The Hermit's Journal 1991 Excerpts

January 1, 1991 Tuesday 12:21 PM

You know you may laugh, or you might not understand, but the mountain of experience rising below you separates you from those still in the valley of innocence.

The valley of innocence...the peak of perception.

January 1, 1991 Tuesday 5:48 PM

What did I think of Dazzle? Primitive and shallow characterizations of men. Timing novel. Period piece: unbelievable change in character, the two sisters, the all too convenient insinuation that the cow boss' dad would end up with Red. The arrogant attitude from the female side that men have no sensitivity. That sexuality is somehow more defining than sensitivity. To focus on the sexes as a means of laying down a paradigm is a mistake. It falls short of focusing on essential qualities in the species.

January 2, 1991 Wednesday 6:39 PM

(((((The certificate from the participation is in the inherent value of attending the class. Be sure to make your certificate of your next seminar a good one.)))))

January 2, 1991 Wednesday 6:51 PM

Now what? The future rushes in like water when you are deep under and spring a leak.

The keystroke, Alt-Tab, has become my favorite lick. Like jumping from continent to continent in the blink of an eye. What used to take so much time now does not.

January 5, 1991 Saturday 11:39 AM

Life is so much more than romance. When I was a sophomore I used to say "I don't want to just exist, I want to live!" And then romance becomes the distraction from fulfilling your life.

Whenever you compete you have to beat the officials. mjm

I only survive in spurts of practicality, better get as much done as possible within those spurts.

I have these waves of feeling so terribly bad. Like somehow I gave up on my self a long time ago and only now am I coming to realize it. What to do, what to do. Maybe the problem is that my attitude is to go have a beer instead of go work out. "Work out", work out the wrinkles?

January 8, 1991 Tuesday 1:31 PM

Know enough when to keep the silence undisturbed.

January 16, 1991 Wednesday 1:59 PM

((((("If it weren't so beautiful it would be obscene." Keeps running through my mind, moment to moment, Zen. What a burden, what a burden. Why are we thrust in this way? Are we thrust or the thrust? mjm 1/16/91 2:14 PM

January 20, 1991 Sunday 11:49 AM

Now even spreadsheets have outliners. Why is that? It is because outlining is intrinsic to nature. Outlining makes reference to levels of significance. I use parens to represent levels of meaning and connection in my writing. That form of notation arose out of my need to differentiate how the writing was coming out of me. At the fifth level, the level I consider to be purely a connection from the god-within, I only try to capture what I hear. And in this, I know, it only means the writing is inspired. Whether or not it is, I feel better when I try to let it out, light and floaty, the blinking cursor--the nexus of attention.

January 20, 1991 Sunday 11:59 AM

((Four, patriots launched...)) And the world's self image is under metamorphosis.

January 21, 1991 Monday 9:40 AM

There were only the few who knew what it felt like, to be so sensitive, see so clearly, feel so deeply. Long after you are supposed to have figured out where you stood in the crowd, once in a while others show up to show you that you are not as unique as you think you are.

January 21, 1991 Monday 9:45 AM

I still prefer to use paper and pencil to keep my schedule.

January 21, 1991 Monday 9:52 AM

Now you gottadmit Mike--that's power. To be able to get access to a scanner, "if you know how to use it you are welcome to it," and "I might just sit beside you to learn whatever I can."

January 23, 1991 Wednesday 7:55 AM

So, who is this inner beast that commands us? Why is it so much more when we encourage it? ((I'm starting to get a feeling now of why it is so hard to use a word for God. God as a word must encompass all others but one--chaos. The I-AM-WHO-AM expression gets rather long. God will do, but I like Alla too.

January 23, 1991 Wednesday 7:59 AM

I came to write this journal out of the pursuit of happiness. I still find moments of ultimate rapture when you start smiling from the awareness of the efforts to record the conversation, not so much between you and another, but from what you hear out there. Look at man! A fish walking around on water. What higher expression of will is there?

The only problem using a computer is when you have to use it to please someone else, namely, on the job. Everyone has to learn but not everyone is thrilled about it. What to do when you are "the company" is not easy to determine, but off-hand I'd give people a chance to learn how to have fun with a computer. The only drive behind what you learn is interest. Give people a chance to find something interesting.

January 23, 1991 Wednesday 8:06 AM

Then what I don't understand is how the connection always ends up as a fall-away. Sooner or later the mind starts rattling along, making so much noise that you can not hear a thing.

January 23, 1991 Wednesday 9:22 PM

God is the personification of will. mjm 9:25

January 26, 1991 Saturday 2:42 PM

How to think in WordPerfect. After you have forgotten more than you know. Focusing on the process of getting results. Knowing what you are after--autonomy! You see using computers is not going to go away, just like the telephone, they are here to stay. You better learn how to dial a number.

January 27, 1991 Sunday 1:53 PM

We loved what Elvis expressed for us.

January 27, 1991 Sunday 1:54 PM

My writings are contacts of a well flung stone skipping across the water.

January 27, 1991 Sunday 2:03 PM

I feel pretty lost lately (((Must be time to publish.))) Time to see where I've been, figure out how to help what comes next. If we know ourselves so well, and our wants so intimately, how is it that we have so much difficulty?

He used to let a stack of checks from clients build up on top of his monitor. When it came time to pay bills he would sift through that stack matching checks to bills. He laughed once thinking of which people ended up paying which bills.

January 27, 1991 Sunday 2:20 PM

((((I guess it is only fitting that I come full circle, to here, back to the keys, back to smiling from what I hear. Life seems to be a matter of attitude towards it. We choose.))))

So here I am, back in the swing of the norm as though nothing has happened. But it has. I've had hours to consider my situation. And two priorities emerged--my journal and the video. I want to have a final draft of my journal and submit it to publishers for broad distribution. And I will my video for May come hell or high water. In conjunction with both of these is my wish to re-engage my pursuit of a physical connection. To work out, to develop my self image and stop belittling my self. To sincerely embrace my beliefs and share them with the world. There needs to be some defiant ego in my life, and I plan on putting it there!

February 25, 1991 Monday 9:05 PM

No matter what your level of awareness, whatever it is, is what you are stuck with. Like gas, you can only carry so much. I need to be very careful, maybe it's already too late, the levels of intrusion are difficult to handle. Why is that? Is it the fault of the layout?

The taste of my tears don't bother me. They come from a very large sea.

February 25, 1991 Monday 10:50 PM

My log in Windows is not perfect, not as controlled as it was in Framework, but it's getting there.

It seems like I've been doing more wrestling (of alligators) than coaching.

"You've gotta be able to identify groups and sequences. If you look for these kinds of meanings you will find the sense to be made in electrons."

"You see electrons illuminate the structure behind the flow of information. Understand electrons, and you understand the flow of what it is used to keep track of--information."

"There is a lot that goes on beyond the necessary processing of information."

February 26, 1991 Tuesday 11:46 AM

Finding the handle, and getting a better grip. So, "Once you find the handle, improve your grip."

February 26, 1991 Tuesday 11:47 AM

The higher pursuits of education often leave behind the exercise of practical application.

February 26, 1991 Tuesday 12:00 PM

"I just work as a sole proprietor."

February 26, 1991 Tuesday 12:20 PM

He hides in his innocence. mjm

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 9:37 AM

I'm just blown away sitting here watching a demo videotape of Coreldraw's possibilities. To think that all I did was respond to an ad for a free video tape, and what I got was a state of the art educational program on what is possible and how to do it right on the screen.

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 9:42 AM

In the long run, working in electrons will only develop our appreciation for being carbon based, working, living, inter-acting, in carbon. Ultimately, pressing the flesh in not a duty, but a luxury of life.

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 9:45 AM

Could it be that the one unifying concept behind grouping and sequence is pattern?

I was really happy and now am I jeopardizing it? Or am I coming to an awareness that I have a place in this world and I am living comfortably within it? I don't know, in either channel there are trade-offs.

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 7:30 PM

Windows really is where it's at. This will be the grassroots underlying foundation. Though the iceberg has barely broken the surface the mass of new users will be quick to emerge.

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 7:33 PM

You can understand a lot about using a personal computer by focusing on when you save. When at the DOS prompt, nothing is saved until you press enter. F3 replays everything since the last enter. Right arrow or F2 plays back one character at a time since you last pressed enter. What is next? I suppose the next smallest chunk of stuff saved would be a file, done with a Control-Z or from within an application either picking from a menu or shooting a combination. ((It's the combinations that you have to get good at!))

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 8:23 PM

"An opening balance is not a transaction." So where did this come from? Because I had the opening balance entered as a transaction, but it's not. Instead, a transaction is something that affects the balance.

February 27, 1991 Wednesday 9:49 PM

Looking back at my log total file, I am so familiar with the words it is as though I wrote them yesterday. To look over my shoulder, and see the lifetime of self fulfillment through writing, the snatches of paper prepared in school, the suitcase of carbons from a stream that knew no meter. And then, in one miraculous stroke, the time and date stamp combination added meter and meaning to the flow. (Some would argue that maybe, but, what do they know?)

March 1, 1991 Friday 11:12 AM

Good morning, and welcome to March.

March 1st, 1991

The tactic of handing down the existing computers to those who do not currently use them, letting the experienced users have the faster more powerful machines, suggests assigning your best equipment to those most able to make use of it. Makes sense, but it's not taken far enough.

As far as a plan for acquiring hardware, the capability of the equipment is fine. I would be a little concerned that the PCs might be used as checkers instead of chess pieces. A new car doesn't make you a better driver.

Your greatest opportunity as a department is to strategically exude attitude. From my perspective that would be an attitude in pursuit of PC autonomy, being an autonomous information processor, a vital contributor to the business.

March 4, 1991 Monday 8:44 AM

What is the filter of perception? How can our interpretation of a situation be so biased emotionally? It hasn't changed has it? Isn't that the imagination? What is so powerful in what we imagine? Isn't imagination the ultra expression of attitude? Attitude is how you feel about the future. Boiling all the feelings down to an overall positive or negative result focuses you on the general way you are leaning, positive or negative, but more importantly illuminates (insert hourglass)...but more importantly it illuminates your greatest source of power, your freedom to choose, in an area you have the most choice in, choosing an attitude.

March 5, 1991 Tuesday 11:54 AM

I want you to understand that you are my undertaking, not your problem. Your problem is not mine. My problem is to help you solve your own. To make you more valuable, more powerful in what you do.

March 7, 1991 Thursday 8:00 AM

When you look into the light coming through a prism--there is seeing color, not reflected from an object, but a true frequency of light, direct from the source.

March 7, 1991 Thursday 8:02 AM

A fascination with the view, the Rain Man's view, Jim Morrison's view, my view, your view, rolls down the corridor of my awareness. A view I know much of, a view with the feeling of trying on an old jacket worn by others that seems to have been yours all along.

March 7, 1991 Thursday 8:06 AM

I'm glad I took this moment to freeze a few electrons. When you do, it is so different from what comes from it. I do it for the moment, for the nowness of it. What is left is a reflection, a memory of some other then that was now. ((But how can that be if there is only nowness?))

I use a PC not because I have to; I use one as a better butterfly net. mjm

March 8, 1991 Friday 9:15 PM

I like playing to particular adjectives--like incorrigible.

March 9, 1991 Saturday 8:17 AM

And so it goes on,
forever on and on
the wisp of will
in search of thrill.

March 11, 1991 Monday 2:29 PM

I think channeling is a dodge.

March 11, 1991 Monday 2:43 PM

"If you trust your truth, you will come home the fastest." Ram Das

March 13, 1991 Wednesday 7:57 PM

What do I know,
what do I care,
as long as
I see you
standing there?

Pale green light
reflects off
the wet bar.
My world
reduced to this?

March 16, 1991 Saturday 8:54 AM

Yea, I liked it this way.

A poet struggles. Struggles to cope with living. And the audience you get is beyond your control because life is beyond your control. Where does living take you?

(((((I guess the trouble comes in when you

March 16, 1991 Saturday 8:59 AM

God! I just heard it and now it's gone. I hate it when that happens!. A poet listens, a poet can't help but listen. And that is what seems to be the attraction to the sufferings of Jim Morrison. Sure he was nothing but a drunk, but how easily you judge. I suppose I still shouldn't either, so far, I've mostly read about him, now it's time to read his words and look to the man.

March 16, 1991 Saturday 9:05 AM

((((To get so immersed in what you are thinking that you loose sight of thinking about it . (((((Oh God, the moment struck again where the artist is so consumed in performing his art ..."I look down, watching my fingers try to capture the beat of the verbal drum--and I smile. Such joy, such ultimate joy of participation.)))))))))

March 16, 1991 Saturday 9:10 AM

Why do these encounters stay with me so?

March 17, 1991 Sunday 9:26 AM

Trying to sense a sense of values. Listening, straining to hear a true course of action.

March 17, 1991 Sunday 12:16 PM

Paraphrasing from the book on Morrison by Hopkins and Sugerman: "The bottom line reads "suicide." One way or another, Jim had died of self-abuse, and finding out how was only a matter of determining the caliber of the metaphorical pistol he held to his own head.

March 17, 1991 Sunday 1:13 PM

Why do you click between tabs and rulers?

March 18, 1991 Monday 8:58 AM

How can wisdom come from lack of experience? What comes from too much experience?

March 18, 1991 Monday 9:00 AM

Why do we pour our selves so, into existence?

March 18, 1991 Monday 9:03 AM

"Yea", they'll say, "he was connected in through here. Totally involved in conversation with the god-within."

March 18, 1991 Monday 9:07 AM

As a company strategy, seek tight integration, pick a standard then try to hold the mark.

March 19, 1991 Tuesday 5:07 PM

By just showing somebody what is in the software you open their eyes.

Distributing weight. Flattening out.

March 21, 1991 Thursday 10:42 AM

Our bodies are the result of divine will seeking joy. Joy is the meaning, all else follows. Duty ((the hard drive just shivered. Ah, makes me think, and save to a floppy.))

March 22, 1991 Friday 11:38 PM

We react to our generated perceptions, rather than to what we would hear if we listen.

March 22, 1991 Friday 11:41 PM

The problem is that we continue to live by generated perceptions rather than choose to live by an ideal. Because we prefer it that way, no doubt. I mean really, do you think humanity doesn't like it this way?

March 22, 1991 Friday 11:44 PM

The water's gonna rise just because everyone's jumpin' in the water.

March 22, 1991 Friday 11:46 PM

To capture the sequence--that is the first task, whether it be in what you write or coping with money.

March 22, 1991 Friday 11:50 PM

I'm going to go to bed now, Jason Bourne taught me that rest is a weapon.

March 22, 1991 Friday 10:11 AM

"Oil equals a necessity"

March 22, 1991 Friday 10:49 AM

(((((In a spiral you increase the length without leaving the axis.)))))

March 25, 1991 Monday 10:31 AM

You have to capture it as it happens because reconstructing takes too much effort.

April 11, 1991 Thursday 7:37 PM

Funny, how whatever it is that I am now dissolves, but here in electrons, I carve out my future identity. For those of you who care to wonder what my plane was about, I wish I knew, like a cat's paw exploring the edge of a table, I've never been able.

I see the reflection of the screen in the mirror upon my glasses. Why does consciousness mean so much sadness? Is it the realization that the glass is neither half empty or half full, but that the glass is glass?

I've hung around here far too long, I'm not sure why, perhaps to see if someday I'd fit in, is that a sin?

April 15, 1991 Monday 7:58 AM

One of the best qualities of using Windows compatible applications is that you don't have to exit each one individually.

April 30, 1991 Wednesday 8:40 AM

(((((The boat is what you are always behind on; the mission is not to sink.)))))

April 30, 1991 Wednesday 8:41 AM

"To capture the sequence of what happened is one thing--to capture the sequence of what you imagine is another." Humm, I like that.

He refused to see her sober, reluctant to be held more accountable.

April 30, 1991 Wednesday 10:28 AM

"If you can't afford to lose it, lock it up."

May 4, 1991 Saturday 2:09 PM

What most people don't understand is how isolated I have been. Like Gary and Michael envying St Augustine for all that time he got to spend thinking things through the way he did. It wasn't so much what he thought but the time that he had to do it.

Is it really any different now? Maybe only in the sense that our choices are less apparent than the pressures.

I didn't think I could ever get this confused again, but I am. I thought I knew what I was about, I had a plan, but all that seems so distant now, so much of a fantasy I wonder where my reality really is. There was a time I enjoyed what I did and how I did it, but not anymore. Now it seems I'm running on the fumes of yesterday's dreams.

May 10, 1991 Friday 2:31 PM

Down on the boat I could live so much more inside my self because the outside world was so much more inside of me.

May 10, 1991 Friday 2:32 PM

You cope with the world at a level that you find your self in. Sometimes you get lucky enough to choose the outside world you have to cope with.

May 10, 1991 Friday 2:44 PM

I would treat computers like people and have them work together in harmony with their abilities.

May 11, 1991 Saturday 10:52 PM

What we have most in our life is our history.

May 11, 1991 Saturday 11:43 PM

When it comes right down to it, (whatever it is), everyone swims in the same stream but everyone's adventure in the stream is their own unique experience.

I wonder what kind of an attitude it takes to experience God's love? The love that will has for its self? And I wonder why it is that my life always comes round to being down enough that I sit here and seek relief in writing?

May 12, 1991 Sunday 12:19 AM

A date stamp really is a wonderful thing. In one keystroke you identify position in the sequence. Sure we make up sequences all the time, but "the mother of all sequences" unfolds on its own, vast beyond comprehension, apparent only by our fragile brief bubbles of existence.

May 12, 1991 Sunday 12:23 AM

Getting tired, maybe it's time to go to bed, to escape into that surrender of temporary death. Why do we cling so to life when death is so near? Why do we build our beliefs into fortresses to defend against death? The day is done, the credits have run, what left now safe await a rising sun?

May 16, 1991 Thursday 7:38 PM

So, thanks for the message. It confirms my belief that the belief of humanity is chosen from an intuitive assumption and then the math is calculated to substantiate.

May 18, 1991 Saturday 11:54 PM

((((Oh yea, I was riding around and thought of how Cinderella had to be home by midnight, smile, by the end of a cycle. And that is the significance of midnight. It is a changing of the sequence, moving from one group to another. Home by midnight is a healthy rule to follow.))))

May 19, 1991 Sunday 12:02 AM

The only fight that counts is the one that's about to break out. mjm

May 20, 1991 Monday 12:38 PM

I want to do my very very best work. And this is it, here in this journal. Even if nothing of content in this journal suits you, please consider the advantages of maintaining the context of a journal in your life. Some say it's unnecessary, others indispensable. In any case, if you feel any pressure whatsoever to get results from electrons, your journal is the best place to start (because it represents you in electrons). The next place to go is into a list of people who you exchange information with. Then it is possible to send what you write in your journal to whom you choose.

"See you at the party, Rictor!"

May 20, 1991 Monday 11:42 PM

Think of the phase between the time it takes to make the image and the time it takes to project it as your cushion, as your competitive edge.

May 21, 1991 Tuesday 12:12 AM

(((((Breathe electrons)))))mjm

May 23, 1991 Thursday 6:37 PM

When editing my journal I find it hard to edit the closer I get to the present.

May 24, 1991 Friday 4:53 PM

The folly of the mind is not that is makes us uniquely human, but that it cannot go beyond thinking, therefore it must assume that the only reality that can exist must be one encompassed by mentality. Wrong!

Will uses thinking.

May 25, 1991 Saturday 9:20 AM

There are those who are trying their best and those who have failed the test.

I am amazed at how tough it is to stay in touch with why you are reaching for something, specifically--my interest in doing this video. I have forgotten so much of the ideals that brought me to the point of wanting to make the video in the first place. What felt good about it and why it felt good seemed to slide away as all the details of making the dream come true bogged me down in distraction upon distraction.

Getting out this next edition, I hope it will be good to me, if anything, like the video, they are both passions that demand participation. So much for work.

May 28, 1991 Tuesday 11:03 AM

The completion of your effort in electrons comes when you get what you've been working on saved to a floppy.

May 28, 1991 Tuesday 11:20 AM

The ball is the idea! And the game revolves around the idea.

May 28, 1991 Tuesday 11:27 AM

"Don't ever point a finger at me!" ((Why are these words so meaningful?))

Time to go, time to go, to work, I need to keep on keepin' on with the publication of my journal. So that means this afternoon working out, then headers, footers, test print, paper!

May 31, 1991 Friday 9:48 AM

I heard the first bird sing this morning at 3:53 AM announcing the arrival of my 39th birthday. Thirty nine feels like me much more than 38. I have little to do but work on my journal today. I wonder if I'll get it printed?

What matters about personal computing is learning how to customize your environment.

Having a birthday is somehow like a crossing, and friends that you have try to help you cross over to the other side.

June 2, 1991 Sunday 9:44 AM

It is in the detail that you deal with the whole. The technique of your keyboarding reflects your understanding of how electrons work. When you save, whether are not you take more than a keystroke to save, how you move around, do you get to where you want to go in as few keystrokes as possible?

June 3, 1991 Monday 12:51 PM

The cursor just sits there and blinks, waiting for you to insert something. Anything. Nothing. The blinking goes on whether you insert anything or not.

June 4, 1991 Tuesday 10:59 PM

(((((It's nice when there is so much chatter within that I sit here and come to write nothing.)))))

But now I'm into stride and casting mental nets at ideas. mjm

June 4, 1991 Tuesday 11:09 PM

Use a keystroke to do a thing, especially in navigation, Control-Arrows to jump word at a time, Home and End to jump left and right.

Focus...focus on what matters to me, what I want, what my dreams are...doesn't matter.

June 4, 1991 Tuesday 11:18 PM

Ah, to sleep, to dream, to cast one's will upon the shadows.

June 5, 1991 Wednesday 10:44 AM

You see why I'm here don't you? Won't there be others to fall into it as well? This rush of learning the environment to control your information needs. This swan dive into the next millennia, how vastly different it will seem to us than what my grandparents thought was change. Through generations we sense rate of change.

June 7, 1991 Friday 3:45 PM

Money and attention have a lot in common, you usually can't get much of one without the other.

June 8, 1991 Saturday 9:52 AM

If belief structures are what we use to navigate in the rapids...then what?

(((I hate it where I'm at right now, hate it. Pushed into the corner, time to do my own thing. Time to start this day over again. Time to re-align my spine.))) ((((There is an aggressiveness about consciousness that can be very seductive, get more together to get more control. (Seems to me, even with total control, you are still navigating in an asteroid field.)))))

So I guess what I do with parens is like establishing directory level on a particular topic. I have always felt a sense of depth to their use, as in depth of connection to the assimilation going on at the fringes of my being. It seems though, as if we all live as sloths, so wonderfully capable of autonomy that we let slide so much of what we might have done when we were capable of doing it. "Nothing is new. So why question it?" I guess because my goal was just not to be happy but also to find my own individual set of values. And here is where I look over my shoulder and scan memories of miles traveled, long since forgotten, and wonder how a life can add up to such a "quintessence of dust"?

You have to give a stretch time to happen.

So here I am, in the mood, and fluttering off to eat something healthy, instead of staying here and freezing electrons. They said it couldn't be done, they said someday it would be possible, and now tomorrow is today, and I have the power. The power to publish, the power to keep track. ((And now may I have the courage and commitment to go through with this.))

What I have to say about exercise is out of main stream, but then I'll let you decide that. Everyone talks about breathing but nobody explains how to breathe.

June 12, 1991 Wednesday 2:04 PM

There are times when the log seems so accessible and others when it is a distant thought, to be here, to make the connection.

((((It's all happen'n real fast, and I am unsure of my moves, guess that is what makes life interesting--these little trials we put ourselves through.))))

And look how the day unfolded.

June 15, 1991 Saturday 9:31 PM

The only thing that differentiates movement from chaos is purpose. mjm

June 17, 1991 Monday 9:40 AM

I feel happiness is often judged by the level at which you get to participate in your dreams. mjm

June 17, 1991 Monday 9:45 AM

(((((The silence of your own dreams, the need to acknowledge god.)))))

June 23, 1991 Sunday 11:05 AM

This is too unreal. I now have my date stamp automatically format my datestamp and my log entry. By choosing Format.Define Styles.Options.Next Style for datestamp to be log entry, the macro doesn't even need to be cluttered with directly assigning the style. Ya folla'?

There are times when I don't feel productive, times when I feel as though I have gone on vacation and haven't realized it. Times when I wonder where my drive comes from.

June 25, 1991 Tuesday 11:00 AM

Use the technology for your own pursuits and forget about making money by supplying (and supporting) a product.

June 26, 1991 Wednesday 8:03 AM

The neat thing about spending the time to figure out how to set something up to happen all the time is that later on, when it happens all the time, you fondly remember back to the time you figured out something that you no longer remember how to do.

June 26, 1991 Wednesday 8:04 AM

You see, what I like about my journal now, is that there are no extra hard returns. And, the paragraphs are tagged with a style automatically.

What brought me to the journal, was the Today's show about what the leading cause of death is--how about growing old. The inevitability of death, and smoking, and cancer, and where do you lay down the guilt and live your life the way you wish?

With my journal and with my video I seek to entertain you. Both are a product of the reflection I get from my self. Both give me the happiness I was raised to be. In some small way they are my legacy, just as you might find this in a hurricane ravaged hut in need of some toilet paper. Some small contribution to those who come after.

Time to go take a shower.

June 26, 1991 Wednesday 8:18 AM

I think Bill has always had the common user in mind, not the corporate giants. Take Windows Basic for instance. Surely, not C but good enough for you and me.

This stone is my wishing stone. It hasn't been any good for me so I figured you might as well have it.

Supposed to be 100 today. Now it's time to go out and see, into the light.

Seeking a perspective you can live with.

And talk about impossible situations, Jesus! It staggers my mind. So just get out of it, stay out of it. Keep the wagons circled until the whirlpool starts. Then use it to accelerate you on your way.

June 27, 1991 Thursday 2:28 PM

Out into the land of adventure we go, believing whatever comes has got to be better than what we left behind.

June 27, 1991 Thursday 2:42 PM

Am I not the worst of all, barely breaking stride, my notes tossed over my shoulder on the way out the door?

June 29, 1991 Saturday 9:51 PM

It is true that you come into this world naked, and leave naked. So it only makes sense to get naked in between as often as possible.

June 29, 1991 Saturday 9:59 PM

Think I'll upchuck when all the "iconists" start spewing their inferences.

June 29, 1991 Saturday 11:03 PM

The job of MIS is to assemble and maintain the equipment, mine is to develop autonomous users.

June 30, 1991 Sunday 10:05 AM

Partner Stretching is not about exercise, and yet, it has everything to do with exercise. Only if you try it will you see if you can find a connection with it and with those you do it with. Maybe it would support the theory that if you increase awareness you increase health. Still, this doesn't matter. All that counts to me, the reason this ever got produced was that it feels too good not to share. So I hope you try it out, be careful, you can hurt and be hurt, but the rewards of the experience are waiting for you.

July 17, 1991 Wednesday 10:17 PM

This is who I am, right here, in the spaces between the letters sensing which one comes next, trying to get it right the first time.

July 17, 1991 Wednesday 10:29 PM

The passion comes so rarely anymore, maybe that's because I'm so wrapped up in the passion I fail to notice the difference.

July 17, 1991 Wednesday 10:39 PM

There is no difference between body and mind work. Why is that? It's because both flow in the same reality.

July 26, 1991 Friday 10:18 PM

Be still and listen, be still and listen, be still and listen. As much as I want to step out into reality--I can never quite get my shoulder blades away from the curtain through which experience flows.

The hardest thing to do is return to an empty home. That must be why so many people have dogs and cats and plants and mice and fish and turtles and kids and spouses. I come here. I come to my self and embrace the union, such as it is. From wheat grass to a large double cheese, I really know how to span the spectrum.

July 30, 1991 Tuesday 1:52 PM

The journal has really helped me develop my focus through the years. Has helped me keep all of where I've been part of where I'm goin'.

Dealin' with your own shit is better than dealin' with any body else's.

August 3, 1991 Saturday 9:37 AM

Just things that pop to the surface, surmises of awareness, the percolation of consciousness. Knowing that it is coming allows you to anticipate.

August 3, 1991 Saturday 9:40 AM

When printing, throw shadows. Throw shadows to draw attention (because we are always brought into more awareness by the presence of shadowing) and to add meaning.

August 3, 1991 Saturday 9:42 AM

This journal technique of using hidden character formatting in conjunction with styles is more and more impressive as I get deeper into using it.

August 3, 1991 Saturday 9:45 AM

(((((It is only by being forced to cope with isolation)))))

August 3, 1991 Saturday 9:47 AM

(((((and being willing to listen)))))

August 3, 1991 Saturday 9:48 AM

Learn how to improve your aim and in learning, you will automatically come closer to the target. (((bad form, what would it be like to practice bad form to get a reflection of what you are trying to do when you practice good form?)))

Develop your aim to increase the number of times you hit the target. Assume the answer will be there.

(((((Which brings me to the point of utter panic that I am actually this close to exposing my self by actually sharing the bulk of my journal.)))))

August 3, 1991 Saturday 10:08 AM

August 3, 1991 Saturday 10:13 AM

To the extent that you use a journal to cope with the chaos, or to aim for the target, you stand at the fountainhead of transformation.

August 3, 1991 Saturday 10:19 AM

The flow of the keystrokes is to say something then do a date stamp and save (each a combination) and wait for the next stuff to come together.

Still, here I am, somewhat edgy about not "having anything to do" but I fill the void with this. And that can't be all bad. For when you are in here you increase the odds for listening.

Time to leave, time to power down. I know I'll miss the connection to electrons. A Bient"t!

After being gone and coming back so much rushes in. So many different fronts to fight on. "This is your life." (Well, enjoy it Mike, embrace it.)

What a night of rest and dreams and anticipation! Here goes. ("Am I ready for this?") (("You will just have to do the best you can!"))

August 18, 1991 Sunday 8:38 AM

(((((I have supported you the best I can by sharing with you the best of what I am. Now we'll see if you support me.)))))

August 18, 1991 Sunday 8:43 AM

Use your thumb to hold down ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT when doing a combination with a function key. (Use little fingers on the shift key for capital letters like you do when you type normally.)

August 18, 1991 Sunday 8:45 AM

Write, date stamp, save.

August 21, 1991 Wednesday 4:15 PM

A captain's log is more than just a record of the journey, it is a stabilizing influence in the process of getting from here to there.

August 29, 1991 Thursday 10:53 PM

We all sense that we are part of something larger and we feel it very deeply, very personally, to the point where we loose sight of what we share in common.

I look at a picture of me when I was two years old and I wonder, how did I ever get here?

(What have I learned lately? Hum, good question. Too much shared with too many leaves me too empty.)

"I can be strong on my own." ((Some song from a Van Damne movie.))

September 1, 1991 Sunday 1:08 AM

Movement can be a very rewarding experience. We all move. Our freedom is essentially our ability to move.

When you watch body work, focus on the sequence. The individual positions or exercises don't matter nearly as much as the quality of how they work together.

When stretching out, listen to your body, try to apply a sequence but let your body seek out the depth and duration. (Thank you, Ada, for "seek out".)

September 1, 1991 Sunday 2:03 AM

(((((You won't know what it feels like unless you try it.)))))

September 1, 1991 Sunday 2:41 AM

The concept of ownership of land is an idea. The idea is based upon the belief that effort is due its reward. If not that, then what--anarchy?

September 1, 1991 Sunday 2:44 AM

(((((The irony in life is that you cannot do for others. You can only help them do for themselves by setting an example by how you do for your self.)))))

September 2, 1991 Monday 11:17 PM

He was a very private person, he would let you in the front door, or not mind if you broke in through a basement window. Either way, no matter how much you saw, or how extensively you learned the placement of the furniture, he still knew he lived alone.

You can only come here, to the keys, in moments when you have no choice, when no one else will do. I guess that's why I write is this silly thing, if I don't talk to it (to my self) I have so little chance of listening. (to my self)

September 2, 1991 Monday 11:22 PM

This stretching video is for you. I could use words, but the less said the better.

Having an understanding of the basics and clinging desperately to them in your effort to understand.

Grouping and sequence, still--and always.

September 2, 1991 Monday 11:27 PM

People who are familiar with PC's are perhaps the hardest to teach something new. They already have gelled into a mind set that works for them and they don't like to change.

Brings me right back to the waiting helicopter warmed up and ready to take off from the roof. All you have to know is that it is there and waiting, all you have to do is make the effort and look for the results.

September 11, 1991 Wednesday 11:26 AM

(((((The problem with success is that it fills your life with details.)))))

What's next, always what's next. And yet that translates to what's now. What is now. How is it now. Only by how it is now can we move on to what is next. Becoming numb is part of the process. Remaining distant from that which you most care about.

September 11, 1991 Wednesday 11:42 AM

(((((Pictures, or icons, are something you have to see, but language is something you have to hear.))))) You can see (read) language and construct meaning, but you can't hear a picture.

September 12, 1991 Thursday 8:35 AM

So weird, how life goes.

September 13, 1991 Friday 3:18 PM

(((((Ultimately, what matters is what goes on inside of us.)))))

September 17, 1991 Tuesday 9:27 AM

(((((Meaning in the moment.)))))

September 17, 1991 Tuesday 9:40 AM

(((((What you develop, you depend on.))))) So with electrons, develop only what you, yourself, can support.

September 19, 1991 Thursday 9:57 PM

First of all, using electrons can be a very deep satisfying experience. There is so much to discover and implement as a component of your life. If indeed we are the information processors of the universe, then how we do it in electrons can easily rival how we do it in carbon. (((((Ya Folla'?)))))

September 19, 1991 Thursday 10:15 PM

((Learning how to rely on the intelligence reaching out to you from electrons.)) Do this! Go for the throat; go for the diskettes! Just put the diskettes in and know the magic word! What is the magic word? Not shazam, not open sesame, but instead "Install". (or "Setup")

Between the enjoyment and knowing the ropes--the point becomes clear (((((the time you spend in carbon is far more precious.)))))

September 19, 1991 Thursday 10:22 PM

(((((You have to touch it to activate it, you have to say something to turn it on.)))))

September 19, 1991 Thursday 11:44 PM

((((Competing for position in the path.))))) Last come first served.

September 19, 1991 Thursday 11:46 PM

Deal with the most lasting, fundamental control. "Deal direct with DOS." Go to DOS, go directly to DOS, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

September 19, 1991 Thursday 11:47 PM

(((Grouping and sequence. Grouping and sequence.)))

September 20, 1991 Friday 9:39 AM

Whomever understands it deeper, usually uses it better. mjm 9:49 PM

September 20, 1991 Friday 9:55 AM

Understand the concept and the rest comes easy. Just get it down on paper, sort out what it means and how you want it to look later. It seems to be getting ink on paper is the hardest part, the other stuff is digestion. Guess I like eating awareness, but how we choose to prey upon it is the key to our hope for a happy life.

The small of your back is the anchor of your nautilus shell. mjm

We get reflections from other people of our self. We come to know our self partially from the reflection we get from other people.

What duty do we have? We have a duty to lead a healthy life and help others do the same.

September 26, 1991 Thursday 7:54 AM

(((((It still comes down to a processing paradigm.))))) A children's book on grouping and sequence. ((You have to see behind the symbol to the current of the symbol.))

September 26, 1991 Thursday 7:58 AM

To be autonomous you must float on the current you're in. ((You must see your self within the context of the condition it is in.))

The reason training your body routinely is important, is it keeps in balance whatever else you are distracted with in the rest of your life. Good health is the foundation upon which you build the rest of your life.

September 28, 1991 Saturday 9:43 PM

The hallowed halls of autonomy echo the footsteps of explorers from days gone past. What lies ahead is the exploration of your self's ability to process information. You don't have to be the smartest, you just have to do what you do reliably. (Usually, there are always exceptions.) Someday using the technology won't be the issue, instead, the issue will be what we do with the technology. The power is so end-user oriented, systems and autonomous end-users will flourish that do something exceptionally well.

(((((Echoes from the dead.)))))

October 1, 1991 Tuesday 11:17 PM

(((((Be happy if you can sink into mediocrity and let it go at that.)))))

It is the god within that brings us to it.

I sit here and write in this journal as a method of coping with feelings. You read it and perhaps identify with some of those feelings, but is this stuff--this spilling of thinking and feeling out into electrons and eventually to paper and ink before your eyes--anything other than avoidance?

October 10, 1991 Thursday 7:47 PM

(((((You can't always piss in a porcelain pot.)))))

October 15, 1991 Tuesday 3:19 PM

(((((I need to accept responsibility about where I direct my attention.)))))

October 16, 1991 Wednesday 11:25 PM

(((So when we are standing in that light of grace, that connection to the god-within, what else is there left but to live?)))

The pursuit of joy can take on many forms, but they all involve sharing, what we have to share and how we do it.

October 16, 1991 Wednesday 11:28 PM

The tidal wave of change, the giant information wave, is clearly visible. Some are already being passed by, others are paddling like hell trying to catch it, and some are up and standing while trying to steer. Where are you on that wave?

((((Been a long time to be here just to be here.)))) Keeping my self company when no one else could. Funny, huh?

October 17, 1991 Thursday 10:23 AM

Everyone in a company that knows anything about PC's is ducking. With good reason! Time is limited and they have their own problems without you asking them to solve yours. Every time you ask you suffer a loss in the battle to win autonomy.

October 17, 1991 Thursday 10:51 AM

The autonomous enduser acting in their own best interests, long run and economically, always follows the money. (You don't have to go that far down the path to pick the fruit.) ((Good mike, that was very nice.)) "You don't have to go that far down the path to pick the fruit." mjm

October 17, 1991 Thursday 11:07 AM

The world you want to understand is the world of default settings, sure, you can change to whatever you wish, but you have to understand where you are in order to change it to the way you want.

October 17, 1991 Thursday 11:17 AM

The autonomous end-user embraces opportunities to cross-train, learning the database that is less familiar, learning how concepts apply across the board, thereby making them more generally adept in implementing the concept.

October 18, 1991 Friday 10:52 AM

Posture is the reason we work out. How we posture ourselves affects stress. Body upright means spinal column stretching in opposite directions at once, perpendicular to gravity.

Uncurl at the shoulders, uncurl at the hips, by lengthening you narrow stress.

When you stretch think in threes, a first time for an introduction to the muscles of what is to come, a second time to seek out current range of motion, a third to release to the stress.

A top gets its balance from spin, just like the top our bodies get their balance from spin. The primary spin is the one around the axis of the hips, the secondary spin is the axis of the spine.

So much of good posture comes from draping your chest and shoulders over your heart and rib cage. Just like the axis of rotation that goes through your hips there is an axis that goes through your shoulders. And just like you try to tighten the spiral of energy and thereby elongate the spine from the hips, so too, we try to tighten the spiral around the axis through the shoulder reaching with a long neck out through the crown of our head.

October 21, 1991 Monday 10:50 AM

(((((By what you choose to believe, so shape you the world.)))))

October 25, 1991 Friday 7:12 PM

Grouping and sequence. Grouping and sequence. Take the alphabet or the numbers we use. They are defined groups and there is a set sequence. Sequence gives meaning.

October 26, 1991 Saturday 9:29 AM

(((((The difference between the sexes is inescapable.))))) We are forced to deal with it.

October 27, 1991 Sunday 11:14 AM

How do secretaries control people? Access to other people. Access to other files. Now think of people as files. Files are people and the secretary controls what files get access to what files. DOS is the secretary who controls access to your files.

Diving boards made of dreams.

October 30, 1991 Wednesday 9:42 AM

You work with the network the same way you work with DOS, the only thing that changes is access to files. Whether those files are program files or data files.

There's only two groups of files, files that other people created and files that you created.

October 30, 1991 Wednesday 10:49 AM

Gaining personal power through the development of personal computing skills.

We're here to talk about processing information. Processing, in the sense of grouping and sequencing. Information, in the sense of starting out as detail and ending up grouped and sequenced into information.

Why the Nautilus shell as the symbol in Michael Miller Productions? It delivers a dramatic visual of natural grouping and sequence.

What far out-shadows the consequences to love is that you love at all. mjm

October 31, 1991 Thursday 7:05 PM

Piccard, "Well, we can't go back, we can't stay here, so the only thing we have to do is go ahead, no matter what may be waiting for us."

November 1, 1991 Friday 9:43 AM

Money is so powerful because it acts to facilitate memory.

November 1, 1991 Friday 10:25 AM

When working your way through the dense jungle of personal computing keep a good grasp on the tail of the elephant in front of you. The elephant represents the broadest standards you can find, Microsoft DOS, WordPerfect Shell, Windows, dBase.

November 2, 1991 Saturday 11:37 AM

(((Good usually is a better shot because it cares more about what it hits.)))

Gotta go, gotta go,...(((((already I've been too slow.)))))

Stretching is the future because it develops such a deep connection between you and your body.

Pay attention to the sequence; it flows.

Stretching is destined to be the ultimate involvement used for stress management. ((Stress is the issue.))

Most people see stretching as a duty. I see stretching as a joy. A listening process.

Watching the video is entertainment art, doing the video is living. You make money on what you carry, what you decide to promote. I grant you this will never be mainstream, too esoteric for the masses, but those people who buy videos are looking for something new to experience.

(((What Joe Pilates saw was the inherent wisdom of pursuing an ideal through motion.))) The ever expanding spiral of energy. You must recognize the currents you are in and learn how to swim where you wish.

November 4, 1991 Monday 1:16 PM

(((((There are experts and then there are geniuses, which would you be, if you could choose?)))))

The isolation is taken because nobody can dig us out of it. Nobody can make you care enough to leave it.

November 5, 1991 Tuesday 7:39 PM

"I want to help the people seize whatever control they wish over their information processing."

November 5, 1991 Tuesday 8:18 PM

(((((Working with patterns, struggling for sequence.)))))

November 5, 1991 Tuesday 8:55 PM

The game is keeping track of the process, the value of what you keep track of generally determines the price you get paid.

November 6, 1991 Wednesday 12:07 AM

There is no road that cannot come before the break of dawn. There is no night that can hold back the coming of newborn sun.

November 8, 1991 Friday 3:16 PM

(((((The keys, oh the keys, so seductive, so embracing, Like the smoke from a cigarette leaves a trail only to become invisible, so too my hen scratchings here. But you see, it doesn't matter. Their value is in the moment they are made.)))))

November 9, 1991 Saturday 10:18 AM

Condescending, self-serving image as a scapegoat. You guys, show no sense of what is going on, namely, a paradigm shift working it's way through the users of the company. A paradigm shift is a steep wave, very steep, as though it is vertical. ((Like the expanding concussion wave that emanates out from a nuclear explosion.)) (((Whew!))

November 9, 1991 Saturday 11:37 AM

You want a big desk (a lot of memory), but not to use it sloppily. Know what you have out on your desk and know when to save what you change.

I live in here, alone, survived ever since those late night walks along the railroad tracks that ran past Campion. The people room, now there's a memory. Where have we come since then?

November 10, 1991 Sunday 11:57 PM

Something more within ourselves, that's what we are looking for. Looking for a deeper connection to our experience, to leave deep footprints in the sands of time.

Relationships can easily deteriorate into finding fault with your partner rather than taking responsibility to be who you are. The hardest expectations to live up to are those you have of your self.

(((((The last memory of sex I have was with my truelove, and I'm very content to leave it that way.)))))

((((( was my truelove, I gotta go now.)))))

November 13, 1991 Wednesday 3:46 PM

When truelove walks away, when cosmic connection down grades to coach, how shall we find our way?

(((((You know, I forget how deep I am in here.)))))

"You know, I'm sure I'd like you if I didn't hate you" he said with a whimsical smile.

November 15, 1991 Friday 8:52 AM

The time is here, the day is now.

November 18, 1991 Monday 8:41 AM

(((((I'd never realized where being true to my self would take me.))))) mjm

What is so scary about real life is how much each of your actions affects. Affects your life, affects the life of others, affects the life of all.

November 20, 1991 Wednesday 9:32 PM

(((((Listen. Listen harder. Listen and know that thou art god.)))) So relax.)

Yea, that's the problem, you get so used to having somebody for company other than your self.

November 20, 1991 Wednesday 9:38 PM

The key to body work is following the rhythms of your body. Listening is the key. Flow from what feels good to what feels good. The quality of the sequence is what matters.

November 22, 1991 Friday 9:29 PM

I come to you my children with a message. The message is that there is no message. There is no meaning. All there is is what there is, all the rest is what to come, what to come is your reaction to what is.

Mankind needs to understand. Mankind is driven to distinguish what makes it different. Is it not the plateau of self-awareness? (What is self-awareness? Hearing the self rather than speaking to the world?(((You see here I am, totally "being" in my journal, listening, listening, and once in a while hearing something. Doesn't "god" speak to all of us? Doesn't living speak to all of us? Are we not all subjected to reacting to our situation?

November 27, 1991 Wednesday 9:08 AM

(((((Am I doomed because I like little?)))))

"Metacognition"? To give it a name, any name, lessens its meaning. For meaning only comes within inquiry. You must be in the process of seeking understanding to find meaning.

You can find great joy from the connection to be had when listening to your body release to a stretch.

December 2, 1991 Monday 10:46 AM

While you are computing, there is always the choice to pursue results or mold your environment. (Like making macros, batch files, formatting, etc....) Use time and money to judge. But sometimes (maybe even usually) capturing what you are feeling matters most. It may be what you are feeling in words; it may be how you feel a formula will work. But when you are guessing, when you are listening, that is the stuff you want to chisel into electrons without interruption. You can always go back and modify. What matters is developing the grist for the mill. (miller)

December 2, 1991 Monday 1:34 PM

The capability is way out in front of user ability. mjm

"The way I like to see it go." chip develop cohesion in concept

If someone can't handle where you're headed,
that means you'll see them later. mjm

December 10, 1991 Tuesday 6:07 PM

(((((The strategy forces tactics.)))))(((((())))))You may not like taking cough medicine but you do. You may not want to get involved in tracking taxes but you must. Even if you only get to the trigger file and print out, your accountant will be that much more empowered.

December 10, 1991 Tuesday 6:15 PM

((((What would you bring to an electron scavenger hunt?))))

Stand in the elevator shaft of standards.

December 10, 1991 Tuesday 6:28 PM

"Running from your fear is worse than facing it." Told to a very young Chuck Norris by the mechanic who stopped him from running away from a bully.

First tape backup, coming up. (I hope)

"The Captain feels deeply." McCoy

December 12, 1991 Thursday 7:15 PM

What users don't understand is what they are trying to do with a PC. And because it takes effort to reach for understanding, they would just as soon only learn what they are forced to.

December 12, 1991 Thursday 7:49 PM

The corporate advantage isn't the challenge at all. The challenge is personal. Personal computers--personal challenges. How well can you compute? Do you even know what computing is? Do you know the objective?

What would be the file spec for all the files whose last part of their first name ended with tag? (?????tag.*)

The problem is the more we learn to keep track of money the more money we loose by keeping track. Or so it seems.

December 13, 1991 Friday 9:54 AM

(((((We don't really care who plays catcher, as long as we get to throw.)))))mjm smile happy face.

December 15, 1991 Sunday 10:42 AM

The paradigm is articulated by the philosophy behind it.

December 16, 1991 Monday 1:03 PM

It never changes, that feeling of being so alive you're gonna bust. Of wanting to share it with someone.

December 20, 1991 Friday 11:11 PM

The next step in controlling your log process is to time how much time you spend in each of your styles and run it against a goal and a minimum.

(((((could I really be lucky enough to be that close to the end?)))))

December 20, 1991 Friday 11:40 PM

(((((The best I have to offer is this: remember to breath!))))) So often we forget we swim in a current that is not always obvious to us.

December 20, 1991 Friday 11:45 PM

When using a pistol, the danger is keeping your attention on where you just shot. Shoot and survey, shoot and survey.

December 21, 1991 Saturday 1:24 AM

"I don't care how much you know, I want to know how you find out what you want to know." Smooth moves. Good friends.

December 26, 1991 Thursday 6:18 PM

Finger in the Adam's apple, finger on the solar plexus, control the ability to extend in opposite directions at once (along the spinal column) between these two points. A standard reach for posture, the draping of your shoulders and rib cage around your heart and lungs. ((Yes, you see, I like that, best I've written in a long time, especially bout carbon. ((And here I am watching my fingers for the first time in a long time just trying to finish the moment before it is lost in retrospect.)) (save)

December 26, 1991 Thursday 6:24 PM

The sweetness of the connection has been what kept me connected. My ability to sustain the connection, without help, is another matter.

December 26, 1991 Thursday 6:40 PM

See what readers are afraid to do is believe just how close to home the personal can strike. Just because it is personal to you does not mean that it is unique experience.

December 26, 1991 Thursday 6:43 PM

So I'm sittin' here ramblin' away in my journal, and I don't mind...sure there could be company, but life is a matter of tradeoffs. You give up in some areas to gain in others.

(((((my greatest indulgence, and perhaps, my greatest distraction))))) ((((((oh, but what a distraction!))))))

December 29, 1991 Sunday 11:49 AM

When moving through the paradigm shift into personal computing, the difficulty is in understanding how to think in order to get results. How to think because it is concept driven. Understanding that a word processing file consists of one long string of characters directly impacts how you choose to navigate. The Home and the End keys take on relevant meaning.

Grouping and sequence are the yin and yang to information processing. To reach for an esoteric plateau, because information processing means keeping track of life, the ability you have to keep track does not reflect on the quality of what you do. (Even I am having a hard time understanding that one.)

December 29, 1991 Sunday 12:02 PM

Whatever you get into your journal is luck, and so minusculey representative of who and what you are that you don't want to over direct the flow. Just get it down. You, or someone else, can edit later.

The point of discretion happens at the point of conception. (mjm) (?) Once you convert your self from inside you to inside electrons, once you save a file it belongs to the world. (Or for discretion sake, that's where you better exercise some control over what you let out. And thereby, what you are held accountable for.)

December 29, 1991 Sunday 12:08 PM

Being this alone does let me be here, more time, more reflection, more indulgence.

December 29, 1991 Sunday 4:07 PM

(((((The compression factor, says that people will only live up to enough of themselves to avoid compression.))))) Reading that over makes me smile. No observation or manner of expression comes closer to me, my personality, not the god-within, but the other guy, me, the one who struggles.

December 29, 1991 Sunday 4:22 PM

If I was out of work, to get a job I would seek the biggest advantage in the market place for the smallest dollar value. While you are looking for a job be learning what you will need to know: the autonomy strategy, the DOS metaphor of secretary who manages your files, the basics of word processing (navigation, saving and printing).

December 29, 1991 Sunday 4:26 PM

The biggest challenge before us is keeping track. It has always been a requirement in the past, best achieved by companies with dedicated people to do nothing other than keep track. (or count beans, if you prefer slang)

Well, things are changing. The power in personal computing is so great for the cost that you must learn how to use the phone or wait for a call. It is to this end of starting from scratch and gaining autonomy that I direct my training efforts. Training towards autonomy embraces groups and sequences--identifying them, working with them, creating new ones, and orchestrating them all!

You probably will never turn into Bill Gates, but you can immediately put to work his genius. (How you say? Buy the fastest computer you can afford, to run the Microsoft Office (words, numbers, presentations) and add whatever else you need.

But you see people are forced to carry forth tradition. Like advertising, they know that 50% of it is of no value, the only problem is determining which 50% to leave behind.

December 29, 1991 Sunday 4:41 PM

Another problem of personal computing is that it is a voyage inward, a developed relationship with yourself and the level of detail at which you are able to participate or prefer.

December 31, 1991 Tuesday 2:02 PM

Cynical. That's me, the deeper you go the more cynical I get.

December 31, 1991 Tuesday 2:42 PM

Everyone surfs. You surf on the wave of change, on the wave of anticipation for the future. Each wave has its own unique characteristics. Each surfer whether through inaction or action chooses where to ride the wave.

December 31, 1991 Tuesday 6:19 PM

"Exploding the corporate myth of personal computing."

December 31, 1991 Tuesday 6:59 PM

What Bugsy shows us is that love exists on all levels, even if you're a charming killer and a practical woman. Like Tinker Bell's dust, love makes fools of us all as we are pressed through life. It is the quality of the magic that makes its passage notable.