The Hermit's Journal Excerpts (July 27, 1988 - December 19, 1989)

July 27, 1988 8:20 AM

There is joy here, for me--pure joy. Guess it took me a long time to accept what makes me happy, and now even longer turning a coin at it. I have yet to earn a pentacle or two.

August 11, 1988 3:53 PM

I capture the feeling
of the affect that occurs when
suffering achieves some relief
in the assemblage of sequence.
Namely, thinking.
But thinking has to match life's processor--reality, or
it fails to achieve wisdom.

August 11, 1988 4:33 PM

#15 is going to be a cloud watching environment.

August 13, 1988 2:36 PM

That you enjoy your exercise is what makes the exercise last. Stretching is something that you exercise at doing.

August 16, 1988 6:35 AM

We had just arrived at our tropical paradise and while the others were settling in, (or just waking up), I decided to go exploring. Heading into the jungle it wasn't long before I came across a path that headed uphill. Taking it there soon was a small stream accompanying the path. Soon the path steepened to the point of going almost vertical so I gave up continuing and headed back down. On my right there was a small ridge running parallel to the path. Still hungry for discovery I eased over the ridge and stopped standing in disbelief at what lay beneath me. From high above me sheer rock walls started down into what became the clearest pool of water some 30 feet below where I stood. Water from high above streamed down the walls to feed to pool and drained out somewhere beyond my vision. The formation reminded me of a rock quarry, the way the walls dropped straight into the water, and the water seemed very deep, yet you could see the bottom, remarkably clear of debris and clearly showing the shadows of the trees created by the sun in the late afternoon.

Suddenly I noticed I was not alone. Two young girls were on the ridge a little way below me. Before I could gather any more detail one of them stepped off the ledge they were standing on and grabbing one knee close to the chest, arching shoulders back, pierced the surface like a dart that erupted in a vertical splash of diamonds. She was so clearly visible under the surface, I became concerned at how deep her jump had taken her, but instead of making quickly for the surface, she seemed to feel more comfortable the deeper she went till the momentum passed away and then only slowly with grace and calm did she make her way to the surface.

Deep water is usually very intimidating for me, but the clarity of the water seemed to make it less threatening, even inviting. I watched as the girl joined her friend and headed further up the ridge towards and eventually past me. Saying nothing to me, or to each other, their interest and concentration seemed to be on the water and the next jump.

Thirty yards above me, where I had found the terrain so difficult on the other side of the ridge, there was one rock outcropping before the sheer walls dominated the sanctuary of the pond. The same girl stood there, more in an embrace of the beauty she was about to enter than apprehension of the added height to her jump. This time was as the last, one knee pulled up to the chest, the other leg straight with foot pointed, shoulders back in the classic can-opener position. The splash was much higher this time, more vacuum caught beneath the shoulders, and again the depth of her entry seemed to be what she was reaching for--holding the position till she was motionless in the water 20 or 30 feet below the surface. And then slowly, as though resigned to another try at touching the bottom she made her way to the surface. Feeling it time to go I made my way back to the path certain I would return to this place of magic feelings.

August 18, 1988 8:12 PM

(((((To be seeking your enthusiasm)))))

August 19, 1988 7:34 AM

Man adapts. Adapt or die. Your view of your world is as fragile as a crystal champagne glass. Break it and blow another.

August 24, 1988 1:53 PM

There is always this inner dialogue, this inner dissatisfaction. Where does it come from? Why is it so insistent?

August 26, 1988 11:20 AM

Your body is a reflection of how you are thinking, how much attention you are paying. Mirrors help your posture, they show you how you are holding your body, or not holding it as the case may be.

September 6, 1988 1:13 AM

What does a person do when they write into a journal? Is it the snake that is captivated by it's own reflection? I don't know. I don't know if it matters. When you start watching the process of captivation the content that is captivated seems to lose some (if not all) of its significance.

September 10, 1988 11:18 PM

Do I have anything I really want in this life? No. Except maybe to avoid pain. But even that is relative. Why did prohibition not work? Because living is a trade-off between now and the future. Sensing sequence, we try to amplify our efforts by constructing sequences of actions that build upon each other. After all, this is the way of the world. Expanding spirals of energy. Look at the milky way galaxy, an expanding spiral of energy. Stir a picture of water into a whirlpool and witness and a contracting spiral of energy. (Is the water contracting? Or is the energy contracting and the water expanding into the void left by the contracting energy?)

Stretching can be pure pleasure. A complete dialogue of listening and response, all happening within, without drugs, distraction, harmony, infinity, and timelessness. For in timelessness is the awareness that awareness is the essence of being in the moment. To the extent that you are aware you see the moment as the only reality and what happens becomes the fabric of the past. So what you do now governs the potential patterns yet to be woven. Still, stepping all too quickly back into one's self, the issue becomes one of how much planning vs. how much spontaneity. And the answer always lies in transcendence. Detail consolidates itself. Will is the heartbeat of life.

Fiction. I do not give a shit for fiction. Like wrapping on a present, the context compliments the content. I am the content, my life is the context, to dress it up further than that--well, why don't you do it?

There is something I am missing in life. Taking it too much as a duty to contribute, not enough as an opportunity to play. But is this an opportunity or an assignment? Do we really graduate when we die?

September 10, 1988 11:51 PM

The fascination with Nightmare on Elm Street is the fascination and attraction to sequence of events that are completely arbitrary. Things go along as one might expect, but from moment to moment anything might happen. Usually what does happen is that our greatest hopes turn into our greatest fears. And then you remember that hopes and fears are but opposite sides of the same coin--attitude towards the future. You don't hope for the past or fear what has already happened. It is what lies ahead that calls for the exercise of our will to choose our attitude. I guess why this is so important is because our chosen attitude towards the future determines our attitude towards the moment. And how we act in the now becomes our future. But it takes so long. Or seems to. And the effort to sustain a consistent attitude seems to go way beyond my individual ability. So we draw strength from the group,...but at what price? Trade-offs, always trade-offs. The two of pentacles, balance.

September 11, 1988 12:06 AM

September 11, 1988 10:38 PM

On an episode of The Rifleman today, Lucas said to Mark Twain "Your future belongs to the rest of humanity." Something in that comment struck a cord with me about my writing. Here I am, right now in this moment, use this label if you will "10:44 PM" and I'm capturing the flow of feelings into words. Very little mentality involved, very little control over what comes out. Is this lack of discipline, or is this a calling? I don't know, and neither do you. All you can have is an opinion. What is, is; perhaps this is the source of the joy, letting go and letting god.

Raised so firmly in the sequential balancing of routine religion, it is a wonder that I have coped at all.

September 11, 1988 10:52 PM

September 12, 1988 4:45 PM

What am I doing? Why am I training? Where's the future? Nowhere I guess. And publishing seems dead in the water. I get so mad.

September 14, 1988 2:55 PM

Consciousness ripples through reality.

September 14, 1988 2:57 PM

(((((Now ya see, I'm proud of that one. Sure for the content, but more importantly I knew when to stop.))))) Yet, as soon as you meet the moment the jerk reflex is to make it last. Talk about crashing!

"And then you went deep, I mean really deep." (((((If only that were the way it was!)))))

September 14, 1988 3:04 PM

And I keep trying to come back to the thought that brought me here. And now this is what it is: what we respect most about politicians is their ability to set the example and still be believable as human beings.

September 18, 1988 9:29 PM

I publish an information service that focuses on enhancing operating systems. Much of this has to do with developing sequence spontaneously and independently.

To process information independently you must understand the objective and know how to try. You must know how to find the tool that you need. If there is not one, or you can not find it you must, you must know how to make it yourself.

Most students are pressured to learn one package, like one spoken language. The principles remain vague until another language for comparison is available.

What an instructor does is focus on exposing the principles of language.

September 19, 1988 5:01 PM

(((((Coming here is the best, to the point of complete attention to listening.))))) They just don't understand how much joy it can be to capture so much, so quickly, and have it be so close to coming out just the way you hear it. Just the way you reach for it that first time, completely absorbed in the spontaneity of the effort, never more pure, never more exhilarating.

September 19, 1988 5:06 PM

You overstate when you seek to intimidate.

September 19, 1988 5:08 PM

(The intoxication of the involvement, either you drown in it or you die of thirst.) And all this time--fiction!,fiction!, fiction!. And you see, I'm just not there. I am here, And I want to grow.

September 21, 1988 7:20 PM

Matching the ebb of the universe, the opposing forces involved in a spiral

September 22, 1988 6:41 PM

At last a decent audience, me--for my self. Using your body is as important as keeping your gun oiled. You never know when you will need it.

September 22, 1988 6:44 PM

Time and date, the two universal references.
Don't they just boil down to one? Namely, when.

September 22, 1988 6:48 PM

The thing about personal computers is they help you grab control of when. And personal power can be power unimagined!

September 28, 1988 10:02 PM

My duty is to my client, not making it easier on you, but to make it easiest for them. Autonomy is the key. Feeling autonomous, being autonomous, knowing how to pursue autonomy.

September 28, 1988 10:15 PM

I think I'll go into substance abuse counselling. The abused substance? Electrons.

September 28, 1988 11:38 PM

(((((Essence precedes the moment.)))))

September 28, 1988 11:40 PM

"Adrenaline, the nectar of the Gods."

September 28, 1988 11:40 PM

September 30, 1988 6:40 PM

"You have to have a goal in mind to get up at 5:30 in the morning." So true. What is that saying? It is saying that only purpose would serve to interrupt rest.

January 22, 1989 7:47 PM

The idea of a democracy is that you agree in advance upon the sequence, i.e. the inauguration of a new president.

January 29, 1989 8:08 PM

I don't need the job, but I want the work.((((()))))

February 26, 1989 9:55 AM

It's been a long time, since I've really put anything in here. I guess that's because publishing drags me so close to the surface. But lately, my work has shown me confirmation of my sense of direction and bewilderment with how to transfer it into gold.

Communications, the sleeping giant.

February 26, 1989 3:06 PM

The taming of the PC means that it minds you. You tell it what to do and it does it. There is only frustration and intimidation between you and your most powerful servant.

March 14, 1989 8:19 PM

The interface is going generic. As it does, learning how to work your computer will become less of an issue, and knowing what it is that you are supposed to be doing with it--more.

March 14, 1989 8:23 PM

Boulder is a town where it can be easy to burn up upon entry. Hard to survive in a town where everything is so energized.

March 14, 1989 8:30 PM

(((((Build the sequence.)))))

March 17, 1989 7:21 AM

(((((It really is hard to find space between the moments.)))))

March 17, 1989 7:22 AM

The folly of evil is that it so underestimates good.

March 17, 1989 7:27 AM

Even in electrons you are not god. You cannot stay in one place and just dictate terms from there.

March 18, 1989 9:06 AM

"Have you read True Love Knows The Way?", she asked in a voice that could only be heard by David. The room was crowded, lots of conversations going on, and he was caught off guard because that was exactly what he was thinking about. That mysterious book. Ever since it came out there were either people who loved it or hated it, but few who hadn't read it. It was the mystery of the book that made it so widely read. Everyone reading it found confirmation in it, just what it confirmed differed with each person's reading.

"The mystery drew me in, but once I got there I wasn't sure where I was", she continued. Each person I ask sees it so personally. I find I agree with none of them."

David's eyes never wavered from the absorbing unfocused gaze of self reflection. He heard the question, because after a time a small smile began to show, a smile that confirmed truth knocking on the door. When he finally turned to look at her she had taken to watching the crowd, but had not withdrawn her presence in any way whatsoever. He looked at her face now, needing no further interaction.

March 18, 1989 9:32 AM

((((Vertical spine; burning wick.)))))

March 18, 1989 9:33 AM

Make the connections as you need them, the process is ongoing, invest your attention to how you proceed. You can go so far so fast your head will spin. It is not that the new VP is smarter than you are; it is just that he is using more powerful tools.

The PC is becoming less and less of a gun with a hare trigger. So now that pointing and shooting is under control, what do we shoot at? Understanding the flow of information processing. From the rows and columns of information banks around the world, into database programs, then a spreadsheet for projection, graphics to make it visual, and word processing to explain, desktop publishing for looks and communications to go global.

March 19, 1989 7:32 AM

To participate in life as a struggle is not what life is all about, rather to participate in life as a joy.

March 19, 1989 10:59 PM

(((((Mistaking the God within us for being exclusively us. When it is that which is in common with us all. There would be no problem if what we were wasn't the basic common element between us.)))))

March 22, 1989 7:53 AM

Bryant, good idea--a bogus first name on the registration of your fax machine so that anything that comes to that first name can be thrown away.

March 26, 1989 9:16 AM

When someone feels the joy in the experience there needs to be no other reason to continue the experience. But Ceasar insists upon his due. So if you are going to play with the hose, use it to sweep the sidewalk. I get asked why I do it. I guess it is part of the overall orgasm. (((((God, now at least I'm smiling. Haven't done that in a long time.)))))

March 30, 1989 5:55 PM

So...the market warms up! Competition for the training dollar is fierce.

March 30, 1989 6:00 PM

The taming of the PC ...

is a personal matter. That's why they call it a personal computer. Corporations are starting to panic about "the training issue". And most are looking around at the idea of classes, which means instructors and materials. A professional's problem is usually met by a professional's solution, and one company makes an agreement with another to provide these services. There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

March 30, 1989 6:13 PM

I've been teaching classes and tutoring for the last five years, and without a doubt a tutor relationship is the way to go.

March 31, 1989 7:58 AM

Classes are not the way to go for the student or the teacher. As teacher, you are always forced to respond to the many.

March 31, 1989 8:00 AM

Prediction: Private tutors will be the way the market goes. Consumer preference will force it.

April 2, 1989 3:20 PM

You see there is joy in the participation, as much in the keystroke as there is in the catch.

April 4, 1989 4:32 PM

Being a computer tutor involves a lot of caring.

April 4, 1989 4:45 PM

(((((I know there are people out there that do not give a shit about carbon or silicon.)))))

April 8, 1989 8:20 AM

It is important to have floppy drives that are high density and in the currently distributed sizes. When you buy software these days, not to have a high density drive in 3 and 5 means delays. Delays when it only comes in high density and you have to send away for the low density. Delays when the 3's don't work and the 5's come with the package. So one of each in high density is all you need. (i.e. DISKCOPY A: A:)

April 8, 1989 3:04 PM

Paying so much attention to the Agenda tapes, going step by step and then seeing the nested approach occurring all over again. Somewhat disappointing, that there isn't more to mentality, to processing. Like tying a knot, or throwing a knife, it has knack.

April 22, 1989 7:58 AM

Maybe that's how he does it. When Tim is underwater he gets time to adjust. Even though his concentration in the moment is a critical life and death situation, the restriction in communication and interaction because he's underwater, forces him to be still and listen. Be still and listen.

Eighty feet in clear water and a power boat resting on the bottom, called Michelle, rumored to have been sunk intentionally to collect the insurance.

April 22, 1989 8:27 AM

(((((It was the first time his machine had been on in a week. The hair on the screen became distracting and in reaching out to brush it aside, a static energy field was so strong that he reached out with palms towards the screen and in absorbing the charge made you feel he was patting the neck of a horse to calm it down.)))))

April 22, 1989 8:33 AM

(((((You see what you write matters very little compared to the sequence you write it in.)))))

April 22, 1989 8:34 AM

I get too involved with learning and teaching the specifics rather than the technique.

April 22, 1989 8:56 AM

What is in electrons doesn't matter, they are a dream, difficult to construct, hard to maintain. What does matter is what is in paper and ink.

April 24, 1989 9:48 PM

Power will still command its privilege. Once the pressure really comes to bear, those that have the money to pay for quality training, and assuming they have the ability to determine what quality is, then those who are bright enough and rich enough will have an advantage that less money couldn't buy. The irony is that as the power margin continues to dwindle, power flowing to the autonomous enduser increases and the person that can make it happen will be given the equipment. Of course, the catch to this is that you need experience with the equipment in order to gain familiarity. What you can learn about fluctuates; seize every opportunity you can find.

April 24, 1989 9:53 PM

Classes are a waste of time for some executives, they need flying lessons from the best, in the best of conditions, one on one, at their convenience, addressing their needs.

April 24, 1989 9:59 PM

You walk away from that which you cannot have, a tear in your eye, and a suffocating acceptance that life is a sequence that can only be participated in and never controlled. Oh sure, it seems like we have so much control, but we don't. We can choose to participate or not.

April 27, 1989 2:23 PM

As the level of complexity simplifies, a broader expansion in perception occurs.(perhaps in a paradigm shift) Given a generic interface, then what? Focus on the information current.

April 29, 1989 8:54 AM

The more you get involved, the less connection there is. Why is that? Life can be so absorbing that we lose sense of our true connection with it.

April 29, 1989 9:04 AM

We don't let the world happen enough to us. So little is passive, so much active, that it seems to be the only mode available.

May 1, 1989 1:07 PM

Build on the solid. Build the ability to process, not the amount of what you know.

May 1, 1989 1:09 PM

A sidecar is a file that you drop to the side of the main file you are working on in order to preserve that particular stage. A sidecar is a version of your main file saved under a different name in order to preserve that version of the file.

May 1, 1989 1:13 PM

I participate in developing the conceptualization of how it works. (It seems that I've been so lazy, and yet, on some levels I feel like I have been working my brains out. (Hum, "working my brains out", subconscious? Probably. Guess I should take a hint.))

May 2, 1989 3:31 PM

What is becoming more apparent to me in the market place is the need for generic understanding of concepts. Once you understand the difference between tabs and indents, they are not that hard to implement.

May 7, 1989 8:10 AM

A vacation means escape from the normal sequence. Normally that means in location, but the more that electrons make location insignificant the more the normal sequence is a matter of communication.

May 9, 1989 9:46 AM

The Taming of the PC...

is not easy, but it is possible. How you go about it can make all the difference in the world. Recognize the investments that return the highest rewards.

May 14, 1989 7:13 AM

It is so easy to forget that we are in the midst of change. That not only are things changing around us, but we too are changing with the changes we see around us. Living happens so close--distinction is hard to make. I'm very close to the foundation I wanted for my publishing. Now it's time to publish. I wish it could just be from my journal. ((And maybe it still will be.)) But what is next is publishing the four pager on training. There is so much that is overlooked, so much perspective that is off. What is needed is a metaphor in which the new system can be understood and manipulated. "If you can't use the phone what good is it?"

May 20, 1989 8:01 AM

The key is to slow down the ticks of the clock.

May 26, 1989 4:44 PM

I have all this work. I hate the distractions. From here, dummy. From where listening is the singular art of involvement.

May 30, 1989 9:16 PM

The ideal is to have a dedicated PC to just your journal. Not instant access, ongoing.

May 30, 1989 9:25 PM

So many are frustrated with getting anything out of a PC they see nothing but the down side.

May 30, 1989 9:25 PM

He met his senior student thirty minutes before class started. His warm-up before leading the class. The desire for fantasy to come true is the seed of myth. To play at reality is not different than being serious.

June 9, 1989 2:56 PM

The CONTROL- combination is often a keystroke that somehow amplifies the effect of just tapping the key. I'm surprised how much time I spend in class just on keyboarding skills. Play the keyboard right and the program won't frustrate you as much. (((((Play...program; perform...sequence.)))))

June 9, 1989 3:01 PM

There is no limit to power, only to how well you use it, and how hard you try.

June 24, 1989 3:38 PM

(((((To have a chat! Ah, to have a chat. To afford the luxury of listening.)))))

June 24, 1989 3:39 PM

Would you...

listen to me? I take people every day across the river of computer fear.

June 24, 1989 3:41 PM

(((((There is an object to the process. If you have no aim you have nothing to shoot at.))))) Look at what to shoot at...and don't be hard on yourself for your results. Learn what is real to expect of yourself. Don't gauge your self on your results but on the quality of your trying. All you need is a plan. A plan...having a sense of time.

June 24, 1989 3:47 PM

("Part of what is important about my time stamp in my journal is that it not only marks the beginning of a train of thought, but the end of one as well.")

June 24, 1989 3:49 PM

July 1, 1989 8:42 AM

Of all the distractions between you and the screen, don't let fear be one of them. When you interact with the screen you get to find some of the best parts of your self.

July 1, 1989 8:46 AM

Focus your attention. That is the trick. And trick it is, just like pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

July 1, 1989 10:31 AM

I have a note that I wrote to myself about what I thought was a dream I had about the interaction of phased beings with contiguous beings. And wondered where it came from. As though to point out how life rejuvenates its self by reiteration.

July 1, 1989 11:20 AM

(((((You see it comes down to right here, this relationship. The one so deep, everything else falls by the wayside.)))))

July 1, 1989 8:10 PM

Pressing RETURN returns you to the beginning so you can start over again.

July 3, 1989 9:56 AM

"The Sweet Bird of Youth" flies on its own wings.

July 7, 1989 11:19 AM

Reflections of a Hermit on personal computing and partner stretching. Now here is a paradigm that fits! Both engage mind and body in reflection and listening. Both expand awareness, both are joyous to do.

July 7, 1989 11:59 AM

It is the technique in which you find your answers that produces the rewards.

July 8, 1989 11:07 AM

That is it, the division between good and evil, between those who respond to what happens and those who make things happen. To exercise too much control is evil, to exercise too little makes you the idle hands of the devil. Where is the balance?

July 11, 1989 11:57 AM

Skills, getting the skills is not so much the problem as which skills. And once you acquire a set of skills, like "practicing" law, it can be hard to change involvements and still get paid what your best skill can get.

July 11, 1989 12:02 PM

(((((Life comes down to how intimately you can, or want, to bear it.)))))

July 25, 1989 6:49 PM

(((((To push aside the clutter in front of the keyboard, and reach for a star.)))))

July 27, 1989 6:54 PM

"Driven by the crack of the whip."

July 28, 1989 7:36 AM

The Dolphin and the Wizard lived beside the sea. The dolphin in the water, of course, and the wizard in a cave. The sea came right up into the cave, though the cave was not very big, only big enough to give the wizard a dry place to sleep at night. It was on this particular night that the dolphin and the wizard were together in the cave.

July 29, 1989 1:32 PM

To master your PC you must learn to lean on the genius of others.

July 29, 1989 1:55 PM

Know when to bring a saved level forward.

August 4, 1989 8:13 AM

Being aware of whether you are inserting or deleting is key to understanding the essence of the flow. The flow exists, the flow has a vector, and the process of the flow is constant.

First the world just happens to us, and we are unaware of our ability to act.(((((Later on, I think they call it adulthood, is when you learn that your action impacts your survival.))))) If what is happening affects our survival, then "the old ones" may be right, you have gotta keep track. If you don't keep track you can't keep control. Keeping track.... You gotta keep track.

August 4, 1989 8:23 AM

What people are looking for is where their role of participation comes in, in handling their part of the information flow. Mostly people want involvement in the creative part and little to do with the drudgery of conversion. So focus on how the drudgery is organized, and let that reflect on the results the organization is meant to achieve. The results being the plan to begin with. The plan is to keep track. What is there to keep track of and how do I do it as easily as possible? (((((Records.)))))

August 4, 1989 8:28 AM

Imagine a spectrum running across the wall above a blackboard. On the blackboard under each major color is the type of application software that belongs in that part of the sequence.


desktop publishing

This all being internal, as though data comes in, gets "processed" (which means organized), and comes out, still data--only grouped differently. You see, to organize anything you must group first, then place in sequence. Which takes me back to the big spectrum on the wall. Focus on the common groupings and their sequence. Macros seem to be the first encounter with grouping. Then comes batch files. Then comes trigger files. This in on the context side of the issue. On the content side of the issue, rows and columns are introduced in a variety of ways: spreadsheets the most common, then databases. Still the confusion between the two. To go beyond the basic difference of size due to limited memory, focus on how the groupings differ in the two environments. In databases the groupings always occur by row. In spreadsheets groupings occur by cell.

August 10, 1989 7:41 AM

(((((I listen and I listen, and I listen some more, until it doesn't seem to matter.)))))

August 10, 1989 7:44 AM

I teach not what to do, but how to do what you want, autonomously. The power is there only if you know how to use it. "If you are not interested in learning, you won't."

August 10, 1989 8:00 AM

You know I remember, at times, how it is that the hermit came into being, the struggle out of the straight jacket, where my feelings had no space to be what they were, and a belief that peace and happiness were available. What has come from all of this? Acceptance of an eternal isolation? Is that why I am so popular? ((And am I right in what I am doing? (Which is to ask the question: What are my motivations? And then I stand before my god, for my accounting.)))

August 11, 1989 7:52 AM

Externalizing God, taking him from within and placing him out there, seems to be the only way to reach beyond what lies within? ((((()))))

August 12, 1989 11:28 AM

(((((There really are moments of divine connection, when you can hold enough of it in your head to see that it all makes sense and everything is OK.)))))

August 12, 1989 11:31 AM

"Listener to idea, listener to idea, come in."

August 12, 1989 11:33 AM

Get the bottle of squeeze mustard and set up the illustration of how information comes out of a file, not just liquid, but a fixed sequence.

You see, time is the governing factor, the governing paradigm, and how you pose your belief about time, related subjects take on perspective. Subjects like love, life after death, and the force of will, and survival under burden.

August 15, 1989 9:23 AM

When you listen and don't hear anything who is it that is listening? An idea? An idea waiting for flesh? And so even in listening, is this too much exercising of the will? Do we as gods have the right to play at it? How can you determine what is right or wrong for a god? And aren't gods gods because of the quality of their play? (((((sigh))))) What becomes real from ideas is the zipped together substance we call life, and what you create you have to live with. Your decisions become teeth in the zipper.

August 15, 1989 9:35 AM

Some students expect keystroke for keystroke instructions. The terrain is too difficult for that. Each must interpret their situation and strike out from there. Each must know how to swim back to solid ground.

August 16, 1989 9:19 AM

No matter how much you think, thinking never leads when it dances with the heart.

August 17, 1989 9:05 AM

Knowing what you can affect and what you must accept. ((((())))) "He was a very bright guy that could not....(?)" We don't realize how close we are to nature's storm. (((((Spectrum of performance.))))) ((((((((((can it be? pain or pleasure your foundation attitude)))))))))) humm, "foundation attitude", religious beliefs.

August 17, 1989 9:17 AM

"And you're left with those who survived."

August 17, 1989 9:40 AM

From our deepest thoughts come our actions, and we implement our actions without thinking. So it makes sense to use the mind to train the body so the body can do its thing later on. But to use only the mind to train the body, separates the body from the mind, and this is not the case, must go beyond your mind to train your body, you must use all that you are, not just your thinking. You must use your feeling, feeling is direct input, usually overwhelming, which causes dramatic action.

August 25, 1989 7:47 PM

((((((I've got my checks stacked up by my left hand as though they are chips from my card play. What I want to know is, is it worth it? To what extent is self destruction worth making the connection? Is making the connection worth the destruction? What is making the connection? Why am I so weak? So self complacent? Self complacent in introspection. Life gets pretty lonely without a god to keep you company. I still don't understand why the god must be externalized. That seems to make it all the lonelier.))))) Its funny. Life is much more of what you make of it while you have it than what you leave it after you are gone. Seems I worry about just the opposite, what I am leaving rather than what I choose to do while I'm here. Yet it isn't that easy, words that become ideas are still only constructs you voluntarily pour your will into.

You know, it's funny, somewhere along the line I lost track of my own ambitions amid those of others, amid the ambitions of others I lost my own. (((((Maybe the externalization of god occurs to expand god's entity to lie beyond our own. (((((And then I wonder, what am I rambling on about this so as if this were virgin land. Either you accept the truth or you revolt against it. What makes Michael different than Lucifer? Vanity.))))))))))

I come here now, and I am at peace. Alive, in the moment, and coming oh so close to the joy in the keystrokes I once knew. Nose so close to the grindstone it is tough to remember why you applied it. But I remember, and I glimpse the future, another issue. I think it should be a complete step, needs to be a complete step. And so what shall I say? Electrons was a means to an end, the extension of what was nearest and dearest out into the world. I cannot support you all directly, but I can still transmit. I'd like to apologize for not getting something out sooner this year. There seems to be so much to be taken care of this year. (Did I say that or was I not paying attention to what I was writing?) ((Editor's note: most of what I write this day goes in directly, very little if any editing, meaning I type what I intend to, I edit what I tried to say whenever what came out didn't feel right.))

The focus on the autonomous enduser continues to intensify.

August 25, 1989 9:22 PM

I remember getting drunk on Schlitz at the Wyalusing State Park, being purposefully led out onto thin ice.

August 25, 1989 9:23 PM

I don't kid my self any more about aspirations. Maybe because I am not trying any more my self. By my exposure to you my will is nourished. I see more of who I want to be, but I shrink back, and wonder why it is worth it, must it be so, why does it seem so hard for me to achieve a physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

September 8, 1989 1:03 AM

(What to say and not give my self away?) The trade-offs run so deep. As much as I might see the one, could that really be me? And if not, then what am I left with? Late night drives are not the way, and if staying over is ruled out by the first assumption, then why even head in that direction? Funny how you can rule out vast areas of participation with just a tinge of focused vision.

September 12, 1989 9:48 PM

Oh, to have this feeling again.

September 12, 1989 9:48 PM

Pick the right tools and challenge the right people

September 14, 1989 11:00 AM

The assumption is that I can support my self by processing everything internally.

September 14, 1989 11:02 AM

(((((We get lost between processing content or context.)))))

September 14, 1989 11:03 AM

And the moment is gone, and all the reflection of life after death is focused on living in the moment. The moment, this precious moment, etched in time as another soul seeking to scratch the back of god.

September 14, 1989 11:06 AM

Speaking of scratching backs, wait till you get the hang of partner stretching.

September 17, 1989 10:34 AM

Time to move. Time to move into Framework III. The colors, oh, the colors!

September 19, 1989 8:52 AM

Now then, that's better. For you it's just ink on paper, but for me its white on bright blue framed in black on an ocean of deep blue, menu items black on grey and the clock red on black.

September 19, 1989 9:16 AM

Glossaries, clients are having a hard time implementing glossaries. That's because they are having a hard time understanding how glossaries work. Glossary names sit in memory like the numbers of players on a bench waiting to be called on to enter the game. When their number gets called, the glossary name, the whole player--not just the number enters the game of text. The player sits on the disk drive bench, his number on the memory bench. When the number gets called the player comes from the disk drive and enters the text. Now the confusion comes in when you start choosing to save or not to save the current glossary. When you save, all the numbers sitting on the memory bench get saved as a collection to the file you specify.

September 22, 1989 8:08 PM

This journal is a funny thing, like a lover, it is either in the mood or it isn't.

September 25, 1989 9:28 PM

Being alone but with your self matures like wine. Like going into a trance it takes a while and once you are in there it takes a while to come out.

I went to see Black Rain tonight, alone, and the movie was about someone who was alone, without a partner, doing what had to be done. I found my self wondering what I had to do with my life, how I choose to spend the time that I have left, how I wanted to go on from here. I realize that I have come to spend all my time in front of the keyboard distracted by other things, less and less connected within. But I also see the work I have done that goes unseen, with people I care about, helping them cope, they helping me. Bubbles of being. Can I spend the rest of my life this way? Waiting out my jail sentence of life? Day to day, savoring each moment, without wanting more? If I did want more what would it be for? What life would I live, not my will but thine? And what is thy will? Do I know, do I care? "So ferry, cross the mercy, of this land, the place I know, and here I'll stay, here I'll stay." I feel at home helping people cross the river of electrons, but is that enough? Do I want more from my self, do I want more for my self? Hard to tell, hard to tell.

October 6, 1989 8:17 AM

I don't like the cursor highlight as red, too dark.

October 6, 1989 8:18 AM

Fundamentals today: grouping and sequence. ((((())))) ta,ta

October 6, 1989 8:19 AM

Pressure robs you of the fun.

October 6, 1989 8:19 AM

"Are you a green card or a passport", she said brusquely, not even looking him in the eye.

October 8, 1989 8:26 AM

"It's not my style" she says, with considerable authority.

October 8, 1989 8:39 AM

When it comes to running your own PC, I see frustration levels on the rise. The MIS department comes in, drops a PC on your desk, loads the software, and says "adios." The ball seems to bounce to personnel and from there to me.

The good news is how well some of my early students are doing, doing it for themselves. They have gone out and bought the recommended books, subscribed to the newsletters, and learned how to find their own answers.

October 8, 1989 9:43 AM

There, with the TV off I don't have to spend energy filtering it out. Filtering, typing, writing, chiseling in the stone. All to synergize the space between the ears.

October 8, 1989 10:07 AM

A date stamp is a way of jumping somewhere else, related by sequence but not necessarily grouped together.

October 8, 1989 10:08 AM

Reaching nirvana is connecting in the moment to complete balance.

October 8, 1989 10:10 AM

"If only you applied yourself, think what you might accomplish!" came to his mind as he steadily climbed up the gallows. A thin smile grew at the corner of his somber face, and a twinkle appeared deep in his eyes. Suddenly, he was back in school talking with his roommate.

October 9, 1989 9:58 AM

If you can't control it, the least you can try to do is record it. Time, change, I'm talking about. We record it on tape and disk. (((((Why is the spiral helix, like DNA, the most efficient way to store information? Most compact?)))))

October 9, 1989 10:44 AM

Playing with colors, choosing what colors feel best on the screen is a far cry from zeros and ones.

October 10, 1989 10:27 AM

I've been remembering lately, when I go to bed at nights with my head propped up near the open window, how I felt doing the same thing as a very young boy. The street we lived on was paved in brick and not being very busy at night made its own presence felt from the distant rumblings of an approaching car to the fading presence of someone on a mission.

I remember how alone I felt then, and how similar it is to now, only then I didn't know there was so much more to feel. Back then I just figured it was status quo.

October 11, 1989 7:56 PM

Where you come in the sequence, that is the cruncher. Your timing, your timing is everything.

October 11, 1989 7:58 PM

Where is the pure passion? Undirected is the only way, as soon as you reach for the nozzle you destroy the autonomy. So I guess it comes to who's autonomy, your's or somebody else's.

October 12, 1989 7:50 AM

Meaning is something applied to life, life is just sensation, an animal's struggle to survive until one acts from motivation. To motivate you have to have a reason, whether it's fight or flee or pursuit of ideal.

October 12, 1989 6:56 PM

"Find your own answers!" this is the cry. The corporate cry to their own employees, "You must lead the way by finding your own answers and teaching others to do the same." To the extent that you reinforce this attitude, and you get the results, your will will be a wide conduit in the company.

October 12, 1989 7:01 PM

Just because the communications capability has gone to the rate of FAX, does not mean it is wise to stay in that part of the response spectrum. (Sometimes you throw out the yo-yo and it actually spins on its own. What a lovely condition, even though there's a string attached.)

October 12, 1989 7:09 PM

I sit here waiting for the great self to speak and I waste time (and lose track of job definition) waiting.

October 12, 1989 9:27 PM

I guess the situation which frustrates me is lack of electron warriors. No one but the individual who is clued in--cares! And they are running like hell to learn whatever it takes to do the organizing job in electrons.

October 15, 1989 9:57 PM

"I try to let it do it's thing before I try to do mine."

October 18, 1989 8:27 PM

I guess what amazes me most is how little companies care about developing a competitive edge in the use of their PCs. Today I met a company that sells its software for $6,000 a pop, but doesn't have an established ability to output from their software to an ASCII file.

October 21, 1989 6:28 PM

I've been in too close, too deep, losing sense of the forest, but all the while absorbing. I know, I know, no good if the absorption isn't squeezed. So....I sit here and watch the wheel of fortune spin, wondering what is worth slowing down for to be worth commenting on.

All in all, the people are bright, quick learners. They need less concept and more repetition. They need to see the example visually and repetition at making it happen.

October 21, 1989 6:36 PM

I find it curious to be so self aware, so nervous, so uncertain of a course of events. Makes me suspicious of the moment (suspicious of the moment).

October 21, 1989 6:39 PM

Indents, people have no notion of an indent. Indents are temporary margins for a paragraph. End the paragraph, you end the indent.

October 21, 1989 6:42 PM

This really is a cave, hard to tell if anyone's home. Suits me, I guess.

October 21, 1989 6:43 PM

You know it's funny, how this becoming so consuming has robbed me of the spontaneous joy of the effort. (((((Usually))))) But there are moments, moment of sheer joy, but more than joy, moments of absolute connection, not in the sense of being god, but in the sense of listening to god and feeling complete.

October 21, 1989 6:46 PM

Hey, in what other software environment can you be in the middle of the word and do a Control-Right-Arrow to select the right half of the world and then follow up with a Control-Left-Arrow to select the left half of the word?

October 21, 1989 6:50 PM

More than the detail, people need to understand the nature of the game. Running a PC is not a matter of what others are going to do for you; it is a matter of what you are going to do for your self.

October 21, 1989 6:52 PM

"WordPerfect takes the last code it sees"

October 21, 1989 6:53 PM

"The String" is so important, and grouping--together they present Yin and Yang to the Western mind.

October 31, 1989 12:50 AM

So when your feelings are inflamed, why is it so imperative to make contact with another human being? To vent? Why is this such a close second? And is this, writing here, a delusion from reality? "And it is still a shit point to make." And it was, why not just go ahead and be the asshole that you are pointing out that you could be? (Pat hand or fold; it is the only way.) And what amazes me most is how soothing this interaction is, as though need for any other is unnecessary.

October 31, 1989 8:35 AM

Dragging my anchor, that's romance.

The issue of abortion is the issue between the sexes. And it is humanity who will decide.

November 3, 1989 10:11 PM

To be robbed of your library, that is a tremendous loss.

November 3, 1989 10:14 PM

"Show me what matters", he said as he pressed the stop watch into action. Everyone went blank unclear and waiting for understanding. "Show me what matters", he said again, more pointed this time with the air of this was all the explanation he was going to give. ("Think about it" he wanted to say, but didn't, couldn't, without muddying the waters.)

November 3, 1989 10:18 PM

The reason that understanding ASCII is so bloody important comes down to printing. Printers use character sets to print from, and you control the fonts. And fonts control the reader. Get a clue. All it takes is desire. Controlling your electrons can be deeply satisfying, but it is only a part in a broad spectrum. If you control this part, you can influence so much of the rest.

November 3, 1989 10:25 PM

Controlling the look of the paper, always looking for a new concept to absorb and add to your depth of skill. When it comes to electrons they are no different than cattle; don't try to understand 'em, just rope'm throw'm brand'm. And it's true--soon we'll be livin' high and wide.

November 4, 1989 11:26 PM

So much to say, so little time. So much to leave unsaid, as though the truth of what there is to know is somehow unable to be told, or to be held. As in Behold!

November 4, 1989 11:28 PM

A keystroke to do a thing. A combination. The best combination occurs in one stroke. Control-Enter to save and continue, ALT-P to print, ALT-E for an envelope.

November 4, 1989 11:30 PM

And we go along, struggling to capture the sequence, struggling to survive, and so much of the burden of keeping track, of getting the bills out so I can get paid. ((God what a hassle, to have to bill people. Getting paid on the spot is so much more satisfying, so much more clean.))

November 4, 1989 11:33 PM

And the consultant is not such a rare beast anymore. Clients are learning the value in having the right kind of help. (God, it's about time. (((((Really, about time.))))) And somehow the fate of how well you cope in electrons is a prediction of how well you cope in carbon, your body, because how well you cope in electrons is only a mental exercise in how will chooses to sustain its self. Sort of a proving ground for making is happen better in carbon. Or absorbing the paradigm in one part of the spectrum (electrons) that is easy to apply in other parts of the spectrum.

November 4, 1989 11:40 PM

Is consciousness specific to the media in which it manifests?

November 4, 1989 11:41 PM

The Library, your diskette that you can take from machine to machine. The diskette you keep all your best combinations. Your knock-out punches, and your one-two smoothies.

November 4, 1989 11:44 PM

(You know its funny, you choose to base your life on values you come to believe in and in the struggle to live up to those values forget where the values came from.)

November 4, 1989 11:48 PM

In training, you are always reaching for the concept. Once the concept is understood, doing it is easy. And concepts are universal, not limited in expression only to electrons. So use the right "visual aids" for impact.

And spaced repetition, focus on the idea and repeat it often. When you ask a question wait patiently for an answer. The person is thinking, and thinking takes time.

November 4, 1989 11:54 PM

P = P
Printing equals power. When you print you crystallize thought into matter. Capture a snapshot of electrons that you can distribute. And what is the biggest irony of all is that, as usual, how accurate it is matters less than how good it looks.

November 4, 1989 11:59 PM

My client has achieved an identity:
Mr. Autonomous.
And it so fits.

November 5, 1989 12:00 AM

The printer and the PC are like a bridge that has two raise-able spans. Each can be either up or down, but to get the ink to go the paper, each side has got to be down.

November 5, 1989 12:02 AM

The clock gonging 12 times, and here I am lost in the keys and I have to wonder if moments like these are what brought me to this point. The hermit's point, the point of pleasure, the point of pain. The missile of will pressing through my shoulder blades, "strapped to my missile of will".

November 5, 1989 1:12 AM

"Path identifies directory."

November 5, 1989 9:47 PM

Focus on how you find your answers. Develop the process and you break the dam.

November 7, 1989 6:02 PM

You must constantly search for the sacred within.

November 10, 1989 10:12 AM

There is so much here that is sacred. So much that understanding does not change. After you understand, then what? That there is no "then"?

November 10, 1989 10:13 AM

Going slow enough to stroll.

November 10, 1989 10:15 AM

We understand sequence because we can perceive groups.

November 10, 1989 1:03 PM

There is this huge wave rising beneath you, if you own a PC you are on your surfboard, now all you need to do is point and paddle. ((((("point and paddle" is what I would call esoterically pleasing.))))) So much goes unmentioned. The underlying joy of computing. The joy of computing is the best there is next to orgasm.

November 11, 1989 10:40 AM

To be so comfortable with the alone-ness on the one hand, and so desperately alone on the other. (((((And is this what I am waiting for--the content? When really it is only the act that matters. Sure you want it to make sense, but beyond that, you want it to be a creative expression, with all the intent of will that you can muster.))))) The force of will is meant to reduce to one button, whether you are scripting in a language's alphabet or editing what you have already entered. Where? Into electrons, of course. Why into electrons? into sequence and grouping. Sequence and grouping. Grouping and sequence, grouping first--sequence next. (Or is that contradictory?) Anyway, grouping first then sequence. And to understand grouping in the computer you have to understand nested grouping. Different colored socks holding different types of coins. (((((types)))))

Directories are colorless, so their names must be used to help us keep them grouped together.

November 11, 1989 11:13 AM

Right here is what I want, doing this. (((((_))))) And to get a laugh once in a while from what percolates up into the woven sequence of thought.

November 11, 1989 11:15 AM

Something is missing, being outside enough, having an involvement, maybe I should be walking more.

November 11, 1989 4:37 PM

The battle for autonomy starts right at your names, addresses, and phone numbers. Seems like ACT is the way to get started these days. Beats having to run a database.

November 12, 1989 9:42 AM

As I've thought all along: What matters is what you broadcast. All that you know or can know is only data until you make it information by grouping and sequencing. Develop ability to group and sequence and you develop power.

November 12, 1989 9:40 PM

I feel like I have spent far too much time teaching others and not enough time doing for my self. Blending electrons, leaving tracks for others to follow and not just run joyfully into the future.

November 12, 1989 9:48 PM

To be trapped within your consciousness, what a sentence.

November 12, 1989 10:02 PM

(And now I fall back into the over-the-shoulder reflection and say can this really be me? Can I really be T.H.I.S., Inc.?. And the answer rushes through the processor: you already are. And there, shoulder blades pierced on the missile on will, struggling for control. Smooth out the waves.)

November 12, 1989 10:05 PM

There are times when the isolation you are in is meant to be enjoyed rather than endured. And I guess a lot of that has to do with how strong a relationship you have with your self. ((humm, the more self determined the less outside input?))

November 12, 1989 11:09 PM

(((((But you see, silicon doesn't cut it, it has no heart, and the high does not cover the spectrum.)))))

You see, when the structure is open you can pump what you want. This is true for the bad guys as well. Makes the pressure to broadcast all the more. Keeping track, the pressure is on keeping track.

November 12, 1989 11:17 PM

But this journal, this wick of breathing creation, is this my response to the values I was raised to believe in?

November 14, 1989 12:46 AM

I forget my self sometimes, as though it has never existed. But that is all there is really, is self. And how we respond. The experience of self and our response to it. It seems life divides into two situations, either you can afford the time to listen or you can't. And if you don't, all you do is apply your will, it becomes a wrestling match between everyone else and what you want.

November 14, 1989 7:41 AM

The thing about me and getting paid. What I charge is my own estimation of what it is worth. A lot of what it is worth is how much processor time in my head it has occupied.

November 21, 1989 11:09 AM

I'm scared. I am unfounded, and there is no self determination, no drive, no desire. That is what is missing, no desire. Well I'm reaching for it, trying to fan the smoke back into flames.

November 23, 1989 10:32 PM

This class coming up, excites me. So much opportunity, so much latitude in presentation, so much customizing of material to the client's environment.

November 23, 1989 10:35 PM

Grouping and sequence, grouping and sequence, it all comes down to grouping and sequence. Not "sequencing" as much as "sequence of". Sequencing is called programming, and can quickly become a bore, but choosing the sequence of can be quite challenging.

I play with toys in my classes to help me take it less seriously than I perceive it to be. Using a PC, like a baby's first silver cup, is something you usually get way before you can use. But how do you use a PC? The first thing is understanding what you use a PC for, then learn how to apply it. How to get results on your own--fast and cheap.

You use a PC to organize facts. Usually someone would say "data" and that word always confuses me, but "facts" seems to be more to the point.

November 23, 1989 10:44 PM

The potential disdain someone who knows something about electrons has, for someone who doesn't, is tempting. But that means they are inappreciative of those who follow. Or perhaps it is because someone who knows is usually unnecessarily drained by those who don't. So the issue becomes one of proper attitude. Expect from others what you would expect of your self. To the extent that you pursue autonomy so do you encourage others. Moreover, it must go beyond encouragement, the survival of the organization is dependent upon it. You must develop the autonomy of others to insure the health of the whole. This means help a person find their own answers rather than by just giving it to them. Force them to look on their own and come their own conclusions. From that they will consolidate their own questions. And it is from there that the answers to their questions become meaningful learning.

November 24, 1989 10:43 PM

It is only here, in electrons, when I'm most desperate for interaction that I find any company, and poor company at that.

November 28, 1989 12:53 PM

Training in a classroom is a waste. Today I have a lovely lady that can't tap a key. And a lady who operates in programming languages. Impossible to do either credit in the same way at the same time.

November 28, 1989 12:55 PM


November 28, 1989 12:55 PM

It makes no sense at all to spend money on a classroom training environment. It is like taking a Greyhound bus cross country. Too slow. Too many stops.

A PC can go as fast as you want it to. But if you go faster than you can control, you are gonna crash.

December 1, 1989 9:07 PM

The abuser of the system. Systems consulting. How to identify the system and use it to accomplish your desires. (((Why desires?))) Because it is desire that ends up as your expression of will. What you desire is the focus of your will. Our great freedom is that we can choose what we want. Often we choose our wants blindly. Naively? Innocently?

December 1, 1989 10:38 PM

There is great joy in life. To survive you must be able to listen to it.

December 1, 1989 10:38 PM

It's been a tail spin but I'm regaining rudder control way before contact. (((((I think.)))))

December 1, 1989 10:40 PM

When you understand the string, and how just assembling segments of the string greatly improves control, you gain room to breathe. Long controlled deep breaths. Breathe. Breath. The sequence is a circle. ((So mimic that when dealing with electrons. Specifically, a batch file menu system that automatically takes you to a menu, where you can read the menu and from the menu go into and out of the menu by only reading the screen. (This assumes you can get out of the application once you get into it or know how to use CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart the system.))

December 1, 1989 10:46 PM

The hermit lives with four liquids in his ice box: Perrier water, Diet Pepsi, Miller Lite, and Perrier Jouet. Sure there was fruit juice

[HPg]((((((What comes under joy
and what comes under abuse????))))))[HPg]

((A game with Alphabet blocks. Make the word using backspace and delete in the fewest number of keystrokes. ((How to repair a sequence.))))

December 1, 1989 10:50 PM

(On a role, eh?)

December 1, 1989 10:50 PM

All of us struggle up our own mountain. (((((Not so much the struggle, but being thrust into and gaining control)))))

December 1, 1989 10:53 PM

"I didn't want to walk." (((((To the extent that you can fly you don't have to. So, it must behoove one to develop one's ability to fly.)))))

December 1, 1989 10:58 PM

For the Brown Belt written: I would volunteer to come stretch with that person to help them develop the sequence. Essentially, embarrass them into their own discipline. By this you strengthen the mystique of self. I end up getting...lost. ((And then there is just self.))

December 1, 1989 11:04 PM

You group before you put in sequence.

December 1, 1989 11:06 PM

I'd teach them how to make use of their environment, falling into a roll when leaving their desk, using a low ceiling to make your spine a bow.

December 1, 1989 11:16 PM

"Why freeze the sequence?" First establish groups, then establish priority? (Humm, how is priority the same or different than sequence?)

December 1, 1989 11:21 PM

God, it's nice to turn electrons into paper and ink! Sure, it's not playing in carbon as a doctor--but it's close. It's damn close.

December 1, 1989 11:24 PM

The thing is that you have to lay down a track of sequence before you can group. Best do it in electrons, eh?

December 1, 1989 11:25 PM

You have to teach context, not content. The context of what? Autonomy, of course. That can be the only dollar investment made in training.

December 1, 1989 11:42 PM

Sequence. How tall are you?

Grouping. How much do you weigh?

A simple division of life right between two discordant aspects, until you acknowledge that the sequence is an edgeless loop.

December 1, 1989 11:44 PM

I liked that.

December 1, 1989 11:44 PM

I'd do partner stretching in class and I would make the student figure up the different positions. Hoping all the while to learn something new(!). Fear, where does the fear come in? Fear is an attitude towards the future. Fear is an attitude that the future will be bad. Whereas, hope is an attitude that the future will be good. Either way, the future is always undefined so the question becomes which attitude gives the best results.

December 2, 1989 12:07 AM

I get so far away from here, right here, in front of the keys.

December 2, 1989 12:14 AM

Stolen stretches. Of body and spirit. It's sort of like being self lubricating. Stretches on the fly. In airports, stretches start breaking out into partner stretching. Amazing. If you tell the story you don't have to make it fact.

December 2, 1989 12:53 PM

Using a PC is a matter of thinking. You have to know how to think to master a PC. So the objective is to develop a person's ability to think while getting concrete results in paper and ink.

(((((Develop a person's ability to think while getting concrete results in paper and ink.)))))

The objective is not to "get good" in a spreadsheet package or a word processing package; the objective is to process information. That gets done by organizing information and organization comes through grouping the sequence. Namely: thinking. Thinking is a one-way street. It is sequential, therefore its limitation.

December 2, 1989 4:26 PM

When the phone rang ...(last Line)he was making love when the phone rang.

December 3, 1989 12:05 PM

Single keystrokes. That's the key. Pardon the pun. The job is to reduce the most often reduced tasks to a single keystroke.

December 3, 1989 12:15 PM

A big reason for exercise is to shut down the mind. To get a rest from thinking. Funny, if exercising when you rest you think and when you want to take a rest from thinking you exercise.

December 3, 1989 1:34 PM

When you work in a corporate environment you must swim in currents between corporate interests and your own. Much of the power that is available to the personal user is disqualified by its difficulty to implement in a corporate environment. The corporate worker who seeks to improve her autonomy must develop her ability within the limitations of the work place. For instance, she must be able to place important files on a floppy so her ability is transferable from machine to machine. Which important files? Macros, printer drivers and fonts, autoexec.bat, and config.sys files.

December 3, 1989 1:41 PM

Changing to a directory right after making it--"c".

December 4, 1989 7:53 AM

(((((And here I am writing. What is the chemical that does this?(??))))))

December 4, 1989 7:59 AM

I'm sad to see so much focus on women. Their perspective, their rights. It is divisionistic of the human spirit. I find it primitive to take sides as to feminist vs. chauvinist. Can't we rise above the issue and address each other as more complex humans than our inherited sex?

I guess what is most annoying is someone who limits reality to what can be thought about as if that is the only part that is real. thinks that all can be known. or whatever. I gotta go, just when I am starting to pay attention to the keys. Use the computer is using the keyboard. Using your fingers. If you train your fingers to do the more difficult keystrokes the more difficult tasks come naturally.

December 4, 1989 8:09 AM

The best answers are not the answers you get from others but those you find for your self. In the short run, answers from others seem to be quick and easy, but developing the knack for finding your own answers sets you free. (And makes you very valuable.)

December 5, 1989 4:21 PM

Given an understanding of how information flows through applications then the visionary looks and sees what? That the value shifts to grist for the mill. ((miller)) Data. Facts. for databases and spreadsheets, pictures for the graphics and words for the word processors. Just think of me folks as a text string library of unusual expressions and metaphors.

December 5, 1989 4:33 PM

The reason you learn to "DO IT IN DOS!" is because DOS endures. And DOS is the most common language between the largest number of personal computers.

December 5, 1989 7:11 PM

(((((So I'm in this pretty deep these days, perhaps too deep, strange encounters seem like snorkelers from eighty feet.)))))

December 6, 1989 9:46 AM

T.H.I.S. is the sequence. Time, we weave it together.

December 6, 1989 9:54 AM

"What do you do when the natives get restless?" See employees pulling their hair out, bug-eyed staring into a computer screen, ripping the "manual" to shreds, a room filled with a woman's tears, (a man's frustration is different; he gets hostile) everywhere situations of frustration. This is the real world, one that I see because of how I am plugged in.

December 6, 1989 10:00 AM

You can not stop the clock; all you can do is respond.

December 6, 1989 10:01 AM

(((((See the journal makes perfect sense, at least as far as I can tell, but I still haven't found the right pipe.))))) And that is because, why, this is what I don't understand. It is as though I am timid and need to be shocked out of my bubble into more of a profession. Profession--something someone professes to know something about.

December 6, 1989 7:48 PM

User's need to train users.

December 6, 1989 7:49 PM

The reason you have to "eat it like it is" when you embrace electrons is because you are restricted to learning about what you don't have access to. (Still, my first computer book bought was because I wanted into the business and couldn't afford a computer. Twenty dollars got me started, but more accurately, my willingness to look up my own answers.)

December 6, 1989 7:52 PM

The thing is, you have to gather a sequence into a group in order to have something to organize.

December 6, 1989 7:54 PM

For all the people that know so much that I do not, publish! Profess. Send out the word, for especially on this subject in these times there are ears hungry for your tongue.

December 6, 1989 7:55 PM

Look at what I do for a living, and then take it for what it's worth. The people I meet are always frustrated. The people I meet are always under pressure. And the people I meet more than once are willing to pay for axle grease.

December 6, 1989 7:57 PM

Do parallel processors all make use of the same memory?

December 6, 1989 10:02 PM

DOS is the ultimate information manager. This is true because DOS deals directly with the basic building blocks of information: files.

December 7, 1989 10:35 AM

(((((You see, its a power thing. And management has good reason to worry. Their secretaries are more indispensable than they are. Now don't get me wrong, management will always be management, there is just a paradigm shift going on when it comes to who is in management.))))) The lever that moves electrons is your desire. Controlling the direction of your desire usually means that before you act, you think, but thinking is no more than a part of responding. When your head tells you "yes" and your guts telling you "no".

December 7, 1989 10:42 AM

"Muscle does have memory." Cory Everson (((((Thank you, Cory.))))) Therefore, posture has memory? Memory based on what?

December 7, 1989 10:45 AM

You see the idea is to capture the sequence of your own interaction with the world so that your effort of capture can be grouped latter. It can be grouped so that organization can be developed. The motion that you generate leaves a wake.

December 7, 1989 10:48 AM

One of the delights in using Framework is the windowing of files to allow assigning significance to files by their visual size.

December 7, 1989 10:50 AM

When the candle of belief dims so does posture.

December 7, 1989 10:57 AM

I've had nothing to push against. (((Humm, self conscious in electrons. How unusual, but it causes a deep breath.)))

December 7, 1989 11:01 AM

The exactness of working in electrons is that the sequence must be exact. The language must be spoken perfectly, but there are shortcuts.

December 7, 1989 11:17 AM

To surrender the dream, to surrender the passion, this is the temptation. Belief, faith, and imagination, what have these in common? (((((nothing I suppose)))))

December 10, 1989 12:31 PM

My ALT-T that jumps to the end of the file and stamps the date and time.

When it comes to exercise, focus on imagination. It is from imagination that all movement begins.

December 11, 1989 3:17 PM

Learning the lesson of the PC. Learning how to process information. How to make decisions from that information...

December 12, 1989 8:51 AM

The journal, the journal is the key. Joy, is joy the key? Have I been so far from a worthy goal? So selfish, so blind? Is trying to speak publicly something that I am sure I want to do? When you go inside your imagination, what happens? Is imagination a subject or source of will?

Not the best trainer, but perhaps the most interesting perspective. The perspective of autonomy, the focus on the personal computer user. "I strive to be an autonomous end-user." Why? Because the burden of support ultimately boils down to you. Find your own answers, show others how to find theirs', and recognize the flow of what you do. You process information, which means you organize facts. You organize anything by grouping the sequence. (((((And carbon intervenes to be stretched)))))

December 13, 1989 11:44 PM

When you start nesting groups you get into outlining.

December 13, 1989 11:46 PM

Calculus assumes smooth curves; does time always manifest itself in smooth curves? And if indeed we are inside our own black hole, surely there is a way to transcend whatever template we can imagine.

December 14, 1989 10:13 AM

The young boy stood beside the lake looking at the ground intently to find the perfect rock. His body moved very little, only his eyes swept the mass of pebbles that lay before his feet. For a while it seemed he would never choose, and before he did he looked up to see a wild goose whose honking seemed to distract him, but moving before he even took his eyes off the goose made you wonder if he had decided on the rock before taking in the passage of the goose.

The rock was smooth and flat, just the right size for the hand that held it. While the boy's gaze looked out over the water, the hand sought the perfect grip. In one flowing movement the stone was out upon the water and skipping in long glancing encounters with the surface of the water. Each encounter, longer than the previous, defied the laws of nature, until it became obvious that the stone gained energy from hitting the surface of the water rather than losing it.

December 16, 1989 9:55 AM

Good audiences aren't found, they are developed. People are so different, different lives, different beliefs, different interests.

December 16, 1989 10:08 AM

Have you noticed the changes in printing lately? Smaller and smaller businesses are handing out polished paper. Which really only stirs up the waters. Training really hasn't even seen pressure yet. Here I come back to the idea of paradigm shift, a vertical shaft of transition like taking an elevator from the lowest level of the parking garage to the waiting helicopter on the roof.

December 19, 1989 11:07 AM

The paradigm shift occurs with the person; each has to cross the river alone. You can get a lot of help but you can not avoid getting wet. It is a river of electrons. It has a current with rapids, eddies, sloughs, and whirlpools. Many are floundering for breath, others are aptly swimming. How you do is up to you. First there must be desire; no desire gets no results. Then there is strategy. Strategy is a template we apply to our plans to have the future turn out a certain way. The strategy of autonomous personal computing is to drive your PC the way you drive your car.

December 19, 1989 12:04 PM

A line editor is powerful if you are dealing with lines as things. In DOS, a batch file is a collection of lines, each line is a command. Here is an other example of how recognizing the grouping makes it easier to deal with the detail. (("Deal with the detail. I like that."))