The Hermit's Journal 1992 Excerpts

Humm, does it make sense to start a new file? Saving will be much quicker. But not to be in the same file with all that time, all that entry, seems like a lot of letting go. Maybe it's not necessary, but for now, I saved as LOG91.DOC and will try to work with it. What to do, what to do. Spell check. Tag early entries and remove extra paragraph returns. Make everything unhidden, print it out. Edit paper copy. Edit electrons. Choose hidden, publish 91 Excerpts

January 1, 1992 Wednesday 9:16 AM

((((It gets tough trying to remember how you got to where you are. All that time spent searching for meaning, seeking happiness. Seems like it should be seeking stability, something upon which to embrace happiness when it stops by to visit. So focused have I been on happiness, sacrificing stability whenever, I get the feeling of playing The Hound of Heaven.))))

January 1, 1992 Wednesday 10:43 AM

So when you want to print a particular range, first select the text to be printed. Go to Format-Character-Hidden and unhide the selection, then print selection. Afterwards, while the selection is still active hold down CTRL-Spacebar and return the character formatting back to the default as defined in the style tags involved. Cool, huh?

January 2, 1992 Thursday 10:13 PM

You are a high spirit, living on a plane that I can visit but not sustain.

January 3, 1992 Friday 8:47 AM

Now there's an idea: use people's first names as the glossary name for their address. That way you can type in their name hit F3 and you have the address in a keystroke.

January 6, 1992 Monday 12:28 AM

Now what about me? I look into my eyes in the mirror. And there I see only carbon, so little of what exists here, in electrons. Is this but a dream or is carbon but a shell? (Humm, I like that.)

January 10, 1992 Friday 11:03 PM

Back in the days when I couldn't imagine ever being able to type whatever I thought without thinking about what fingers went to what keys. ((If that was so impossible then, and so true now, what is so impossible now that will be so true to come?)) Ha, is that a good question, or what?

It really has been a sanctuary, here, in electrons. I doubt I would have lasted this long without the connection.(if there really is one.)

And when power drops and you stare at a screen gone blank, and hear the stillness of no fan cooling the chips, what then? How then? What's left?

I've gotten just what I wanted and it is not what I expected. Perhaps what I deserved, perhaps what I was destined to do, but I did not know the price would be so high. In the pursuit of happiness you end up sacrificing it all.

January 12, 1992 Sunday 2:33 AM

I've taken the approach that if I pursue my joy, like a scout free to explore wherever he feels like it, and I send back messages to the wagon train so they at least know where I've been, I'll not only fulfill my duty but find my joy. That's the assumption. that's the postulate. And so far, even though the results are still not in, I believe the direction we're drilling has merit. (you see nobody's been out here before, journaling yes, but in electrons, filtering with style tags and playing with hidden character formats, no, at least not that I've heard of.)

January 19, 1992 Sunday 9:15 AM

My only sanctuary has been in the pursuit of understanding, as though that would make everything all right, but, it hasn't. The world keeps happening and I keep wondering. I'm not even happy here, making entries. I look down at my fingers and am unmoved at the link between in here and out there.

January 25, 1992 Saturday 8:14 AM

The lesson to be learned from Quicken is that simple is better. Managing your Money came out first, and it covers more bases (at least for now) but it didn't do the job as well or as easily, or as cheaply as Quicken. Even clients of mine that have invested time and effort learning Managing your Money have ended up using Quicken. And that's not just because I said, "switch."

Go with what works! Go with the leader. If you wait for the current program you use to catch up, not only will it put you years behind, when it does happen it won't be as good as you could have had years earlier. History is full of examples. Visicalc users being usurped by Lotus, Lotus by Quatro Pro, Wordstar by WordPerfect, WordPerfect by Microsoft Word, and now Windows over everything.

In as much as Paradox eclipsed dBase, mostly because it worked on a network and dBase didn't, Paradox should be my recommendation--but it isn't because of a bias towards how it is implemented. Paradox is linearly implemented, like Lotus, and that's not as "evolved" as dBase has been all along. So, dBase is a dark horse favorite. I plan to reach for dBase for Windows.

January 26, 1992 Sunday 8:33 PM

Alt-Enter expands a DOS application running in a window to full screen or back to a window.

January 26, 1992 Sunday 8:37 PM

"Value added service"

January 29, 1992 Wednesday 8:13 AM

It was only a dream, but it had enough form to insist on being written down, at least the idea, if not the full blown story.

February 4, 1992 Tuesday 10:52 PM

I look back on all the years of trying to sort my self out, all the hours sitting here, listening for fragments of feelings, wondering how to make sense of it all. And now that I have (at least enough for me) I'm unsure I still have it in me to relate what I've come to. (We're back to the frogman who swears to tell all after his return from combat only to respond to what it was like with the terse reply--"wet".)

I guess I would have to say to those whom I share kinship with, go forth and find your self! There are no guides, only fans. There are no sure steps, only helping hands. it is you you must rely upon, you you must listen to, you you must answer for. (("Answering for". Do not be too hard on your self. Be the first to give your self a break. (For if you don't who else will?)))

I appear before you, hear in electrons, more probably in paper and ink, somewhere between mist and magic, silicon and carbon.

Living goes far beyond thinking. But thinking can so influence how you live.

Thinking is a matter of grouping and sequencing. When you look to establish the groups and sequences you somehow transcend thinking, for you have to go beyond the sequence to perceive the group and beyond the group to perceive the sequence.

Thinking is sequential. Then I suppose if you are willing to go along with time being sequential, then thinking is timing. And though time may be a steady continuum, what happens in time often happens in chunks, the most notable of which I call paradigm shifts. So to get along in life it helps to be aware of life unfolding itself in sequence and that groups of thinks tend to happen in identifiable groups along that sequence. Need an example? How about a woman's need to copulate when she's fertile? ((Try that one!))

February 4, 1992 Tuesday 11:11 PM

Grouping and sequence, grouping and sequence, we have matured in our collective view of life to understand the process of information, the process of life. For information processing is the task of grouping and sequencing the stuff that happens in the sequence of time.

February 4, 1992 Tuesday 11:14 PM

Using a computer is easy if you understand the basics, just like using a car is easy if you understand the basics. You don't need to be a computer wizard just like you don't need to be an Indy racer. Still you can be a good driver and get to where you want to go with the minimum of hassle.

Focus on grouping and sequence, understand the flow, and only take the detail as deep as you need to go.

Grouping and sequence, rows and columns. the rows of information are primary groups, the columns the rows can be organized into are secondary.

What is the basic grouping in a spreadsheet? A rectilinear group of cells called a block.

February 11, 1992 Tuesday 8:21 AM

There is way too much of a relationship, here, inside, to let someone new in is too crowded, too occupying, too distracting. From what? Well, that's a good question, from my self I guess, from my isolation, from my relationship (good, bad, and ugly) with the god-within.

You are right I suppose, first it was the journal, then it was the video, now it is the next video. Self always comes in to demand one more time at bat. But it is the isolation that puzzles me; for as much as I swim like a whale to any depth in the ocean of awareness, I wonder why I'm here, why I'm so confronted by living.

It's funny how computers came along to camouflage my passion for writing, as though being so involved with mechanics overshadows driving pleasure.

I love to write, maybe because it deals with the struggle of self expression, a struggle I've been in ever since self awareness dawned.

I keep thinking of my family, how lucky I am to share so much of a thing that's gotta end. And close friends, and life, and all the sadness that comes with it. I guess that's the triumph of life, in its own self awareness of the coming end it joyously embraces the journey that leads there. Humph, easy to say (for me, I'm a writer) but hard to live with. Hard to make peace with my god-within. Hard to live in peace.

February 16, 1992 Sunday 2:21 AM

Wow! Here I am, back again after loosing my hard disk, re-installing, copying files, and I'm sure there is something I'm missing. But I'm back! What a learning experience.

Monday March 16, 1992 7:37 PM

You spend time to get a very delicate environment to exist. You sweat blood to get it to work in the first place. The last thing in the world you want is to lose it.

Monday March 16, 1992 7:49 PM

If you had nothing to keep you could you leave right now for two weeks on the beach, out of touch?

Monday March 16, 1992 7:50 PM

Character based is fast! But it takes more mind, better keyboarding skills, and better knowledge of what key you want to hit next.

Monday March 16, 1992 7:57 PM

Journaling can be a way to process information that works for you. And if it does, if it helps the processing of the information, if it works, how can you argue?

Monday March 16, 1992 10:57 PM

Bending light is easy compared to bending thought.

Monday March 16, 1992 11:00 PM

What matters is being able to participate in your log. Denied the process the support structure breaks down.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:32 PM

I can't overemphasize how important it is to make your log the focal point of your processing effort.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:33 PM

(((What you put out there is gone.)))

(((But don't worry, what matters more here, in this game, is refining the process.)))

Friday March 20, 1992 9:38 PM

It is why you use a computer. It is what matters most. It is what truly amplifies living. You come to a place where you make such a good stab at printing what you want. Make no mistake, printing is the firehose of life. So much of what we do is how we express ourselves on paper.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:41 PM

You see, the log is a sultry mistress. It beacons you and then as you embrace it it becomes sultry and elusive.

You can come here, except it will be your "here" instead of my "hear". Through our eyes we see the same thing.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:43 PM

As he left the movie ever so casually his eyes swept the crowd like radar. The hit man was out there and this was a movie where she was likely to be. She was special to him, so special no chance of an unforeseen encounter could be taken.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:50 PM

The network computing coexists with personal computing. Network computing represents minimum platform, personal computing represents the best you got.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:56 PM

In the journal, attaching tags is the way to group subject matter. It is not perfect, but still oh so good.

Friday March 20, 1992 9:58 PM

...the only way I've gotten any acknowledgment is by rattling somebody's cage. Well, I don't just want hugs and kisses. And really, I don't just want more money, though that is something I definitely want more of, I want more of a hand helping the personal computing efforts within the corporate environment.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 8:27 AM

The keeping of a log is representative of the process. It lets you get things out in order to deal with them later.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 8:29 AM

The autonomous user is always looking to optimize. I was devoted to Framework for it's unified command structure and outlining capability. When Windows 3.0 hit the scene there was no contest. Wistfully, I bade good-bye to Framework and moved what matters into Windows 3.0.

So what was it that mattered? My information, my stuff, my files. Which files? First and foremost to me was my log. Next my names database. And last, my accounting file.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 8:57 AM

Time is the only way to structure things, because for all the immediacy of the moment, we are a collection of our past moments. We can't arbitrarily change black to white, there has to be a process. The moment takes time. How can that be if a moment is a slice of time? I guess you could say that even a moment takes time.

Being caught up in awareness of the process.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 10:06 AM

What is my value added to a client who is a skilled user? Maybe nothing, but maybe improving their ability to empower others with less skill.

You see the issue is the paradigm shift into autonomous personal computing. The shift into it is because the shift is not only becoming possible, but eminently more preferable.

The problem is that a companies use of personal computers stratifies by position. Post structurally, office politics don't always have the best users matched up with appropriate equipment. And then the big question: how do you determine appropriate equipment?

March 22, 1992 Sunday 11:53 AM

The autonomous end user understand that the bookstores are a good indicator of what software to reach for. What good is it to have your neighbor's program if you don't have access to a manual. Usually, the books off the shelf are better at helping than the manual that comes with the program.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 12:49 PM

In the new paradigm you only have one secretary and how one fares is how well one fares with the same secretary.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 3:28 PM

What we need is to plan for a file that splits into two parts:

Part one: data that comes from the top down

Part two: data that comes form the bottom up.

It is in the software that maintains the integrity from below that matters.

March 22, 1992 Sunday 6:58 PM

So much of being autonomous is having the structure to handle the paper. Filing cabinets to one side, pigeon holes and supplies on the other.

This method of maintaining one long continuum in a log, filtering through style tags and the character format of unhidden/hidden.

Add to this the grace in having all your styles based upon the normal style and you can track as many as 256 subjects and print any subject or combinations of subjects.

March 23, 1992 Monday 7:46 AM

"The truth is, I am responding to a calling that makes me priest to the universe. She was only my worst indulgence, and if we start sleeping together that is the best you could hope for" he said as he stared off at the fading light of sunset.

March 23, 1992 Monday 4:57 PM

This idea of the log, it is very sophisticated. I need to put an 8 & by 11 together that says what I do. What do I do?

March 24, 1992 Tuesday 7:37 AM

The isolation is only difficult to deal with if you are accustomed to intimacy. But like the difference between existence and living, so too can you compare isolation and intimacy.

There seems to be such a need to escape one's self when you are alone. To reach out and make contact with someone, sometimes anyone, but usually a friend at the end of a phone.

March 24, 1992 Tuesday 7:58 AM

PC skills cross all social and political boundaries. If the president needs to get unstuck badly enough he'll listen to the janitor.

It was late, no one left in the building and only the glow from a PC screen illuminating a face so intent was unaware of the janitor sweeping up out in the corridor

March 24, 1992 Tuesday 11:47 PM

((((To be forced to be who I am without her, now there's a chasm of introspection!))))

March 25, 1992 Wednesday 8:16 AM

I find it amusing that the pursuit of transformation can leave those in pursuit so blind to the awareness of others. To the pursuit of others.

March 26, 1992 Thursday 9:01 AM

(("What they did was hire them into developing their own autonomy from the get go."))

I think we ought to do the same, the critical issue being the nut to crack of a relational database.

March 26, 1992 Thursday 4:50 PM

When someone dies in your life you are born all over. Whatever was with the deceased is history, the end of a sequence. And so that part of your hope (or fear) is lost.

March 26, 1992 Thursday 10:06 PM

Captain Electron was on a mission. He knew his own mind

March 26, 1992 Thursday 10:39 PM

"His mind is so fast that he uses humor to let talking catch up to where he's at in his mind."

March 26, 1992 Thursday 10:42 PM

The myopia is there and it is there because everything is driven by non-personal goals. I have forgotten so much of what I thought I would always be interested in teaching. ((See how important that was!)) Anyway, don't forget about grouping and sequence. (Sequence in the singular.)

March 26, 1992 Thursday 10:57 PM

And the pursuit of a dream can take you far off course from where you thought you were going. Sorta like being blown by the wind.

March 27, 1992 Friday 11:37 AM

I'm a power user tutor. I help beginners understand about what it means to be a power user. I help intermediate's develop breadth, and I help advanced power users with their humor. (meaning, of course, I couldn't teach an advanced power user anything.)

March 27, 1992 Friday 11:43 AM

The training effort has to be pointed in opposite directions. On the one hand we want it menu driven, on the other hand we want the menus to come off the shelf. So we "deal in data".

March 28, 1992 Saturday 9:21 AM

(((people control relationships based on what they are willing to invest in them.)))

March 28, 1992 Saturday 10:52 AM

(((((I'm here, no, that's not right really. I want to be here. But wanting to be here and being here are not the same. That's why there's a level indication of pure enthusiasm.)))))

March 30, 1992 Monday 8:44 PM

When dreams have gone
and left you all alone
what good be memory
of times

April 2, 1992 Thursday 1:08 PM

(((The frustration with saying what you mean is that rarely do people take you to mean what you say.)))

April 2, 1992 Thursday 1:16 PM

The world is opening up to those who know how to use it. In this case using it means processing information. You can get whatever you ask for, but you better know how to get what you want.

April 2, 1992 Thursday 1:59 PM

(((((Send mailing labels with your address on it.))))) And stamps?

April 2, 1992 Thursday 10:25 PM

"The choice: to drive or be driven by information delivery" Xcellenet What a statement!

April 3, 1992 Friday 9:53 AM

But I want to write about the pursuit of autonomy taking you into extending in opposite directions at once. In electrons, toward autonomy in personal computing, but at the same time being able to govern.

April 6, 1992 Monday 8:17 AM

(((((We love a story because it helps place us in our own.)))))

April 8, 1992 Wednesday 8:53 AM

"The more you work with it the more fun it is."

April 8, 1992 Wednesday 8:54 AM

((I'm scared to ...(I'm just scared and found myself thinking about it.)))

April 8, 1992 Wednesday 9:16 AM

I gotta go now and try to reinstall Windows 3.1. Talk about fear, I feel so alone when I go to change my system.

April 8, 1992 Wednesday 10:31 AM

I'm back, an hour and 15 minutes. Much better than last time. Now let's go try Quicken.

April 11, 1992 Saturday 8:10 AM

Windows 3.1 is faster, now if only it will act more stable.

April 11, 1992 Saturday 9:03 PM

"The reformer gives them an environment in which to be."

"Ability to see directional energy lines"

"Eyes to tummy - nose to navel"

"Stomach massaging the spine"

Contrologycontrol through the range.

April 12, 1992 Sunday 1:18 AM

"Patterning" It is easy to initiate a pattern; what is difficult is to maintain the pattern.

And space, that we really move around a box or a sphere.

April 12, 1992 Sunday 1:33 PM

If someone were to ask me, I would say that I am living the life of Zen, letting life live me, instead of me trying to live it. I'm involved. I'm doing what I can do best, and I am seeking to do it better. I feel engaged in most areas of my life, except intimacy, but then maybe other intimacies have given way to the one.

April 13, 1992 Monday 6:47 AM

The loneliness of mornings, the confrontation of Zen.

April 13, 1992 Monday 7:11 AM

"It is never too late to become what you might have been." Today show

April 15, 1992 Wednesday 11:03 PM

The time is right.

April 17, 1992 Friday 9:38 AM

I'm coming to see that true autonomy encompasses the ability to govern others. Not only is the target to do whatever you want for your self; power lies in being able to do for others.

In much the same way as carbon seeks to extend its self in opposite directions at once (through the spine), so too, silicon.

April 18, 1992 Saturday 12:06 PM

It all comes back to the keys. (I gotta remember that!) To here, right here, in the moment of making the connection. Pressing out the sequence to get a group. It so naturally corrects posture when typing--the better the posture the better the transfer.

April 18, 1992 Saturday 2:34 PM

Whereas normally you establish groups and then sequence, in creating database reports you first sequence (index or sort) and then you group by that sequence.

April 22, 1992 Wednesday 12:25 AM

Long before Jackie, there were the keys. Casting the net of consciousness, pulling the catch into a stream of symbols which you are now interpreting.

((((You know, I feel like in some ways I haven't said a thing worth reading in years. The passion of the message seems to have become overshadowed by the passion of the ability to deliver the message.)))) Maybe that will change.

April 22, 1992 Wednesday 10:21 PM

"There is an ineffable quality to memory." Data

April 22, 1992 Wednesday 10:58 PM

What is it in the writing of a log?

April 28, 1992 Tuesday 10:58 PM

It's not enough, (to hire someone who knows computers) not unless you tag along, because you cheat your self of what will be increasingly expected of you for the rest of your life--autonomous results in electrons. It is a matter of survival. Like temperature, like atmosphere. You must pursue breathing electrons as easily as you breathe air. ((Ever scuba with your head below your lungs?))((())) So granted there are easier ways to breathe than others, still, the necessity of breathing exists. Breathing in electrons is no different.

(((((You see I had this dream, of how I wanted to earn my living. Now that I am capable, I'm not sure I am strong enough to go through with it.)))))

Swimming in electrons, now there is an image that most people can relate to.

April 28, 1992 Tuesday 11:09 PM

You get worn out, being intimate in electrons. You have to know how to rest. "Rest is a weapon" Ludum (That whole book just had that one message.)

April 28, 1992 Tuesday 11:12 PM

The best thing about a log is the ability to hit ALT-T and do a time and date stamp and leave whatever it was you were thinking of behind and go on trying to capture what you hear now, in the moment. You can always review later, and truth, life forces it, but what matters is now. How well you capture what you hear. You can always go back and massage it later.

April 29, 1992 Wednesday 12:07 AM

The value of what you have to say depends upon who you get to say it to. mjm 12:09 AM

April 29, 1992 Wednesday 12:08 AM

And the reverse is true, and much easier, to choose what you listen to is much easier than gaining an audience.

April 29, 1992 Wednesday 12:21 AM

Orgasm is release from anticipation.

April 29, 1992 Wednesday 12:24 AM

I want you to keep in mind that who you are in electrons is ageless. When someone looks at you "in electrons" all they see in information (and the quality thereof). Electrons let you be you no matter how old you are. It lets you overcome what might be a barrier face to face.

April 29, 1992 Wednesday 12:34 AM

Anything else? Or can I go back to bed?

May 2, 1992 Saturday 8:41 AM

There's a new sheriff in town. You. You have the power, whether you use it or not. Personal computing power today is staggering.

May 3, 1992 Sunday 10:17 AM

I have a hard time with the power you inherit when I want something from you. mjm

May 3, 1992 Sunday 10:45 AM

Focus on memory. Computing memory is where information travels the fastest. Your limits to memory will always be your narrowest bottleneck.

Keyboarding skills, people laugh, but I know, from experience.

People don't want to be pressured with getting results. Especially when it comes to personal computing. Dealing with the pressure far out-shadows the actual difficulty, if you know how to handle it. How do you gets results? How do you adapt to constant change? I guess first you must admit that you are going to have to learn. Learn. Learn intrinsically means new.

So if I'm going to learn, I want to learn from the best, equipped with the best. Just having a method of getting answers to your questions is all you need. (((Perhaps that is the driving force of processing information--seeking answers.)))

May 3, 1992 Sunday 10:58 AM

Empowered by the software of others. mjm

May 8, 1992 Friday 12:37 AM

You see, that is what life has been--one long brush stroke, each of us taking turns as a bristle, all of us combining to make one glorious rainbow across the expanse of time.

May 15, 1992 Friday 5:18 PM

Blind streaked sunlight forward slashing across my keyboard. How can words elicit images that go so far beyond electrons or paper and ink?

May 15, 1992 Friday 5:23 PM

These fingers come down to demanding their own joy. No matter what the grist, the miller wants to mill.

May 18, 1992 Monday 10:09 PM

If I could only summon one vast primordial scream and let it all out at once. But no, that would be too easy.

May 23, 1992 Saturday 1:35 AM

Access denied
c Michael Miller

May 24, 1992 Sunday 12:02 PM

Spectrums and isotherms, chip chip, the sculptor sculpts.

May 26, 1992 Tuesday 6:39 PM

What is there to this log? All things, anything. Here in this log you can find your self. You have to listen very hard, but your self is there, to be heard, to be captured, to be shared with the rest of us.

May 27, 1992 Wednesday 9:39 PM

Fingers resting on the keys, calling to mind the Escher litho of two hands drawing each other.

The joy of extending self through the keys, the only way to get away with it is to do it for the joy of it because if you did it for the duty fear would stop you.

You don't need to know much about computers, all you need to know is how to use them like a catcher's mitt for your ideas.

June 1, 1992 Monday 12:31 AM

Save. Save, save, save. What you whip up in electrons.

June 1, 1992 Monday 12:46 AM

You seemed to help me through the moment I was in, until before I knew it--I made it through it.

June 1, 1992 Monday 8:57 PM

Words are the bullets of our thoughts. mjm 9:00 PM

June 5, 1992 Friday 9:46 AM

Some people use my answering machine as a reflection while they navigate through the key strokes.

June 6, 1992 Saturday 10:45 AM

A good example of how important rotation is, and the tighter the rotation the better, in aerial combat--the plane that can maneuver a tighter radius than his opponent is the one that survives.

June 6, 1992 Saturday 12:04 PM


You release the ham string to free the hip joint, which in turn frees the pelvis.

Tighten abdominal wall to loosen lumbar region (lower back)

We do so much of the same exercises but in a different space and a different gravity.

Unless you are one of those who can rely on their intuition. Those people do exist.

The results are what they should walk home with.

June 6, 1992 Saturday 8:59 PM

The main thing is creating options for yourself. (Range of motion)

June 8, 1992 Monday 7:31 AM

What is scary is when you start running into your own projected images of who you would be when you have become who you are now.

June 9, 1992 Tuesday 8:10 AM

I'm a writer. I write my mind pretty well. That's about all.

June 10, 1992 Wednesday 8:43 AM

Enjoy now the feeling of just having gotten here. This too shall pass. Your perception will change. Richer, fuller, deeper. More detail, way more. Don't worry, like solidifying lava it will support you if you know how to stay on top of it.

Group the detail--that's how to stay on top. Identify the groups and refine the sequence. When you create the groups (consolidate detail) you don't get locked in the rock.

June 10, 1992 Wednesday 8:51 PM

Double clicking is the same as saying, "I want to go in there."

June 10, 1992 Wednesday 8:53 PM

(((((why is it so hard for us to allow others the same reality we expect for our selves?)))))

June 14, 1992 Sunday 10:07 PM

When you choose to balance one involvement against another it gives you more likelihood of getting both done. Like balancing with each foot on a barrel over water.

June 14, 1992 Sunday 10:09 PM

((((((I'm not even sure I can think that way anymore.))))))

June 17, 1992 Wednesday 9:38 AM

Part of romance is that you need to feel like you are the only one in the other's life. And that just isn't so. We live with all the ghosts of our past relationships, as well as those that are in progress.

Hanaibal was right, we want what we see.

Skeletons in the closet are decayed outlines of relationships that once were.

June 18, 1992 Thursday 10:31 AM

((((You get so involved in delivering the message that you forget what the message says.))))

((((What is so vast about the mind is the speed with witch it accomplishes edits. As fast as you can think, but then how fast can you record what you hear. Do you hear more than just what you think? Do you? Do you listen? Why?))))

June 18, 1992 Thursday 10:34 AM

Save and stamp, save and stamp. Mark the progression of time, we can always group out of sequence later.

June 22, 1992 Monday 12:08 PM

The best example I can think of for indirect formatting exists at most grocery stores and can be pointed to by asking this question, "Why are individual items no longer priced?" Yes, it is faster, but there is a bigger, more important reason. What happens when you need to change the price? Exactly, you do it in just one place instead of thousands. That is exactly what indirect formatting is like. Each item in the grocery store is a paragraph in your document. Some items are alike and have the same price just as some paragraphs are alike and have the same formatting. The names of the items in the grocery store might be Del Monte peas, or a six pack of Pepsi in cans, whereas in word processing the names you attach to paragraphs are called style tags. Each style tag determines a unique look. When you change the look of the style tag, all paragraphs with that name take on the new look.

June 24, 1992 Wednesday 8:56 AM

The pleasure of movement is not reserved for dancers. Just now as I stood in the dinning room sun I saw a piece of litter under the table. Before I moved I tried to imagine which foot to move first, where would the balance come from as I reached under the tabletop? In and out in about a second, smooth, fluid, graceful. The joy of dance and the duty to clean.

June 24, 1992 Wednesday 9:11 AM

Your body is an awareness platform. The better the platform, the better interaction.

June 28, 1992 Sunday 11:45 PM

Love is a kind of insanity. It exists in spite of all that is rational.

June 29, 1992 Monday 10:12 AM

Standing with the giants or crawling with the ants. mjm gep jrc

June 29, 1992 Monday 10:13 AM

It goes on forever
if it happens at all.

July 2, 1992 Thursday 11:41 AM

(((((Doing a date stamp and formatting the log entry without leaving any text is a way to say when you were being thought of.)))))

July 15, 1992 Wednesday 8:24 AM

(((((It becomes a burden.)))))

July 25, 1992 Saturday 9:54 AM

The power crunch is coming. You say you have no time to learn anything, just tell me the next keystroke. Well, I've got news for you, "I don't have the time." ((You claim it for you so it must be a valid claim for me, right?))

July 26, 1992 Sunday 9:11 PM

I spent my life placing stones in a stream, mostly so I could cross, but with the passage of those who might follow in mind.

JJuly 30, 1992 Thursday 8:37 AM

"She hasn't gotten any cooler because she hasn't gotten any warmer."

July 30, 1992 Thursday 6:54 PM

I'm here, come to make an entry yet only know these keystrokes. Like squeezing paint from a tube, key stroking seems so much less the artist than the painter. But then it's not our hand wrapped around the tube, not really, ((and the only threat is the attitude that it is our hand on the tube.))

Emphasis. Can emphasis be placed without the contrast of bold or italic? Just by reading the words can you perceive the emphasis? Supposedly so, somehow I don't know, but I do know I feel it when I write it in with an emphasis that is there and I don't want to risk clouding the issue by trying to force the issue. (I guess that's saying that I feel like letting the reader format the text.)

Metacognition: simultaneous cognition at multiple levels

July 30, 1992 Thursday 7:04 PM

Passion presses prudence.

July 31, 1992 Friday 6:52 PM

Remember to breathe, Michael. Et aussi, calme toi.

July 31, 1992 Friday 6:54 PM

Have I not tried to say it for a while? Transmission. That's the throat of the chicken. Control what you transmit, both in content and grouping. Use style tags to determine content, fax grouping

July 31, 1992 Friday 7:08 PM

Personal computing is no longer a matter of who you know as much as knowing how. Ride the wave, find the curl, stick to it till the end becomes another beginning. (((((?)))))

July 31, 1992 Friday 7:15 PM

I'm in agreement with Hemmingway's attitude that you know you did something wrong when it feel's bad afterwards.

July 31, 1992 Friday 7:33 PM

Dots. Life is a matter of connecting dots.

August 1, 1992 Saturday 6:54 PM

I think it's a mistake to underestimate what unique value you bring to the atmosphere. Joe and Clara, to hear Romana tell, were like many other couples, complimentary across a broad spectrum. But to "hear tell", they only started early on with a vision, a healer. So what we're left with is the purity of heal thyself. And visualization is the key, what you can visualize can set you free. Reality is what you can visualize.

August 1, 1992 Saturday 8:11 PM

A fundamental piece of advertising I saw when I was a young boy was sponsored by International Paper. It depicted men in all kinds of settings--reading. The consistent message in each setting--send me a man who reads.

August 1, 1992 Saturday 8:15 PM

and oh, tis true, tis true.

August 1, 1992 Saturday 8:19 PM

Don't let technology dazzle you! The rules of the game are not changing, but you do have to understand them better. You process your own information or you don't process. Transmit what you process. Collect the money.

August 1, 1992 Saturday 8:28 PM

"But yield who will to their separation, My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation As my two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done For Heaven and the future's sakes." Frost: Last stanza of Two Tramps in Mud Time

August 3, 1992 Monday 2:08 PM

What you want to do with a PC is set it up so that when it dies on you all you have to do is reboot.

August 7, 1992 Friday 7:39 AM

(((((stones cast back over my shoulder)))))

Entertaining the idea of who you are, again, as always.

August 9, 1992 Sunday 12:38 PM

Ultimately, what you say matters. (Seems I waited forever in front of this computer before I was able to say that.)

August 9, 1992 Sunday 5:29 PM

The key to Pilates is the powerhouse, how to stoke it up, internally.

August 10, 1992 Monday 8:04 AM

The software is getting better all the time at making it simple for you to get what you want.

August 12, 1992 Wednesday 10:23 PM

The agony of old age is looking back over so much of it alone.

August 16, 1992 Sunday 11:35 AM

The macros are in the template (.DOT).

August 17, 1992 Monday 8:29 AM

Where doest thou comest from? Bouncing between bookends, access denied. How humbling can it get?

August 17, 1992 Monday 7:46 PM

(((((Just do within or do without.)))))

August 19, 1992 Wednesday 12:33 PM

...and a diamond stud too, in Katmandu.

August 22, 1992 Saturday 1:24 PM

I want to get better at absorbing sequences.

August 22, 1992 Saturday 1:25 PM

Pilates is about imagination. The quality of your imagination is reflected in the quality of your body.

August 22, 1992 Saturday 1:31 PM

It's not just an adventure, it's my job.

August 22, 1992 Saturday 1:31 PM

After a while, the wiles don't matter.

August 23, 1992 Sunday 9:28 AM

What is the nature of learning sequences? How can you best integrate a sequence without having to think about it? Be it Pilates, computers or karate, sequence still gives meaning to the movement. (((((And meaning is the focus, the rotation around an axis.)))))

August 25, 1992 Tuesday 4:25 PM

Be still and listen, and you might get tired of what you hear.

August 25, 1992 Tuesday 4:26 PM

I write a journal because it gives me a pretty big rush. Not because it's therapeutic, not because of any reason, I do it because it gives me such joy. It can be difficult to stand calmly beside your self. And to do so I find the widest breaks into calm when I look down upon my fingers over the keyboard and while the brain still struggles with holding onto what was heard the fingers spin the sequence like squeezing toothpaste from its tube. (((It seems we are not much more than a tube. Life as one giant parastalsic spasm.)))(((A conduit of awareness.)))

August 25, 1992 Tuesday 4:33 PM

So much to remember, so many plates on poles to keep balanced and spinning.

August 29, 1992 Saturday 9:26 PM

((((((To find so much dimension within your own being...)))))

August 30, 1992 Sunday 3:27 PM

There's no such thing as communications overkill.

August 30, 1992 Sunday 4:04 PM

What we see in the symbology of tarot derives in large measure from our own intuition and, once revealed, reflects back upon each of us to further enrich our lives.

--THE encyclopedia OF TAROT
VOLUME I by Stuart R. Kaplan

September 9, 1992 Wednesday 8:43 PM

Little dancing elves reaching out to you to explain the mysteries of the universe. mjm 8:44 PM

September 9, 1992 Wednesday 9:06 PM

Humm, the tradeoff between corrections and density of sequence.

September 10, 1992 Thursday 8:55 AM

"I don't know what is going on that is so important" (NBC Today show report on the use of cellular phones. The moment. The moment is what is going on that is so important. Can you remember being in love and having to respond to the moment?

September 11, 1992 Friday 7:38 AM

People come to Pilates seeking relief, but Pilates is more than relief. Pilates is pure. In its expression you embrace life through movement.

So many things to say...about rotation, about focus and concentration, about the benefits of seeking ideal movement. When you reach for an ideal, your potential for concentration is maximum. The more concentration, the deeper the patterning. And patterning your movement, patterning your posture gives you a more dynamic being. You look better because the energy is better. Your very being not only defies gravity, it self expresses its own posture.

September 12, 1992 Saturday 4:09 PM

Oh, to begin swimming in the ocean of Windows and not struggle so to breathe! Once experiencing the ease of moving between applications it becomes a necessity. The mind can act like the greatest virus of all.

September 12, 1992 Saturday 4:37 PM

What happens is sequential and groupable.

September 13, 1992 Sunday 4:47 AM

Funny how such activity drives me here. Drives me to speak out amid the voices in order to hear what really matters, as though journal writing is a method of seeking out your soul. Finding Melanie's attitude.

September 13, 1992 Sunday 4:53 AM

((Yea, and after the fever of style tagging sweeps through you, you still end up here, basic date, day, and time stamp and an awaiting log entry.))

You see the journey is inside, like Warf said, it is within that we must win our battles. It doesn't all have to be battles, some of it can be a joyous connection to being alive. (and transcending the moment by recognizing that having taken human form you have gotten the chance to swim in the fastest currents of life)

September 14, 1992 Monday 9:03 PM

Wisdom is rarely gained through insight.

September 15, 1992 Tuesday 9:09 AM

People laugh at what I try to teach them. Using the keyboard, the affection you can develop for your keyboard!

September 23, 1992 Wednesday 10:33 PM

"The way of the transgressor is hard. More the pity. More the pity." Born to Kill

September 23, 1992 Wednesday 10:40 PM

What really gets me is people who understand computers usually know little about people. Through their duty to the whole they fail to promote autonomy.

September 23, 1992 Wednesday 11:37 PM

Pilates is a fifty year old exercise program which believes that concentrating on a few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, develops spinal integrity, strength, tone, flexibility, and grace.

September 24, 1992 Thursday 12:04 AM

(((((When it matters, you count.)))))mjm (smile)

October 2, 1992 Friday 12:42 AM

There is purity in the process.

October 5, 1992 Monday 5:10 PM

((((Passion for Pilates)))))

October 6, 1992 Tuesday 9:55 PM

I am always amazed by purists who find fault with general preference.

October 11, 1992 Sunday 1:19 PM

So here we are again.))))) The reason I am here and you are here is because this movement comes from within. And only those who are on the scent can follow the track. The scent of autonomy, that maddening scent of the ability to do more with the information you process. ((You process by grouping and sequencing.))

October 11, 1992 Sunday 1:23 PM

You use the sequence and the apparatus to focus your imagination on how you move. Uncoiling spirals of energy.

October 16, 1992 Friday 8:24 PM

The future doesn't want to hear from you. Only you want to hear from you. yea, yea, yea, I know.

October 16, 1992 Friday 8:34 PM

((((dyin' to have somebody to talk to))))

October 21, 1992 Wednesday 11:23 AM

My self has been pretty quiet lately. Just getting around to listening to it. That void before hand is always so disquieting. ((Why does it take so long to perceive the pattern?))

It's funny, me talking into the ear of our commonality. Why is it that I do that? Why is it all that matters? Don't know. Don't know.

"Both intimate and callused," Townsend, you have me down so well.

October 25, 1992 Sunday 10:44 AM

Windows is so wonderful because it shadows the way we think. So capable of moving from one subject to another. (As does the time and date stamp of a log combined with quick-key paragraph formatting with style tags.)

If Townsend is correct in the assertion that power will belong to those who control the information, and control becomes obviously a matter of ability (not, as in the past, a matter of access) then it becomes important to know the nature of the game (autonomous information processing)

Ya gotta run your own electrons. It is as personal as you can get because nobody can do it for you. Up to a point yes, but the advantage of doing for yourself will be used by anyone wanting the ultimate and decisive edge.

October 31, 1992 Saturday 9:12 PM

Swim with the fish or get torn by the tide.

October 31, 1992 Saturday 9:48 PM

There is leverage in 'lectrons.

November 3, 1992 Tuesday 8:45 AM

Focus on files. Learn how to create and modify CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Know how to copy from the console. (c:\>copy con config.sys) ((Assume the enter.))

November 3, 1992 Tuesday 8:51 AM

(((((I got nothin' to say unless you got a question.)))))

November 3, 1992 Tuesday 9:52 PM

Ya gotta admit playing with the color really affects your mood.

November 3, 1992 Tuesday 10:06 PM

You have to know how to coax electrons. Like trying to change com ports at the first sign of communications trouble.

November 4, 1992 Wednesday 9:39 AM

The involvement of electrons is really a journey of self discovery. You learn to listen to your self. You develop a feel for electrons.

November 4, 1992 Wednesday 9:44 AM

It all goes by so fast! As you come to realize this, that it all goes by so fast, this is the reason time seems to go faster the older you get.

November 4, 1992 Wednesday 9:48 AM

I fell into the opportunity to take careful aim. Thank you, father. ((Is this what we do for our young, give them a running start?))

November 5, 1992 Thursday 8:31 PM

Pilates is indulgence in movement--the pursuit of ideal movement. Once you grasp the image, you need only apply the effort. Imagine a large windup spring. Could you wind the spring with either end unattached? The point of attachment where the spring connects to the axis that runs through the hips is easy to point out1 , the other another matter.

November 11, 1992 Wednesday 10:52 AM

"had the principles involved" within minutes

November 12, 1992 Thursday 9:27 PM

When digesting information understand the order of what to read. the anomalies first!

November 13, 1992 Friday 12:03 PM

Everyone wants to broadcast, soon almost anyone will be able to. Then the market will decide. (And people will want to learn how.)

November 14, 1992 Saturday 10:51 AM

The reason I write this log is to reach back in the best way possible way for those who follow, and wonder "why."

November 16, 1992 Monday 9:40 AM

I've come a long way with this log. My body has come a long way in developing the rate at which I can enter the character string, and the accuracy, my god the aspect of accuracy alone is a lesson unto itself. What I have learned is that the accuracy in the fingers in a matter of how clearly you focus on what comes next. You don't rush, you don't doddle, you enter into it at the rate which is doable.

November 16, 1992 Monday 9:46 AM

Too thick, time to shower and listen, (and know ...).

November 16, 1992 Monday 9:46 AM

What decides when the screen shifts and how could I incorporate that into my macro?

November 16, 1992 Monday 6:57 PM

Each of us has a vision of electrons. The new technology makes processing any amount of information possible if you only know how.

Knowing how has to be you, let go the mouse and you let go the power of split second decision making. So autonomy has to be the pursuit. In pursuit of autonomy

November 28, 1992 Saturday 5:58 PM

The thing about electrons is that it is so egalitarian. No sex, no age, no face. Just words and the meaning you make of them.

December 1, 1992 Tuesday 11:26 PM

And always the new stuff seeks expression. Forget the old, why matter, (but there, there is the catch--it does matter, significantly.) For what comes and goes in the moment can be traveled by untold multitudes later.

December 2, 1992 Wednesday 4:49 PM

Always, there is the conversation. And through all the confusion of voices there is your self, the one you listen to.

December 2, 1992 Wednesday 10:28 PM

So follow it through, if power is flowing to the enduser then what the enduser puts out will be what you pay for. Support newsletters are usually subject specific. Superstars are sure to emerge. You? Me? (Naw!)

December 4, 1992 Friday 7:02 PM

and now, out into the night...

December 4, 1992 Friday 10:51 PM

"...and the more painfully clear it becomes."
(that the people you remember are few and far between)

December 5, 1992 Saturday 8:51 AM

The pursuit of autonomy means understanding the nature of improvement. It is easy to see that both bodies and personal computing involve systems. (Easy for me at least) ((I hope it is for you too.)) (((If not, bear with me, maybe it will become clear.)))

Systems. Dynamics of change. More to the point--processes. A process has direction and character. The process is generally sequential, and the character is usually done in groups. Grouping and sequence. Equally important.

December 5, 1992 Saturday 9:19 AM

The rate of change isn't slowing down. To maintain your balance you must know how to find it. Remembering to breathe, links your mind to your body; identifying groups and sequences, reveals the process. To improve the process, improve the grouping-sequence mix. You just can't do one without the other. For best results the quality of the groups must match the quality of the sequence. And, in deed, it is tough to argue with results. (Especially, if you didn't have to kill anybody.)