognize what you don't need any more and how to destroy it.
[Autonomy] DOS is the secretary who manages my files. Files are grouped by directories. The path is the sequence you follow to locate your files.

May 31, 1993 Monday 2:07 PM

Different is not the same. Different is Not the Same. (Rings really true to me, and I'm still not really sure why.)

June 2, 1993 Wednesday 10:15 AM

The problem with the log as it has come to be, is that instead of coming to generalize the specific, it tends to focus each entry through the lens of a particular person. (or subject)
You end up talking too much to others, not enough listening to your self.

June 10, 1993 Thursday 7:20 PM

[Pilates] There is a rhythm to living. Patterns exist within this rhythm, and you can perceive the patterns if you look. Living is not static so neither are its patterns.
[Pilates] Movement is rotation around an axis.

June 10, 1993 Thursday 7:36 PM

[Autonomy] You must remember that if you are going to rely on email for timing someone else has to be on the other end of the line.
[Autonomy] How often do you contact the office? In cyberspace (yes, that's what they are calling it) you can take less time to interact and do more of it. ((And if you don't know how to handle what gets pressed at you, you sink.))
[Autonomy] So, look for patterns to the flow of information and swim accordingly.
[Autonomy] Everything happens by file. You may call it a memo, a spreadsheet, or a report, but whatever it is--it is grouped as a file. You remember that don't you? To organize anything you group it and sequence it in whatever order you can currently make the most headway.

June 10, 1993 Thursday 7:44 PM

[Autonomy] Saving. Save all the time. Whenever you pause to collect your thoughts let the first thing you do be save. And, of course by that I mean in a keystroke. One keystroke and whatever you are working on is saved.

June 10, 1993 Thursday 7:46 PM

[Autonomy] Being autonomous is a snap if you are willing to read the screen and respond. If you demand that your PC read your mind, you are in for a disappointment.
[Autonomy] So: Read the screen. (And save on a keystroke.)

June 10, 1993 Thursday 7:49 PM

[Autonomy] A big thing about email is adjusting to the way in which you communicate. First of all, how confidential is your communication? Is the communication confidential on both ends or can you receive a lot more than say? Say than receive? Remember that electrons are hot when you send them, but once they get there freeze easily into paper and ink on letterhead. So, I suppose I am belaboring discretion, when it is such the norm in everything else as well.

June 10, 1993 Thursday 7:54 PM

[Autonomy] OK, the nature of the email game is to determine what groups you need to communicate with, establish names for those groups, then use the name to address the message. One group name to send the same message.
[Autonomy] Once you know how to do it, then you learn a sense of frequency. (Namely, you can send too little, once you learn how you can easily send too much, and what you are looking for is just the right amount of balanced transmission. (Usually, to reflect what gets sent to you. So like a game of ping pong, email usually means being able to hit it back.))

June 12, 1993 Saturday 9:50 AM

All silicon is meant to do is teach us how to use the carbon. mjm

June 13, 1993 Sunday 9:37 AM

[Autonomy] When you send faxes you send a message; when you send files you send clay. (The clay--be it spreadsheet, database, or proposal--is the passing of the baton in its most usable form, electrons.) So you send a file when you mean to allow the recipient to develop the message. Such as, sending in budget hypothecations in a spreadsheet that will be consolidated with others.

June 13, 1993 Sunday 9:49 AM

[Autonomy] We all have a personality in cyberspace, how big it is and what it looks like is very much under our control.

June 13, 1993 Sunday 10:05 AM

Rotation around an axis causes focus. Gravitational pull causes rotation. So there is energy that seeks self expression. Is there truly a higher world we go to? Is the life I see as scout really riding drag?

June 15, 1993 Tuesday 9:07 AM

[Autonomy] It doesn't strike me at all odd, that communication domains compete against each other. When you have an identifiable group, their needs compete against the needs of others. The local area network competes against the autonomous PC for precious memory to keep everything up and running. It happens during the start-up sequence called "boot up". Files get taken off of disk and loaded in memory to attach to the LAN or to lay wait for incoming faxes.

June 18, 1993 Friday 8:33 AM

[Pilates] Pilates is a feeling based upon a principle. mjm (I like that.)

June 18, 1993 Friday 8:35 AM

[Autonomy] Start a three ring binder for faxes which you receive and decide to print out.
[Pilates] Pilates is an expression of patterns. Concentration is a pattern, centering is a pattern, control is a pattern, flowing motion is a pattern, and lastly because it is most important--breathing is a pattern.

June 18, 1993 Friday 8:43 AM

Would you rather be melting ice or freezing water?

June 19, 1993 Saturday 9:33 AM

[Pilates] The standing posture is the most important, most prone to stress, because it is standing perpendicularly to your gravity field.
[Pilates] Pilates is space age exercise developed by a guy in the 1920's named Joe Pilates.
[Pilates] When you work out you seek to strike a cord with your body. Striking a cord means creating a harmonic vibration.

June 22, 1993 Tuesday 9:01 AM

[Pilates] Pilates is a method of exercise that develops your focus.
[Pilates] Pilates is a method of exercise that is not simple to explain. It has to do with using your mind to guide your body. You use concentration in all your movements.

June 22, 1993 Tuesday 9:04 AM

(((((...this is a pause. This is a pause. This is a pause. Feel like you could listen to the pause forever, and then, when you feel like it--stop.)))

June 22, 1993 Tuesday 9:05 AM

[Pilates] What good can you be to a person's body if you can't develop their mind?

June 22, 1993 Tuesday 9:07 AM

Like Kenny G. just said, what matters is being able to sleep at night is a matter of doing what matters to your self. Is your art really your art? If so have at it and let loose the dogs of war! ((Pretty aggressive, huh? "Figuratively" speaking.))

June 23, 1993 Wednesday 2:24 PM

((((You really can live it the way you dream it.)))) Within what you can control.

June 23, 1993 Wednesday 2:25 PM

[Pilates] Pilates is an approach to how you think as well as to how you move. (Because between thinking and moving, there is no difference.) Thinking is moving in your mind. So the question becomes--how do you choose to move, and is there going to be a method to your madness?
[Pilates] Pilates is a method for physical and mental conditioning. Each is judged by the quality of what you do, especially the order you do it in. You give your concentration, you concentrate to control, you spiral out from your center in a flowing motion that rides upon your breathing, which is always leading. (usually on the inhale)

June 25, 1993 Friday 10:41 PM

[Pilates] Pilates instructors are the same as auto mechanics who love racing.

June 27, 1993 Sunday 5:35 PM

Evil prevails where goodwill fails. mjm w/cherie ~6-17-93

June 30, 1993 Wednesday 10:25 PM

[Pilates] Take knife throwing as an example of proper initiation; because the latissimus dorsi is what brings the arm down, the "lat" must initiate and lead the effort in the throw.

June 30, 1993 Wednesday 10:31 PM

Grouping and sequence, you can't really get a handle on one without the other.
You really don't have a whole body unless you've got a whole mind (to say nothing of other aspects, like spirit) but to have a whole mind you have to know how to use it and if you can use it means--you can use a personal computer.