Michael Miller Pilates

makes sense SM

The Level II Reformer List:

Footwork Pilates V N/C
Footwoark Arches N/C
Footwork Heels N/C
Footwork Metatarsals N/C
100's N/C
Short Spine New Position content N/C
Coordination this is a complicated one. 7622 video only. links possible? (No problem, if not, but it would be nice.)
Stomach Massage Round Back N/C
Stomach Massage Flat Back N/C
Stomach Massage Reaching N/C
Stomach Massage Twist N/C
Stomach Massage Arm Circles N/C
Swan (Mat) these pics or the ones from our mat app.
Long Box I Backstroke (Mat) these pics or the pics from Double Leg Stretch from the mat app.
Long Box I Teaser (Mat) these pics or the pics from the Teaser in the mat app.
Short Box Round Back N/C
Short Box Flat Back N/C
Short Box Side Bend N/C
Short Box Bend/Stretch N/C
Short Box Tree NEW
Long Stretches Elephant N/C
Knee Stretches Round N/C
Knee Stretches Arched N/C
Knee Stretches Knees Off NEW
Running N/C
Bottom Lift N/C
Front Splits N/C