Complete list, names, and photos of all 91 classical exercises, including Headstands, Short Bridge, and Up Bend. Also MMP Spider and Falling Star. Instant level selection. Gold version has video clips on most exercises. No internet connection required! Exercises filtered and ordered in each of 5 levels from Beginner to Advanced.
101 Regan Footwork Pilates V Footwork Pilates V
102 Regan Footwork Arches Footwoark Arches
103 Regan Footwork Heels Footwork Heels
104 Regan Footwork Metatarsals Footwork Metatarsals
105 Regan 100 100's
106 Regan Overhead Overhead
107 Regan Coodination Coordination
108 Regan Rowing I Front Rowing 1
109 Regan Rowing II Front Rowing 2
110 Regan Rowing III Back Rowing 3
111 Regan Rowing IV Back Rowing 4
112 Regan Rowing V Back Rowing 5
113 Regan Rowing VI Back Rowing 6
114 Regan Swan Long Box I Swan
115 Regan Pull Straps Long Box I Pull Straps
116 Regan T- Pull Long Box I T Pull
117 Regan Backstroke Long Box I Backstroke
118 Regan Teaser Long Box I Teaser
119 Regan Breaststroke Long Box I Breaststroke
120 Regan Horseback Long Box I Horseback
121 Regan Long Stretch Long Stretches Long Stretch
122 Regan Down Stretch Long Stretches Down Stretch
123 Regan Up Stretch Long Stretches Up Stretch
124 Regan Up Down Stretch Long Stretches Up/Down Stretch
125 Regan Elephant Long Stretches Elephant
126 Regan Elephant Arabesque Long Stretches Arabesque One
  Long Stretches Arabesque Two
  Long Stretches Arabesque Three
  Long Stretches Arabesque Four
127 Regan Long Back Stretch Long Stretches Long Back Stretch
128 Regan Stomach Massage Round Back Stomach Massage Round Back
129 Regan Stomach Massage Flat Back Stomach Massage Flat Back
130 Regan Stomach Massage Reaching Stomach Massage Reaching
131 Regan Stomach Massage Twist Stomach Massage Twist
132 Regan Stomach Massage Circles Stomach Massage Arm Circles
133 Regan Tendon Stretch Tendon Stretch
  Tendon Stretch One Leg Front
  Tendon Stretch One Leg Side
  Tendon Stretch One Leg Back
134 Regan Short Spine Short Spine
135 Regan High Frog High Frog
136 Regan Head Stand Front Headstand Front
137 Regan Head Stand Headstand
138 Regan Semi Circle Semi-Circle
139 Regan Chest Expansion Chest Expansion
140 Regan Thigh Stretch Thigh Stretch w/Arch
141 Regan Back Bend Backbend
142 Regan Side Arm Swakatee Side Arms Swakatee
143 Regan Side Arm Shave the Head Side Arms Shave the Head
144 Regan Side Arm Side Pull Side Arms Side Pull
145 Regan Side Arm Side Lift Side Arms Side Lift
146 Regan Arm Circles Arm Circles
147 Regan Snake Snake
148 Regan Twist Twist One Arm
149 Regan Corkscrew Corkscrew
  Balance Control
150 Regan Balance Control Arabesque Balance Control Arabesque
151 Regan Mermaid Mermaid
152 Regan Rocking Long Box II Rocking
153 Regan Swimming Long Box II Swimming
154 Regan Grasshopper Long Box II Grasshopper
155 Regan Short Box Round Back Short Box Round Back
156 Regan Short Box Flat Back Short Box Flat Back
157 Regan Short Box Side to Side Short Box Side Bend
161 Regan Side Overs  
158 Regan Short Box Twist Short Box Twist I
  Short Box Twist II
159 Regan Short Box Around the World Short Box Round the World
  Short Box Bend/Stretch
160 Regan Short Box Tree Short Box Tree w/Leg Circles/Back Bend
162 Regan Long Spine Long Spine
163 Regan Knee Stretches Round Back Knee Stretches Round
164 Regan Knee Stretches Arched Back Knee Stretches Arched
165 Regan Knee Stretches Knees Off Knee Stretches Knees Off
166 Regan Knee Stretches One Leg Kick Knee Stretches One Leg Kick
167 Regan Running Running
  Jump Board w/ Variations
168 Regan Bottom Lift Bottom Lift
169 Regan Side Splits Side Splits
170 Regan Gondola Gondola
171 Regan Front Splits Front Splits w/ Control
172 Regan Russian Splits Russian Splits
173 Regan Big Splits Big Splits
  Spider Front
174 Regan Control Push Up Front Control Push Up Front (2nd gear)
175 Regan Control Push Up Control Push Up
178 Regan Russian Squat Russian Squats
176 Regan High Bridge High Bridge (Long Bridge)
  Short Bridge
  Up Bend
177 Regan Star Star
  Falling Star