Michael Miller Pilates

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The Level IV Reformer List:

Footwork Pilates V
Footwoark Arches
Footwork Heels
Footwork Metatarsals
Short Spine
Back Rowing 3
Back Rowing 4
Back Rowing 5
Back Rowing 6
Long Box I Swan
Long Box I Pull Straps
Long Box I T Pull
Long Box I Backstroke
Long Box I Teaser
Long Box I Breaststroke
Long Box I Horseback
Long Stretches Long Stretch
Long Stretches Down Stretch
Long Stretches Up Stretch
Long Stretches Elephant
Long Stretches Arabesque One
Long Stretches Arabesque Two
Long Stretches Long Back Stretch
Stomach Massage Round Back
Stomach Massage Flat Back
Stomach Massage Reaching
Stomach Massage Twist
Stomach Massage Arm Circles
Tendon Stretch
Chest Expansion
Thigh Stretch w/Arch
Side Arms Swakatee
Side Arms Shave the Head
Side Arms Side Pull
Side Arms Side Lift
Arm Circles
Balance Control
Long Box II Rocking
Long Box II Swimming
Long Box II Grasshopper
Short Box Round Back
Short Box Flat Back
Short Box Side Bend
Short Box Twist I
Short Box Twist II
Short Box Bend/Stretch
Short Box Tree with Arching
Long Spine
Knee Stretches Round
Knee Stretches Arched
Knee Stretches Knees Off
Knee Stretches One Leg Kick
Bottom Lift
Side Splits
Front Splits w/ Control
Russian Splits
Jump Board w/ Variations