The Hermit's Journal Excerpts (Pre-Datestamped)

****Please note: ****
Each paragraph is a separate entry.
It wasn't until later that datestamps evolved to lend each entry distinction.

This is my first attempt at getting a file to exist on this service I am trying to get started.

T.H.I.S. intends to illuminate the difference
between content and context.

First and foremost, you must remember to breathe. Breathing is life itself. From your first breath to your last, your life is a series of breaths. When you "remember to breath" you link your mind to your body. (Memory is a function of mind, right?) By focusing on your breathing you keep your mind connected to your body. In a world where there is so much pressure on mental activity, staying connected to the part of you that lies beyond your mind is terribly important.

You are more than your mind.
Never forget that!
Your mind is only a tool, like a computer, that you use.
But YOU are much more than your mind.

Nothing can relieve you of your personal responsibility to determine your own existence.

Talking is a waste of time. Seldom does anyone listen; even less often does anyone hear. So I prefer to listen, for the same reason I just might hear something. Besides, it is so much easier to do it in the presence of others. But you see, I have this tremendous urge to do what I am uniquely qualified to do. After finding that I am qualified to do (("almost")) anything, the chore then becomes doing what I am best at. Now there's a toughy: to do what you're best at.

There's only one criteria to judge by: your own. Herein is the pressure in today's society. You must make more and more judgements in shorter and shorter amounts of time. The flow is towards decentralization of the decision making process. You are on your own, baby. The pressure is on to make more decisions. So much so, that the real anxiety comes from not knowing which decisions to focus on. Focus on in the sense of pay most attention to, never in the sense of having the entire picture in focus.

So what are you reading and why am I writing this? I do it because I enjoy it and I plan to continue as long as it feels good, and hope that somehow I might contribute my energy to the resonance of life.

So there's a lot of change goin'on. When you have nowhere to jump and nowhere to stand you are sinking. When you have nowhere to jump and nowhere to stand and when you are sinking, what do you do? Of course you swim. Don't know how to swim? Get someone to teach you. Nobody around? The the panic will begin to descend as you realize you must teach your self or perish! (You missed that course too, huh?)

That there is depth to understanding is finally becoming apparent. In the PC paradigm there are obvious levels of understanding and understanding it at different levels never changes the truth. (So my quest of course, as a writer, is to capture the truth. The truth being only that which everyone perceives as truth. Universal perception.)

The most difficult language to speak is the truth. The truth never hurts once you learn how to separate your self from pain. You either learn to live with life or you die trying not to.

(((((Inescapably free, inescapable freedom, we cannot escape our freedom to choose. (The judicial system is a method of forcing a choice.) Anyway, embrace your growth. Work with your self, cooperate with that which flows from within.

Jesus, I feel so guilty the more I stay away from writing. Like it's the best thing for me to be doing with my life, I know it, and yet still I ignore it. Are we all that way? Does each of us know our calling and ignore it to one extent or another? Aren't we meant to be happy? And isn't it largely a matter of choosing between one attitude or its opposite? Either you reach for happiness or you don't.

(Are you going to listen to what you hear out there
or to what your hear inside????)

I don't understand why most people don't write poetry, for lack of a better word stream of consciousness, just so they can hear themselves think. So they can listen to themselves undisturbed. That's so important: to be able to listen to your self undisturbed. suffer the brunt of attention. Are you willing?

Sunday in my mind. Sunday in my fingers. Whatever feels good. Where does this come from, the motivation to pursue pleasure? How do we define it? What gives us the idea that something holds pleasure for us? Is it differences? Does a perceived difference somehow wake us up more?

All the doors I've opened, all the things I've tried. Takes a lot of experimenting to find the underlying context (structure). Even then, it is so easy to allow your self to be deceived. It's choice you know, to fool your self or not to. And the reason you have a choice is because you can respond to your feelings. You can't turn your feelings off. You can choose to ignore them but you can't turn them off. (So the choice first becomes one of whether you are going to try and live with your feelings or live in spite of your feelings.) (Living in spite of my feelings really feels lousy to me so I like to feel good and for me the choice is easier to try and live with my feelings.) ((Really living with your feelings is the only choice. At some levels that's not easy to see.)) Or do.

Consciousness existed way before language. Language evolved only because it facilitated the development of some areas of consciousness.

)you can get into such nitty gritty detail that you lose hold of the substance. Define the substance("squeezing the rinds of my savings account"

I've been trying to live too much by the structure that I have envisioned for my self. Settle down, settle down. You cannot ever escape the current so relax, focus on your breathing. 90 degree understanding. (((((90 degree understanding.))))) How dangerous it feels to so indulge in what we most enjoy! As though someone will see me and in their envy of my pleasure reach out and destroy it.

Caring. Caring and spending money. What is it they have in common?(?)

Look at your situation, find those who would support you because of your beliefs. (can you think of anything better?)


Awareness is mostly a matter of accepting things for the way they are, which is usually not the way you want them to be.

One of the most difficult realities to deal with is the isolation you must live in with your self. The only consolation being that you have your self for company. Otherwise, how could you go on? Adapt I suppose, but are there no limits to adaptation? (no, silly, of course not.)

It is much easier to live a life of self denial than accepting what comes and not wanting more. The greater the pleasure the greater the inclination to want more. As for me, I constantly challenge my self to have things better than before and still not expect more.

TLJ is my greatest indulgence. Because of my attachment to her she will obviously become my greatest suffering.. For attachment leads to suffering, unless you allow for change. Such a thin line. Will I ever be able to walk it?

Writing is such an escape from the chaos of raw emotion. Such a blessing this communion of mine. Without it where would I be? It's something real, something tangible. A way of working out my feelings, a way of reacting to my feelings that doesn't have to be seen or heard or cause a reaction. (that is until you start sharing them.) Then it will be you that submits to the inevitable. Illusions.

There is really no need to point out the painful. Instead of ignoring it, or avoiding it, I'd at least like to help me cope with it. That's what I do this for, and don't let anyone else tell you different. Altruistic, me? Hah. I'm just trying to get along. If I can do better by helping you do better, then so much the better.

I've come a long way. Never knowing where I was headed, always trusting my feelings. Some compass. Trust makes you so vulnerable. But the alternative is so much worse.

I am scared of how deep my passion runs. Life looking for life. How do we handle the competition for quality? For surely quality exists, doesn't it? "I need more." Need? How can needs be anything other than disguised wants?

You've got to relax. Don't make something more of what there is so little of. You have important affairs to mind; mind them. Be your self; be autonomous. Accept your situation, and you will out in the end.

So much is attitude, it doesn't matter the reality. What matters is your perception. Your context, and how well your context fits the flow of reality. Realities flow. An unusual mix of words because it seems the common perception of reality is a static one.

(("How can reality exits and change not affect it? So if reality is affected by change then reality must be change. And so in the pursuit of realty (or truth) one must pursue change; come to understand change

The idea of spectrum helps so much when I try to understand life. Life seems to be a moving spectrum of change, with relative rates that follow some sort of distribution curve, like a bell-shaped curve.

You can perceive a puzzle's context and still enjoy putting it together. The problem I have is ...???

Do I really seek to be happy? ( Yes, of course; so where is the rub?)

Do ya wanna be a star?
Do ya like to kiss? Ohhh, baby!

Listen my man, you can't kid yourself; or hide behind being creative for the company. You can use it, or you can hide it. You either do or don't. And what you do is a personal responsibility.

My job isn't to motivate them. My job is to help them fulfill their motivations. What they are motivated to do, and how they go about doing it is up to them.

What is it that I am avoiding in my self?? (((How can I fail to "connect" and know it so certainly?))) You are growing fat and content; surely that's the sign to change. But to where, to what? (Don't I know? Won't I go? (Next Tuesday at 2:30)) there is something in my self that I have walked away from. I don't look back but I feel the absence without having to. Because I don't get it from anywhere else I don't engage with my self. That feels bad, not good for me. How much of a saint can I afford to be? Want to be? Can I be? Will I be? I will be. I will be with you always. (Sound familiar? )

I am frustrated with my self that I can't handle the job better; I want out, away from the constantly on line. ((Jesus, the (((What's the value in the path versus leaving it?)) ...))

The reflection of how the mind works in the tool that made it is fascinating!

You can never relieve your self
of your personal responsibility
to determine your own existence.

Why does it seem that no one subject is worth staying on for that long? Faster, faster, lets go faster than fast. Think it all through; get it all figured out. It's the desire to figure it all out that has us accelerating the treadmill. When in truth, if you only slowed down a bit you couldn't get off the treadmill but you could at least enjoy the scenery.

The game is a lot simpler than many would have you believe.

Those that lead you to extremes seek to rob you.

People are going to fall into the computer paradigm.

((((Oh, how I love to play. I start to understand why artists are artists; they are hooked on the pleasure doing their art gives them.))))

(((((I'm right where I want to be so relax. When you are in the rapids slow down and steer.)))))

Use your experience!

We are entering an age where members of organizations will be required to pursue their own lines of education because only they will know best how to develop their growth. Energy.

LEARN THE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How honest are people willing to be with you?


!!!!!!!Make the choice as simple as possible!!!!!!!


Alluring, enticing, and tempting.

Ownership gives the right to lead. Or, another way, ownership assigns the responsibility to lead.

People call all day long asking questions, and when they don't like the answers they'll tell you why it shouldn't be that way.

The importance of personal computers is that it trains the users to be choosers.

Personal computers are just that--personal.

You use them to do just one thing, process information.
Your information.

Making choices... everything in life reduces to making choices.

How well you make your choices reflects how well you live.

The reason that you are a computer's master is that you are the one supplying the motivation. They cannot turn themselves on.

PC's are tools that help you manage information.

Why does it feel so terrible when you make a decision and you no longer have the options that you thought? or imagined?

What if you were wrong?

Understanding comes from transcending beyond your current context.

Life is a process. A process of transformation. To the extent that we can be aware of this transformation, we can control our involvement with life.

There is a major paradigm shift taking place. We are caught up in a great wave of change. Just as great a change as the transition from farming to manufacturing. Many are calling this great wave of change the next age of mankind to follow the industrial age. And they are calling it the Information Age.


(((How to get in touch with the transformation that is going on within.)))

(Why is it so hard to be honest with your self?)

Listen to your self. If you listen hard enough you will hear what you are listening for.

Decisions. Decisions. Trust your feelings.

We are headed into a civilization of information exchange.

Your self is your awareness. Awareness can only exist as a pattern, as a context, as something relative to something else.

Can you feel your self thinking? Who's the you that feels your thoughts?

A hermit looks at life from his perspective, and only his perspective, because to him that is the only perspective that counts. Just like to you, your's is the only one that counts.

This mission has to do with helping others help themselves.

Everyone hears their own drummer, whether they march to their own tune-- is an entirely different matter.

You must make plans. Not plans that intimidate, that you loath, or that "must" be made, but plans that will take you into your idealized future.

Look within for confirmation of the truth.
You must judge for yourself.

Stones in a stream, all too often so far apart that no one can get from one shore to another without falling into the current of confusion.

Difficult to avoid being swayed by enthusiasm. Talking to your self can be a real luxury unless you make the time.

You can be wrong about your feelings,
but your feelings
can never be wrong.

The joy of life is discovering its context.
If it were easy everyone would be doing it.
Take your self seriously.
Believe in your self.

Have you ever tried to see your self in a mirror
without the lights on?

Am I avoiding making something of my self
so that I get locked into being what
I make of myself????

Thoughts I entertain are not necessarily thoughts I choose to act upon. What matters are what thoughts you choose to act upon. Sometimes I can't hear my self. It's as though me and my self are standing too close to each other to hear one another.

Hopes and Fears:
Hope and fear are opposites sides to the same coin--
attitude towards the future.

I teach the Hermit's stretching and meditation class to help my self stay calm in a world of apparent chaos. I find that by helping others tune into their essential energies I stay closer to mine.

(How much do I let up off the brake without gaining so much speed that I lose control?)

Believing in your self is the worst kind of addiction. Everyone encourages you to do it, and the more you do, the more you have to. Want. The pressure becomes enormous. Believing in your self means believing that you have some control over what happens to you. To the extent that you believe in your self you believe that you have control over your life. Trouble is, what happens when you believe in your self beyond your actual level of control over your life? I don't know.

I want to try and get it out of me so I can transform.

I am also committed to putting more content into T.H.I.S. For it is the only way I will ever be able to share so much of what I have that is important to those that matter to me. (To say things makes me winch because it then creates some kind of expectation that I fear will cause some loss of maneuverability) certainly fast enough to capture ideas as they come. Phrases, words, ideas. The creative process. (Where is that)

The motivations of the many
are rarely swayed
by visions of the few.

I miss not being around more dynamic people.

(((The schedule controls time.)))

Give the people you work for a good image about themselves.

Make moves to develop autonomy of all the players.

Recognize its a high touch game with brains.

My brother does his work
in a sea of salt water.
I do my work
in a sea of electrons.

Always simplify your life,
let go of involvement.
not getting absorbed
by its paradigm.

And now! Isn't it time yet? When will it be unless I will it? And what will it be once I will it? (Isn't this the key issue? Isn't this what I should be worried about? The content of the context?)

So isn't life different with a new ribbon?

The keener the need for attention the greater the apparent distraction; a genius never cares, he or she is too preoccupied with their genius.

So how does a genius (like in music) make a living? by teaching; but teaching takes time and time is what is so limited. So we have to duplicate our selves, sell our selves without selling our time; or too much time, at least no more time than it takes to enjoy the creative genius inside.

(((( James, so much of this is for you because of you.))))

You write it for you, you have it pay for you.

(( Am I through yet???))

I write it the way I want it. Isn't that the idea?

I wake up wondering,

Slumming in Awareness

There has to be motivation; there has to be will.

Where there is will there is life.

"Your will be done!"

Some things are forever!

People are scrambling to learn how to program; just think what we will have when they scramble to learn how to write, or even as far as how to think.


Oh, what would I do if I couldn't type, where would I get the isolation? Is it just me that is so drawn to enjoying my self? Was I spoiled into a preferred life of seclusion?

Part of the selling process is getting the money.

Find the common interest...(?)...

(Remember the senses, how it feels to remember, what it feels like to remember.)

Live or die by the marketability of the product.

"Can you do it without flinching?"

Transformational awareness. The subject of being aware of the transformation that is in progress; its rate of speed, its direction, and its curl. Why the interest? Because you can choose where you ride the wave. That is, to a point. With a wave this big its tough to know where to ride it.

Paradigm shifts. Quantum leaps from one framework to another. Natural and predictable. Collapsing consciousness under-enveloping itself. "Pulling your self up by your boot straps."

I need to relax, I've made my move, I'm in the current, and the biggest opportunity I have is to take some time to my self. Don't screw up! Take the time you deserve.

For everyone's sake.

(I know a lot of talented (disgruntled) people. I wonder if that will ever work to my advantage?)

And I wonder when I'll get serious about writing.

(( Their time, mustn't waste their time. So send what you are good at! Let them find a pearl among stones.))

"It blew me away when I discovered that I wasn't perfect."

So sinful for so long, gotta stop, but part of me wants to rush forward. Anxious to meet my maker.

You don't comprehend reality with your mind;
you comprehend it with your awareness...
because reality is awareness.

"Some you do just for yourself."

No great writer, no great context, only pleasure. The great pleasure of participation in the transformation of awareness.

All the input that says, " Yes, Believe! " all the feedback that has come since that says, " No, Don't! "

(((So tough to be the first one to give your self a break.)))

I'm more concerned about finding the extension that will give me the peace that I'm looking for.))) How can so much of my life be determined by feelings? I choose my work, have in the past and will continue to do so. Will I be able to sell my work this time the way I want? Will I be able to sell what I have to say and just that?

Only if I try; only if I believe. There is so much to do, but I am wistfully wasting my time waiting for the motivation from out there. It won't come. It never does. Motivation comes from within.

Will it happen? That's up to me, that's up to now, and up to the strength of my choices.

I publish character strings. It is not for me to explain what I write. Only for me to write it. I cannot be the judge! (Like the director of Conan!) So write and enjoy.

All teachers throughout your whole life are but preparation for you to be your own.

(((((Don't you marvel when you watch your hand struggle so to capture the context within?)))))

(((((What I need most of all right now is to act upon my belief.))))) But belief isn't it really. It is more like perception. That's it "perception." How we change our perception? (((((Isn't it by applying our beliefs to our experiences? And isn't our belief a contextual filter? And aren't our beliefs a contextual filter through which we interpret our experiences? So we as humans, we as the information processors of the universe, aren't we merely a manifestation of will that is represented by the outcome of our choices? I want to be outdoors more. Either in or out of my work, my life has to be more outdoors.

The crime of a thinker is not to write.
The crime of a writer is not to do.
The crime of a "do"er is not to think.

"He could never get it compiled, let alone executed."

(... the machine only enhances the mind that uses it.)

((Monsters from the Id and all that)) So instead of focusing on the use of the machine, I choose to focus on the user of the machine. It is the user where you can make the most impact. Develop the awareness of the user and you change the user's reality, and your own as well. Which is the idea, of course. So many good esoteric ideas that act like pleats in a skirt--barely visible, but always managing to fill in the gaps.

I've come so close to dragging my occupation into the realm of vacation that now I wonder if I want to mix the two.

What is at stake when you talk "productivity" is results per effort. The pride of America is in its inventiveness; we figure out a better way to get the same thing done.

A Better Way.

"At what level are you willing to accept God's will in directing the course of your life." Or, "How hard do you feel like swimming in the current, is there somewhere to swim to? Is there a moral obligation to act? How do you determine moral obligation? How much control is it worth exercising in your life? How willing are you to cut yourself some slack and not try and save the world?

"Like the suspicion of sprouting in the heat of spring."

New habits and old habits, what to do between the two? Listen very hard and use an active hand. But not a bossy mind.

To run your life rather than to have it run you. I'll keep reaching. And you know, it will work. It will be as real as you are.

"Always assume you will never get your next paycheck."

The wave gains momentum, the tune you are willing to play for your self. We are all locked into the neutron dance.

Productivity relates directly to attitude. We choose our attitude and results occur. How productive those results are, relates to the attitude chosen. Productivity is the attitude to make more happen in less effort. To survive better. To make more with less. (To make the most of the situation.)

...another spasm in the labor pains of love.

Being cut off from computers was rough, losing cable TV reaches new heights of sensory withdrawal.

The Hound of Heaven pursuith ever on, and now what?

Consciousness is a spider web of will that is submersed in a sea of chaos.

Awareness is a repercussion of will.

(((((indulging in facilitating someone else's awareness instead of focusing on your own.)))))

Brittle breaks quickly.

There is not a more exciting time to be living in than now. In the midst of such sweeping change into a new era. Call it what you want: the Information Age, the Aquarian Conspiracy, The Third Wave, what you call it doesn't matter nearly so much as how you react to it. (The Critical Path) Planning ahead, knowing the prime computations of the future. ((Is that it with me? Was I raised to leave it all to god when I knew I had so much to do with it?)) Is it age and maturing or is it a manifestation of consciousness?

I guess I am a champion of autonomy and self determination.

Still want to do it all equally well, or is it more wanting to have the most control with the least responsibility?

"Why are you being so nice to me?"
"Because you are letting me."

Tree structure in thinking and awareness is accelerating.

People are undergoing a paradigm shift as a society, new perceptions make new realities... where to point the torch. The changes are forcing you to program more and more of your life. ((((How much of this is me and how much is it the tint of my glass))))

I have got to light somewhere. I can't stay up in the air indefinitely.

I didn't like my lifestyle; now I am trying to change it. I'm not sure what I didn't like, could have been my job, my relationship, or me. I don't know.

(real big numbers in a vertical market or real little numbers in a broad horizontal market)

((Tangential perception))

The isolation is overwhelming. Dropping so much context means more than the content.

Throughout all of this the only calm I find is by listening carefully, calmly, to my feelings. Your primary purpose right now is to let god do his work through you.

"Life as we know it" seems to be scarce. Better protect that puppy. So keep writing and keep focused on what you left and what you were headed for when you left.

Let the roots of your past nurture the seeds of your destiny.

...the foundation that you create becomes momentum into your future

So what is your master plan lately? Thought about it much? Been a while since you had to face the fact that what happens in your life is largely, if not entirely, up to you?

So health is another aspect of prosperity.

So much helps us adapt: movies, videos, newspapers, (information services.) Just keeping your balance is not enough, ((or is it?)) Often just keeping your balance is more than enough to keep you busy. But what about those stretches in the river where you have more control? There is where you position your self for the next set of rapids.

How do you want to spend the days of your life?

Maintenance. Club Med. Golf Course. What about mind maintenance? All levels of consciousness are concurrent with each other.

To every time there are translators, to publish my information service, and be me, be a paradigm that those who mean so much to me can get to my thoughts, my feelings and ideas from afar.

If you've got the ability why not use it? (The trouble is, knowing when and how to use it.) Haven't I always wanted to repay in some way what I was given? And hasn`t that been the evolution of T.H.I.S. first release? But I keep coming back to it like a needle to true north. So better to risk and transform than to stagnate and decay. Better for the sleeper to awaken, and that happens when you reach out for new experience.

Listen Mike! It really isn't all that hard to understand.
And deal with. You've got the hots to publish again. So do it. Try it. Risk it. and then go on, cuz that's what is going to happen anyway...things are just going to continue on till you are dead for you, till the rest of us are dead for us.

The power is not to jump into the specifics, but to coordinate specifics to achieve an outcome. What specifics you coordinate depend upon what outcome you want to achieve.

Performance means nothing without application.

When you fail to make the first commitment you are very reluctant to make the same promise twice. To state for all to hear that this is something that won't change. In a world torn by change, transition, and personal growth. New dreams are needed, just the content, we have always had the context. The context is life; the content is how we make it work. How do we prosper in a world run by electrons instead of horsepower? The sway from transportation to communication is a big one these days, especially towards the cheaper form of transporting electrons instead of matter.

(Electrons not matter?)

Directories, tree structures, the mind, thinking, and consciousness. Who talks about this stuff these days? As above so below with resonance throughout.

The difficulty for me was getting a perspective that I could operate within.

Found out that believing is only an ingredient,
not the whole pie.

Found out that you can only play an active re-actionary game.

(One does not get there alone. (Any more than one is already alone. ((Ah, is it that reality won't approach the reality we are capable of creating in our minds? Is that the foolie? The challenge is creating the reality in your mind for others. Make what is real for you real for others. (That's how we all grow!)

Listen. Listen to your senses!

Will makes it all happen. The glue that keeps it all together (part of the epoxy of life that includes the glue of love.)

I believe that I can make a living by doing something I enjoy.

(Think of music. Don't you think playing a tune, like in jazz, is enjoyable? Sure it is. So why can't it be that way with typing? (Writing?) ((Word Processing?)) Oils and canvas.(((((You see the paradigm that is going to be held in common by so many will be the one of an operating system. In the world of electrons what is the structure of organization? Where we are headed in operating systems (namely, UNIX) is primarily an outcome of how we think. We structure the operating system to enhance the operation of our mind. The structure on the other hand, of how our minds work and therefore how we fashion our machines, remains one of nature and physics. Which makes me smile, because the mind is a baseball player lookin' to field a homerun on that one.)))))........))

Just another night
for as long as
it feels right.

Fat is misdirected growth.
for lack of not exercising
the strongest muscle of all--the will!

Does spirit embrace life
or get entangled by it?

Autonomous information processing gives you control.

(((More than ever I need to be self determining. I've done well till now, (letting go is always easy) but when it comes to exercising will without the whip, now that takes a close connection with the inside.))))

((((Step away see your self and let it flow. Aren't you doing that though? What you feel is the pressure to spend your time elsewhere, instead of getting done what you know you want. Is that a way of avoiding? Avoiding what...interesting.

So now I'm thirsty.))))

Getting into and out of electrons. That is the issue here. What information do you deal with that will be better to work with in electrons? Not exercising your body, you must do that directly.

Internal awareness.

Writing this journal keeps me sane. Why? There is a realness of involvement here that is hard to find in other lines of work. You either get it down on paper the way you hear it or you don't.

True to your self has something to do with being true to others as well.

The older the religion the more polished the paradigm.

Hah, but what is natural? With humans their ability to choose has freed them into a dilemma where you are enslaved to the results of your choices.

How funny. Doing what I know it is that I should be doing and finding my self wondering out of habit what it is that I should be doing.

((((( People tell the truth behind the guise of jest.)))))

Conflict arises when you are no longer happy. What do you do? What happens when you are no longer happy? You either accept it or reject it. Trouble is that it takes effort to do something about not being happy. It seems that it takes more effort than it's worth, so it becomes a matter of settling for a level of unhappiness instead of putting out the effort to find something that will make you happier.

What I teach isn't so much body oriented as it is self oriented. Not a religion but an attitude, an attitude that you are more than your mind and that your physical health is an expression of your inner health. A good way of thinking about my class is that it teaches the inner game of life as something that can be learned and practiced on your own. When practiced personal growth occurs.

((( Laughter points to truth.)))

The pleasure in giving is in never being able to overestimate the impact.

Laughter and tears,
our response to truth.

Contextual fit.

Can't control the chaos, only our reaction to it.

Why do I spend so much time processing so much information that is irrelevant to me?

" A bluff is not an ultimatum."

There is so little time to work in what you want. So little time to mend the nets. (Or take the dogs for walks.)

My interest has always been in discovering the rules
rather than playing the game.

My focus has narrowed to what I call
transformational awareness.

Writing, such a joy. Losing a complex about confidence. The form matters not so much anymore, not at all really. Who really does the writing and what (or who) is really the instrument?

Peaks and valleys, the quality of experience. Reaching for freeze frames. Flying kites.

Casting judgements,
casting stones,
you rarely hit the mark.

Awash in a sea of electrons.

Becalmed at sea. Ah, be happy
focus on awareness.

Choosing Your Attitude
(((((so important)))))

Find out what language they use by listening.

Appreciate the difference between prediction and the magician.

Extension, the demon in the sky that we must continually confront to continue being human. Extension of self.

What is important is understanding what you are trying to do when dealing with electrons. Recognize that you are dealing with information. Information is what you need to make good decisions. And all of this is taking place in a timed event called life. So the importance of information is directly tied to its timeliness. When you know something is as important as what you know. ((((()))))

The reason electrons are entering our lives so dramatically is because of how fast you can process information using electrons. Now where is timely information important? In the business world? You bet. ( The business world is a timed event forced upon you by the Internal Revenue Service, namely government. The Many insisting that an accounting take place.) ((Yuck)) Anyway, because business relies so heavily upon timely information, computers are put to the task. And what is so much fun for me is that they are finally reaching down to the autonomous user with a dimension that is almost a vertical wall on the tidal wave of transformation. Namely, a paradigm shift from one contextual awareness to another. And that is fun to be around. The energy given off is healthy to participate in, even addicting.

(The reality is the same no matter the template applied; life becomes a matter of preference for which template you choose to filter your information and therefore your decisions through.)

Somehow working with computers makes the information you act upon less of a decision and more of a plan.

Knowing what to expect from the equipment can be enhanced greatly by knowing something about how it keeps track of information files, records, and fields.

The idea is to understand the context so someone else can input the content. Understand the context in order to determine what information you want and need to look at. What information is possible?

You have a responsibility to synthesize your life.

You must direct your own growth. And in so doing have an idea of where you want to grow, even if you don't know why. Just knowing what you want to do is all that counts. Do it and enjoy the doing. ((cuz that's all there is))

(((((Let's wake up here folks, if you have got an information advantage you don't want others to know about it. Give it away and you lose the advantage.)))))

"you don't have to understand how it works, all you have to do is understand how to get it to go."

The pendulum has swung away from people who develop directories and towards those who climb up directories. (searching for the root) (((Searching for the root.)))

Make your moves quality moves. Keep your priorities in order and you will get there faster than if you try to do too many things at once.

What is the root directory? The root directory is NOW.

Now is where all thought derives from, isn't it? If we stay more aware of the fact that we are locked into the nowness of reality, won't we be more able to deal with life? (What is life? Life is the fact that you are part of things happening that you have very little control over. "You can't unplug the neutron dance." But you can pick up some of the rhythm. By listening. That's why listening is so important; if you can't dance how well can you listen?

Perhaps I have come to accept the fact that getting it out on paper is more a matter of concentration than ability. Too many people want to distract you or slow you down. Only concentration, or tenacity, will see you though.

People try to hold up their reflections on your efforts to the point of getting distracted with what you get from others rather than staying focused on what you want to accomplish.

Recognize the rivers that you cross by the actions you choose and stay in touch with the NOW enough to enjoy the passage of your life as you do it, as you live it. Reach for what feels good.

Mining, going to work in electrons.
The main shaft the root directory.
Side tunnels sub-directories.

The accounting game seems to be one of converting assets into zero book value. Converting assets. Prospering within the template of accounting. (How well do you prosper given how much you exercise the rules?)

Access to the limited resource: Know how.

Victims of the information age:
No access to the information.
Biased information.
Limited information.

Blind faith leaves you vulnerable to intellectuality.

Learn to control the operating system and you gain access to the RAM.

One of the important things to remember about accounting is that it is designed to be a one way flow of information. Information is processed through it in one direction, a reflection of the life process. If you are going to change something in the accounting paradigm you must go back to the point of entry to change it. (Yes?)

What is it that I feel so driven to breathe into writing?

The trouble with life is that it all runs in RAM and you can't save any of it to disk.

Choose your field titles to match your accounting field titles; have your accounting information flow easily into your database.

When you consider an accounting package sit down and print out all the reports. By looking at the reports you get insight into what the program is capable of doing.

The idea is having the right information, in the right place, at the right time (with the least amount of effort at getting it.) So let's plan ahead.

Faith is a funny thing. Belief without reason. Choice.

The power in choosing what you believe and acting on it.

Life runs live through RAM. You can't save anything to disk, all you can do is control the flow. Computers are so fast they help you slow things down. Think about that. Life is a timed event; can you get everything done (in time)? "There's only so much time in the day!" Ever hear that one? And it is because we are operating with limited time (((Limited Time))) that how we choose to spend it matters so much. "Invest your time wisely." This is a good one. How do you decide what to invest your time in? ((((Obviously, you listen of course.))))) You listen, and you gamble. You gamble that how you choose to invest your time will pay off. (((((And that is how I'm feeling this morning--just like the Tarot card of the young farmer looking at his grapes wondering if his effort will produce a harvest. In so many ways, life is what you choose to focus your attention on. (((So let's focus it on Transformational Awareness.)))

((((I try to stay away from the machine. As soon as I start reaching for something to write I know that I have nothing left to say. (Which came to me as I was about to leave the machine.)))))

Searching for tapes....ever done that? Searched for tapes? What does it feel like, looking for an effect and not being able to play it? Frustrating at least! We choose the information we process. On all levels of being and awareness. Even in our awareness, what we are aware of is still not the who that is aware. We are the will that directs the flashlight. The nature of god is to go where it wills. God finds his most distinct expression in mankind. ()) of course depending on your point of view.(()

My interest is in helping others develop a personal paradigm that helps them adapt to life, the fountainhead of god's force. (((((What is it that we can only see at times of unusual moments of clarity, locked in the now, where all questions dissolve into answers?))))) ((((( such as baptism, or Zen master tricks on their students)))))

To call attention to transformational awareness helps me participate in my own transformation.

Listening is the window to the soul.

All I can do is give it my best and hope for the rest.

Process, and context vs. content, the inner mysteries of life that words can only point at but not become. The ultimate awareness transcends thought; the ultimate awareness is a superset of thought so it cannot be encompassed by thought. So much of living is doing what needs to be done. What needs to be done? Listen! How many times during the day do you see something that needs to be done? Just do it. I tend to want to put off everything that I encounter that needs to be done so that I can decide what I want to do. (But somehow that is less, less than seeing what needs to be done and doing it.)

I wonder if I am making a mistake by writing this to journal instead of writing to the people that inspire it.

(((Because in electrons desire finds a more direct source, than the limitations of what can come across paper.)))

Learning involves an attitude towards what you know already.

The more you press your self to get there the slower you go. Understanding comes from tangential effort. There must be a synthesis where before there was separateness.

Focus on the major trends, believe in your most general assumptions. Be faithful. ("How can you achieve anything unless you invest your faith?") ((((()))))

When you buy a computer it becomes your mini-mainframe.

Haven't I slowed down enough to interface effectively? (Obviously not.)

Fulfillment lies somewhere beyond mentality. Somewhere in the realms of expanding awareness. Expanded awareness that takes you into a close connection with your body (senses?).

What people miss about the move into personal computers it that they fail to perceive the larger change in progress.

Exploit the changing context at its largest level to leverage the change to its maximum.

I'm looking for some ego in a desert of disappointment.

(Just publish it.)

Life expresses itself uniquely. Each of us has our own inner compass, a compass unrelated to any other. (Ah, except the flow of life... which is circular, like the hot wax at the base of a burning candle wick.) ((So it seems that life is more like the magnetic poles dispersing the metal shavings. History and prediction are on a teeter-totter opposite nowness.

Nowness. We use computers to take a snapshot of life. To slow it down. Life goes by so fast, its tough to make an accounting. The trick to the game is to slow it down enough to have your choices work out. (It does no good to reduce speed if you still can't avoid the meteors.)


You run from being your self.

(((((Am I there and don't know it?)))))

Are you always there and don't know it????

If you are always there then doesn't where you choose to be while you are there make a difference on how you feel while you are there? "Ya Folla?"


The binary choice: to believe. Either you do or you don't. Look! See for yourself; if you're willing to do that then the rest comes easy. But if you refuse to acknowledge the isolation and undeniable nature of your awareness, you don't trust your self. "Goin' crazy in the night. Everybody seems to have lost their way, do I turn and run?"

I think that it is foolish to be in the middle of a major transformation and not be talking about it. Not be processing it?

I have an electronic network as my family.

(((((isolate the context)))))

The only way to ever overcome your loneliness is to accept its existence. (There's something so bitter sweet about it all, the intensity of the experience, the intensity of de jevu.)

I never had anyone talk to me before. Why does it take so long to meet honest people. (Why does it take so long to be honest?)

((((...If you know how it makes you feel
you will know why it makes you feel.))))

"I enjoy makin' it happen, not keepin' it goin'."

Computers are tools that work on information. Your information. What they do with your information is up to you. That's why its important to know what it is you want to do with your information. What do you want to do with your information?

(((((I'm so pleased to feel the feeling that brought me to the keyboard in the first place.)))))

What I love to do is process information. And I do well at the type of processing I do. What kind is it? Well, what ever it is, won't others who do it have the same thing in common? People who learn fast, adapt quickly, and are good communicators.

Sure it's cold, and I don't like it any better than you. But I'll not let it get to me or where I'm going. (You must understand I may not know where I'm going , or even if I didn't know would I necessarily try? It's just that there is a direction to life, (ah, to my life)(), and I intend to cooperate with it. I intend to survive.)

Electrons prod along and I want to move fast! Consciousness is an on going instantaneous experience. We feel it moment to moment. Memory is only a mirror of past experience.

Treat your computer like your dog. They both understand simple commands the best.

We are on a wave, a wave so large it hasn't even crested yet. Like surfing on a tidal wave. Think about that one. And then think about what your highest priority would be maintain your balance. And how do you maintain your balance? Do you freeze? Lock up? Or do you stay flexible, try new things, lead in new directions? There is no escaping the situation. We either handle it or we don't. I'm here to learn what's going on at the individuals level of information because that's where my interests are leading me. It is only a fortunate coincidence that the entire information age happens to be going in the same direction, i.e. headed towards the individual level of processing. And how well one is connected in electrons will soon be how well one fares. Electrons will have a major impact on your ability to fare in the world.

Know when to turn off your long range sensors.
take off your glasses.

Now is always the time in which you make things happen.

(Remember the philosophy of Fuller, develop the context so that others can operate within it when they feel the need.)

Writing is a response to self.
When it shouts out to be heard,
to matter,
always to matter.

Everything you do doesn't matter.
Accept that and lose all expectations.

I have a problem with losing confidence in my efforts because of little or no confirmation. (But how can I say that around Kim and David? Aren't they too much confirmation? ((I don't know.)) Do I want any confirmation if I want complete latitude in manifesting my self? Probably not. Here the Taoistic sense of "doing" comes in, doing nothing, but leaving nothing undone.

I get so nervous when things start happening for me the way I want. (A reluctance to reach for what you know you want.) By all means,((((())))) reach! Just don't lose your balance.

(((((All things come from a conceptual center. That's why Pilates integrates, or compiles, or makes sense. That's why the God on the inside makes sense. (((The sense of controlling buoyancy at a chosen depth. ((What depth?)) Settling down? Choosing a focus? Having a career take off?)))))

There has to be controlled anger against the world. A controlled anger surviving against the world. I guess the ultimate pleasure in life is exercising the power of choice. Standing before death, or in our favorite pastime, how we choose is all that matters. This is what feels important now. How you choose, how you push back the envelope, where you have gone to light the way where before there was only darkness.

Life is as brief as dipping your hand into a stream, once.

Musicians create music that sounds good to them, surely writers do the same.


It is surprising how quickly the transformation is fleshing itself out. The pace of information is so fast, feeding upon its own growth, allowing others to get there faster than those that are there now. So where does that leave you? With what kind of a strategy for survival? A focus on transformational awareness. Being aware of the general in order to cope and deal with the specific.

"Whether you are a buyer or a seller, information in the right place at the right time can make you money."

So much boils down to your decision to listen or send.

How much of the world's attitude are you going to listen to and how much of your attitude are you going to project into the world? With such major shifts taking place there is a broader range of "places to be coming from." How much do I want to listen? How much do I want to project into the world? Don't I have the internal picture to do a good bit of projection? Am I fooling my self or are my efforts more concerted at accomplishing the balance I seek? The pentacles?

There is a lot that I have not forgiven my self for. Actions of lifetimes past. The hauntingness of memory. The effort of forgiveness. To choose a new day, a new way, such effort.

The more I seek to get away from it the more it comes right in front of me. What have I been feeling lately? The need for distance, the feeling of being lost, too much focus on money and not enough faithful endeavor. The mind does not have to be the slave driver of the body, but the self does control and choose what the body becomes.

Rest easy; live a simple life.

Enjoy what you do for the sake of doing it. (((And isn't that what I'm doing?))) ((((Or at least trying to?))))

And what is my point of view? Looking straight out from the card, listening, enjoying my awareness of senses. (To what responsibility, you say? To leave nothing undone. To do nothing, but to leave nothing undone. (Doing what needs to be done.) ((((And here is where I say you have to trust your feelings on that one, what else do you have to go on?))))

If all the energy around you gives way and then extends a boost as you go by, how do you control your assent?

How do you avoid becoming the target?

(((((There is something terribly lonely about being a man. A man lives in the now, always. Reacts to the situation without guilt or boldness. He is just there, and does what needs to be done without "doing" anything. Like water, filling the gaps. (Jesus, is that hard to do or not? Especially when no "war" dominates the events in our lives. The war of the pentacles.)))))

Why is the struggle so constant to sift the self from the many? How hard is it to listen?

What do I have to give? How can I give back best? And is giving back best as good as giving back the most?

I think I must choose to write about something, must choose to publish more, ((you see time is passing and the bird is on the wing.))

I'm reaching today, for who I am, who I am going to be. In this desert of confirmation I must quench my thirst from within. What is to do? Nothing? What is to leave undone? Everything?(?)

If I am to stay anchored, I must find and maintain a focus for my life, for my life's efforts. What will that be? What can it be that will sustain me throughout life? Giving. Giving of my self. (Right?) How do I give of my self? Be like water. Flow to the lowest point. Be like the sun come from your center. Be an agent of transformation. Heady? Could be, but doesn't need to be.

It is always nice to drop into a perspective where what you think doesn't matter anymore.

If you look for a problem, what will you find?

Will you find. With will you find. You have to find it. It can be pointed at but never out. Whether you see it or not is not only entirely up to you, but exclusively up to you. Like looking at a picture that has by contrast, both the figure of two faces and the figure of a vase created by the outline of the faces. (Is "each of us is a bead in the rosary of god's will" trite?)

Be aware.

The closer you approach success the more caution you must exercise. (But then I think you want to enjoy it, or it doesn't matter.) (((So much seems to be driven by what you enjoy, (grow with) )))

Artificial intelligence will always be just that--artificial.

I have always under estimated the time it would take to achieve an identified goal. (I don't know if that is because I don't reach enough to get there faster (my number one alternative to the prime computation) or, I'm naive to how long it takes to achieve the assertion of will.

Who are those guys you hear about that liked to drink while they wrote? Were any of them ever any good? Were they all driven by a common force? (of course, silly)

The focus must be on the autonomous end user. That's where all the power is headed so we better be able to offer service to that clientele.

((((What's the difference between actual processor time and execution time?))))

I don't think anything. I think it's relative. An ongoing process of synthesizing the now.))))
To think all my efforts are in English, what a limited tool.

What a limited form of expression.

What is left of life? When we lie stricken by accident, moments before death, what is left of life? Is life any different? Or is it just our awareness of the silliness of our constructed meanings? Tenderness, care, guidance, are these not the things that fill the senses as we become more aware of the moment?

What does the force care where you swim in its current?

no money, no choices

I am always ready to fly into mass storms of self doubt. And instead I think I am going to override my inclinations and assert my self. Isn't that what I have been afraid to do, assert my self? Aren't you afraid of asserting your self? (Yes, but why? The risk, the rejection? The power? ((((The aspect of overstearing???)))))

(Send information to those you choose to support and let them support you.)

Writing gives confirmation, to my self primarily, and to others secondarily. I know that the further I go along, the less I feel there is to write about that is important. (the frogman returning from action) But still there is the joy of it all; I don't want to forget that the joy. Isn't that why I came here? ((((())))) Sure it is to indulge, open your arms and let you be you and embrace what you know to be.

The joy of growth, the pain of letting go, not becoming attached is so difficult. (Impossible)

I keep thinking that I need to write it all out, to explain how everything is happening, as though that will make a difference. As though I could ever lay out a stream of ideas that would carry others to the same understanding I have. Won't happen, will it? So what is left? I guess a reflection, a reflection of the understanding I have, if I'm capable of it. What is that reflection?

Major change is going on, like water turning into ice. First its one way; then it's another. Two different structures with two different sets of properties. I'm not sure what the water part is, the part that we are changing from, never felt I fit in that part, but I know a little about the part that we are changing towards. It has to do with information. It has to do with the power individuals have over information that they didn't have before. Power is flowing towards the autonomous information processor. Sure there are programmers, and mainframes, been around a long time. But what happens when everyone has the power to have a greater control over the information available? And what happens when so much of the information available is now accessible in such a customized fashion? Maybe the shift is more in the direction of ice to water. Before information was frozen and available for only those that could work within its crystalline structure. With the improvements of information processing equipment, information is more like liquid, flowing to meet its own level.

It is so strange encountering the unknown of the strangeness of another person, especially when there's passion involved. Sensitive areas of growth. Why does the heart beat out of control? "You make my heart beat faster and that is all that matters!"

God's rush.

It is so important for me to write, for my health, for my focus, for my friends. What I write has to be me, without effort, without consolidation. Put it out there the best way you can without getting your own mind in the way. Feelings, the greater being, is the true processor.

I choose to focus on awareness. When a paradigm shift occurs, focusing on anything else may leave you with nothing but confusion. How is awareness changing? What are some of the common "new concepts"? Global awareness? Electrons? Autonomy? How can focusing awareness on these areas help? I feel I am preparing now for the future by learning future skills. Can that happen? Does preparation make a difference? (God, I hope so!)

"I'll be happier after my first couple million; I'll be able to relax a little bit more." ((So true, so true))

"If it came in a bottle, we'd all have great bodies."

When you seek to evaluate a software program, or hardware for that matter, consider the transportability of the information you will be keying in. Will you be able to take your information and move it into another program? Or is the information locked into the program you are using? How do you find out? You ask, "Can this program dump its information, both raw data and analysis, into a standard ASCII file?" If it can't you don't want it. Why? Do you really want to re-key in all that data if you decide to upgrade the program you are using it on? Hell no, so be smart, get involved in something up front that doesn't lock you in.

Never let anything stop you from reaching for your dreams. Not to reach is the mistake. When you let go of reaching you lose your reason for being here. For me, I've had to get used to the fact that what I am reaching for may be out of reach. But that doesn't matter! It is the reaching that counts. Not the getting. Sure the getting matters, it's nice to get there, but once there, then what? You gotta reach more right?

...sticking your head in the sand till someone comes along and buries the rest of you.

I wish, I wish, I wish, oh how I wish, that I could experience all things, be all things, live all things, ah but the limitations of the flesh are the joys of the flesh, till next time.

Listening, forever listening, guided by the light of listening.

Being alone is the ultimate intimidation.

It seems that you either give up or you get mad. God I hate being mad, I'm so dangerous. Can you be mad and still in control? Extending my self in sparring feels so uncomfortable, but it's offense that wins. (((Isn't that funny? That offense wins, but only when forced by offense. (Defend your self offensively) (Jesus, can that possibly make any sense?))))

T.H.I.S. has to do with power, personal power. And lately that involves a lot of the subject of personal computing power. If you have any money, or want to get any money, times are demanding that you utilize the powerful tools at your disposal. Because if you don't the guy that is competing against you will.

What tools? How to choose? What to focus on? It's easy to get lost. Let me offer you my paradigm in hopes that it helps you in formulating yours.

What matters is information. The reason is that expensive tools that work on information are now cheap. And information just so happens to be the foundation of the idea we call--money. If you have your information act together, money becomes easy, because making money is a matter of making informed decisions. The more informed the decisions, the stronger the odds of making money. "Betting on a sure thing."

I'm so impatient. People are still walking around in a daze wondering what is going on and I am tired of trying to convince them. If you are reading this (T.H.I.S.) I take it for granted you are clued in and trying to hone the frequency. Good luck. It's not easy, and your teachers are in the most unlikely places. If you don't listen you will probably miss something.

Fact is I'm getting bored with this information issue. Can't we go on to more significant issues???? Such as transformational awareness? Can we look around and see that we are sitting on a run away stage coach? Can we see that the reins are in our hands? Can't we react to the situation? Let's steer! Ah, but that would be hoping for too much. At least for anything more than our own actions, and even then the burden grows so intimidating.

My writing is a scattering of stones in a stream. I have searched for the ability to build a bridge, doesn't seem to be there. Perhaps I prefer letting the current flow through what I have to say, dams are certainly not the answer. For many the stones are so far apart the stream cannot be crossed, such is life. We each must make solid the stones we are able. For there are those who seek footing where you are able to provide it. (At least that is how I have come to view it) I offer you these, my stones, T.H.I.S., that for my soul mates they may have comfort that there have been others who have traveled in these remote lands.

But it is not for you that I do this. It is for me and me alone. That is my calling; T.H.I.S. is my way of making my witness, my way of saying: "THIS is what I feel I can best do with my life force this time around. Quite frankly, if I was reincarnated from a life in the Pacific as a WWII fighter pilot, I would much prefer the clarity of that expression, life and death in so much better focus, I find affluence and responsibility hard to handle. There are so many ways that others reach out and give of themselves, if I walk away from this I walk away from integrity and whatever being true to your self means. So here I am, stuck in THIS, but also reveling in my greatest joy. Attitude, so much depends on attitude.

The money is in the know-how not in the hardware.

(((What good are pearls when living in a pig's sty?)))

Objectives, I've got to set some objectives. Planning, that's what I want to do. But its difficult to plan when you take so much of it on the wing.

Wish I knew my plan, guess I've got to get one. ((But that isn't it really, because I do have a plan. It's getting plans to come together at the assembly level that is something I shy away from. (Fear?)))

re: accounting packages
save the data in an accessible format.
look for the capability to run more than one company from the same package.
your reports should be capable of date sensitivity.

I look also to the "big picture" and see that information processing is fragmenting right down to the end user. If you will agree that the heart of any business enterprise is the accounting then it is easy to see that the whole trend is towards individuals doing their own accounting. At least likely to increase. (To maybe not at all, but this is my best shot) So, if the burden of accounting is going to fall on you why not start adapting to it now? Why not get into a program that you may have to reach a little for now but will pay off such rich dividends in the long term that it will be worth it? Think of your family's best interests. The sooner you and they learn the accounting paradigm the easier it will be to set up imaginary companies that can turn real as soon as the money starts to flow. (Information starts to flow) ((Because money can flow only if information flows)) (( To the extent that you can control the flow of information, you can control the flow of money.))

New ways of looking at things, new patterns, new self images. ((Now then, the focus I want to stay attached to is transformational awareness, attention given to the process itself. We structure the paradigm to fit the reality. When we develop tools to deal with the realities we fold back we develop the need to see our selves in the new dimension of using those tools. (((((Where to point the flashlight)))))

This is my enlightenment, this is my harmony. Karate and typing similar studies on different scales. Inherent harmony of every day life. (The inherent joy in participating in everyday life)

We breathe with more than just our lungs,
we breathe with our spirits, the air...
the being the spectrum of dimension possible for the human being.

Content disguises context. When the cup is empty only the context remains. (((When the cup is gone there is no context.)))

Contextual assimilation, reforming.

There is reason for my path, I know it now, I implement as best as I can, with the belief something positive can come from it.

(((((EBS is a way for people to feel comfortable about the existence of higher spiritual planes.)))))

What I see happening in the change to the information age is a focus from one paradigm to the next. As opportune as this situation can be for someone who anticipates the new paradigm, I feel there is a much greater significance to the opportunity at hand. (Instead of focusing our attention on the transformation taking place, let us focus on our awareness on the transformation taking place.)(?)

Let us look at how will manifests. Let us look at life surging through us and the universe, and let us use our awareness as we would use any other tool to achieve a purpose. What purpose? Let us use our awareness to guide our transformation. (control is not correct because we don't control life, we adapt to it.) Does reality change? No, of course not. But we change. We are growing, like plants, or animals, our growth depends on the tools we create to help us survive. Our ability to gather and synthesize information is our inherent strength. The faster we process the information, the faster we can provide the tools, the faster we grow. Haven't we come to a place in our growth where we can develop tools faster than we can control their use? (Awareness has to catch up.)

(Could it be that the secret is in embracing your growth? Not to deny it for the sake of the other, but to embrace it for the sake of the other?) (?)

Gravity is the barrier. We walk around on the surface of the sphere, with only NASA to take us up and Cousteau to take us down.

(((But getting there is not the proper focus. (((Getting there postulates polarity, and therein the fault.))) It is all here and now, we recognize the contextual wave passing through us, the concept registers, and we allow the conceptualization to influence our adaptive efforts.)))

What do you choose, in the way of involvements, to use as brakes in your life?

My journal, my body, (priorities mixed?), my work, my play.

Perhaps my inner security is my confidence of congruency across such vast voids.

I worry about disturbing others by giving them what I write, threatening them somehow when that is not my intention, not giving them the space between the lines, or rather, too much space.

I feel so hostile towards the challenge from the outside. (((((As soon as I start listening to what I hear I join the peanut gallery.)))))

Afraid letting others read what I write will destroy the joy of writing it. (Somehow this seems like my entrance exam to humanity.)

Working out the spiritual paradigm...a tough nut to crack.

Are you afraid to have the world take you seriously?

(((((Are you the creator or the facilitator?)))))

We are moving into an age where we will act much more as processors and much less as data. When adapting to a new paradigm you need pieces, not the whole picture. (the whole picture won't come together until you assemble the pieces, i.e. there can't be context without content.)

If I don't put to use what I know, isn't that the waste? Granted I've traveled into frontiers, even if you don't dare, there will be others who do. (And those are the people I am writing for, like a song is a context with the same words each time you sing it, you embrace the feelings when you embrace the song.)

It goes back so far, so enthused for so long.

Self doubt will get you every time! Beware, be aware!

What makes you so sure of your self? ((Casting Doubt))

((You just don't have any excitement in your life. Everything is duty and obligation. If you don't choose to enjoy your life who is going to do it for you?))

Are you pressed into trusting your feelings beyond your confidence in them? (((yes))) ((And how does that feel?))

The only thing I need to teach is how to stay connected; how to be still and know.

(((((We look out there, we see out there with limited minds and the complexity of it all leaves us locked in our minds trying to "work it all out". I guess I've always struggled with having a handle on the spiritual side of life, as though that's all that mattered. But to many, even the majority, the spiritual side of life hardly consumes any of their time. And this is life.)))))

Hard pressed to find my center. (Hard pressed to be at my center.)

She talks about serious change, the body, the bones, and the muscles. I'm talking about awareness. How do we take control of how we choose to shape our awareness. What are the limits of our control? Are we more facilitator than controller? (sure babe)

Transformational awareness focuses on the process of change rather than the change itself. When the world's global self image is changing so fast wouldn't it be nice to focus on something that remains constant throughout? Sure it would. So I say focus on your awareness, direct your awareness towards the transformation at hand and dance with it.

That's why the body comes into play, its a great catalyst to our awareness. (Like the form of yoga that seeks nirvana through the physical)

Think of your body as a whirlpool of energy. A whirlpool that can either flow clockwise or counter clockwise, a whirlpool that you control. Straight in front of our waist is nine o'clock, straight out from our back is three o'clock. We stand on six with our head at twelve. We control the energy of the direction, we can send the whirlpool forwards or we can allow it to flow backwards. Will is the driving force of life, it is the clockwise direction, it takes effort to direct your energy.

There comes a joy...
with no one to share
that makes life one great big dare,
live as you might
with friends left and right
in the end, you're the one that must care.

There is so much to record, so much to share, I'll never get it all down. But that is the way of it isn't it? Never to get it all down, never to have it all matter? So much is a matter of letting go. So much is a matter of finding your center and letting all come from there.

You only have so much time, what are you going to do with it? How are you going to spend it? That's up to you, no matter what your rationalization, or excuse, or your reason, or your responsibility, the choice is up to you, just you, and nobody else.

I am who I am, can wish I weren't, but I'm not. Other's don't understand. Maybe I don't even understand, but on a course I am, and on my course I'll stay. ((((Is there any other way????))))

I wish I could have made this attempt without so much doubt. Maybe then it would have amounted to something better. You know you deserve something better...but this is the best I can muster under the given circumstances, so make of it what you will. What you will, jesus, do you hear that? "What you will" so much is what you will. Everything is what you will. The responsibility is awesome, overwhelming, and discouraging. It has taken so long to admit my path, like it was some sort of mistake, or egocentric trip; but all the time I was meant to sit here and talk to you and to me and to all that has context and make my witness. It's about time I let go of my greatness and didn't feel guilty about it as though I were putting on airs. Hey, its just me, me looking for an out to the suffering, to the loneliness, to the mission to make a difference. Is that so bad? Is that so wrong? Aren't we all in the same boat, trying to do the best we can with the cards we have to play?

)))))If I weren't meant to do this wouldn't I be doing something else? Wouldn't you? How much of life is cooperation and how much is participation? Shit, I wish I knew!(((((

People out there rely on me, they don't know it but they do. They are looking for context that they don't have time to assimilate, that I have had time to assimilate, time to let go of it and share. Not with some but with the many, ((you think you're going to live forever? It's not a matter of not looking for the praise, but while in this manifestation, controlling the effort at getting exposure.)) Look at this, will you Mike, and be kind to your self. You're so fucking hard. (((( blow your nose and pull up your rubber panties and get into the game.))))

So much going on, so little time to call attention, and I'm here and gone with little but a wisp of recognition. Like the pattern of smoke from a cigarette, recognizable for a while but soon lost to a pattern of recognition. Give it up Mike, and enjoy the pleasure of this manifestation, the next might not be anywhere near as enjoyable!!!!

The circles get as tight as you want them to.

It's good to be active again! Challenged again on focals of my interest.

I am having a fantastic day! The day of live aid, another challenge in the paradigm shift towards global awareness. (((((The essential point being that paradigm shifts seem to occur instantaneously, but actually don't. So let's recognize that we're "in" a paradigm shift. ((((( To keep from feeling sick on a fast elevator think about being on the top floor.))))) Get it?

What templates do we apply when we awake?

The ones that we stand to gain the most from are so busy listening they can't talk. Each of us modulates the balance between the two listening and talking. (How easy to play the judge of others.)

"Savoring the anticipation of precious moments..."

She looks for answers outside her with her mind instead of listening for answers outside her mind within. That's a tough one.

Sure time is money, but money is also time. Or "timing", if you will. And control over your money means control over your timing. The timing of what? The timing of when you incur an expense versus when you incur income. Planning to have enough money for the expenses you plan to incur. (((((think about the perspective of planning your expenses.)))))

((The purchase journal gives you a handle on the time frame.))

It's so great being alive, feeling needed, wanting to contribute, having the confidence to proceed. Sure a lot of it has to do with the feedback you get from the outside, but in the end, as always, the choice is up to you. What is your attitude going to be?

Find people that think like you want to, that see things the way you want to, that are reaching for the things you are reaching for. It will make your efforts come easier and more enjoyably.

So why not be the focus of what you send out? Why bring others into it? Why not get more serious about publishing what you write? Why not sow the fields with the crop you wish to harvest? Isn't this work? And can't it be enjoyed?

I still have trouble with not wanting my work to be enjoyable. "Work is work" ((come again. Just doesn't seem to fit, or if it's reality, doesn't seem to be one that embraces my participation.))

((If I want to get there I'll get there. Because wanting makes it happen.))

I ain't rich. I've had offers for backing, but I don't want them. If I ask for something I create expectations. Does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.

So I broadcast a message, I like it. But I want to keep my head down, I like it here. Footnote: I wish I had learned to appreciate awareness at a much younger age. Still, so glad for what I've got.

It's funny about the tapes we play in our head, the identities we choose to define our selves by, so much needed, so much choice, how does one deal with one's own power? Burn and crash usually,... from not standing on the brakes.

Transformational awareness deals with pointing the flashlight of humanity, or, more specifically, pointing the flashlight of your own growth, your own transformation. What mound of experience do you want to stack up underneath you? Better choose because that's the only place you will be able to hold your lantern from. You can let it all go by, floating down the river, or you can build your self into a lighthouse for those that pass your way. Now I'd think that this was serious, and way too metaphoric if it wasn't the only scenario I have been able to come up with in my wanderings.

Fold back the envelope! Your envelope. Be creative. (((For in creativity is your essence.))) Burn the wick, shed the light, we need collective candlepower.)))

So let's get practical! What is so different now than any other time? Shedding light is always needed. Well, that brings me to the focus of transformational awareness during a paradigm shift. During a paradigm shift light is ESPECIALLY needed. (Think of how many people need to adjust to electrons!)

It always scares me how fast you can make things happen when you extend your self into this world.

(((Stay slow in your head, no matter how fast they move around you, stay slow.)))


Reaching out...touching, then trying to remember how good it actually felt. That's right, felt, as in past tense. He's going to the movies alone. That's a good sign. What other plans relate to what you're doing? How do things fit it? How do creative artistic people enjoy computers? (((Art come from a culmination of choices, for a painter the oils and the mixtures, for a musician the tools and the motions)))

A skipping stone across a lake, we are only here briefly.

(And what shall we do while we're here? What values shall we pursue? What values will prosper in the times ahead? How well can we forecast how it is going to be? How hard do we want to try? If we are so adaptable then doesn't the here and now, the doing and the being matter more than whatever we do for later?)

I think that it has been the toughest, learning to accept my self. To know that I did have a creative, satisfied, participation with life. To know that my creative efforts had a home where they were welcome. To have a clear understanding of the process you are. God stays the same, that part in us that never changes, that inner awareness, is God. What we find out like spoiled children that this immersion in the flesh is only temporary, like the skipping stone, or the bubbles in the side of the glass of beer.

So all this brings us right back to the now, the ever eternal moment, and what do we do next? If I "head" into it, I muscle into the situation with my head, my mind, thinking. That always makes me feel hollow, like I left something behind. If instead, I listen, sure I may not be coming up to the expectations of others, but I will be traveling at a pace comfortable to me. When the pace is comfortable to me I am much better able to interact with the outside. So, pace your self. Pace your self by listening. When "so much is going on" gain control by focusing on your listening. ("Listen")

How pure is your effort? What value, purity? (Words spelled right, muscles worked well.) From out of the mouths of babes, thank you Allison.

So let's have some fun! Let's let go of the control and enjoy floating.

There's no telling where you'll go when you let go and trust your feelings. So painfully aware of that, but the folly is in believing that trusting your mentality will yield that much better results. The real you has to make the call, has to choose, has to decide, has to judge.

I forget and protect my priorities. I get caught up in trying to defend my paradigm. No need, why bother, and against what?

Computers are making it easier for you to "make it work right down to the numbers."

Yes, union with the physical dimension of the pursuit I've been on is definitely timely. Using the body as a tool to focus the energy on. What to focus the energy towards--transformational awareness. (of course) ((Yea, I remember when I did this for the sheer joy of it, (like now)) )

And so the dance goes on... the anticipation of the unexpected. The involvement with one's pleasures. Following the evolutionary compass.

Standing up to be my self, standing out to be my self.

The issue is not dealing with everyone out there, but dealing with who you are in here. And dealing with others who share common goals.

Transformational awareness, by directing our awareness we direct our transformation. We can choose where we direct our awareness, like towards our bodies, and look what happens.

And that's why I'm so involved in the teaching of my class. My intent is to give people practice at focusing their attention by focusing their attention on their bodies. Do this in the mornings and the energy created carries over into the rest of the day. Sunrise, the major transformation of most regularity. It's funny, we can sleep late, put off the day, put off involvement, or we can take "another frame of mind."

Speaking of taking on frames of mind, let's talk computers and transformation. The way computers work is a paradigm. A new plateau in mankind's self awareness. So esoterically pleasing, such a dance between nature's flow of electrons and mankind's effort to direct their flow. Directional transformational awareness. DTA. E.B.S.

Tough to keep an orientation What am I doing here? So much living in this plane revolves around making money, facilitating growth.

The pleasure of the capture...

The pleasure of the transformation, blowing life into existence from the thought to the page, is that so special? Or am I only kidding my self?

When the world pushes in so much of the time its tough to lift your head and let your face feel the sun.

I feel like I'm in such a state of limbo. Maybe its always that way when you are spending time listening. You can't be listening and acting at the same time.

(((((What am I doing here? I feel so out of place. Jesus, what do I have to do in order to get anywhere? What about PC-MLS? What about priorities? What about getting mad? What about getting what you want? What do you want? Why do you do this? Why all of a sudden now? Is everything so dissatisfactory? I'm pissed off. And I only have me to blame. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm reaching so hard and getting so little in return. (do you really have to get that mean to get anything?)((Or is it anger that develops when I am ineffectual at communicating what it is that I'm selling?))

What you do with it and why you do it is a matter of your cooperation with your transformation. How much do you feel like resisting the force or life?

Education is the key, knowing what to teach or just what you teach is a matter of style and what is important to you. Instead of worrying about "the right what to teach" just teach, you'll know if there has been any learning going on. Boldly go...

Moments of joyful isolation, isn't that what we live for? Isn't that traveling in the deepest level of reality? When we recognize how isolated we are and not have it matter, as a matter of fact, to not make a judgement about good or bad because judgement isn't an issue, it's acceptance that matters. How we feel about reaching into the void for your answers, not kidding your self about how scary life really is. You never know when you are submerged. Surfacing is such a breath of fresh air. (((((How far can you surface without losing context? How fast can a bubble rise without dividing?(((((?))))))))))

Why is it that some never like to talk serious, but always like to listen to someone who is?

Where lies the power if not in the hands of evil?

Writing is creative exercising of will. What paradigm do you write from? What paradigm do you write to? That depends, it's your choice, your duty, to find your way in this world, and leave it, us, IAM, a little better off than when you came.

The evolution of an operating system (DOS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1,3.0....4.0 soon, and someday DOS X) is only a nifty example of the evolution of mankind. The operating system computers use is only a subset of the operating system that humanity uses. It is constantly evolving, and in some cases transforming. Evolution to me is a gradual process where transformation involves radical changes. Evolution was hard enough to swallow for its time. Transformation will be the next phenomena that humanity transforms over.((()))

I must admit I don't like getting down in the trenches of programming and figuring it out. I'd rather be a flyer and conceptualize. But if you can't figure out the detail you are kidding your self about your abilities of conceptualization. (There I go again, expecting autonomy from everyone.)

Accounting, why are there so many ads? Because it is at the core of the autonomous information processor. And the big transformation we are undergoing is one of becoming a majority of autonomous information processors. Everyone listens to me as though I am off on a tangent. And I tend to let them treat me like that and accept it. But is that all that wise? (((Don't you believe in what you are saying??????)))

So often things seem like they are in such a mess! With my body, my job and my relationships. I start feeling that there is something that I "should" be doing, and I start putting myself under pressure to do something. Only recently have I been able to recite the dojo-kun of the impersonal life "be still and know that thou art god." Only room for listening, only room for hearing what god has to say about your life and what you want to do.

I wish I knew more of god's intention for my life. I wish I could see more clearly the path he intends for me to walk. I know its special, at least I want to believe its special. Maybe it will only be special because I'll be in the place and time to do it. To get it done. To act as he would want me to act. I don't know. I do know that he talks through me at times when I write.

Electrons are fragile creatures. Unlike humans once they are formed, created, they can easily be duplicated; but once the only copy is lost very difficult to replace. (((Or is that so unlike humans?))) ((((Or humanity?))))

The most important paradigm
is the paradigm that You choose
to be a part of.

Life is an intimate communion with the god within.

The body isn't the object, it is the amplifier to the listening process. We travel through the body into our selves. You know you are in trouble when you are not listening.

Growth is limited by available resources. For companies that means borrowed money. Lent money means belief and investment of trust, of getting paid back.

When choices multiply perception expands, or pressure results.

Trying. Making the effort. Choosing to make the effort. Choosing the quality of the effort you make. Choosing how well you organize your life.

Life is far too much a roller-coaster ride, over too quickly, with memory being such a poor substitute for the real thing. ((Freeze frames are so precious because they have a special quality of "nowness" to them that is experienced at the moment it happens, and it is this sense of nowness experienced or awareness of it, that brands the experience into the memory; with a special vividness. (Somehow I sense that life is a growth towards living from moment to moment, completely aware of the illusion of time, out-there-ness, or anything other than the moment. ((Why is this "concept" so hard to grasp? What have I struggled for so long for? Hasn't it been understanding? I didn't want to know, I wanted to understand; knowing being sequential, understanding being the second derivative of knowing kinda like a paradigm shift from one level of complexity to another, i.e. straight lines to rectangles, rectangles to cubes, speed to acceleration, steam to water, water to ice.))

Why does pain grab so much of your attention? I guess it's the gauge to let you know how alive you are.

A company's success, or an individual's for that matter, has always been dependent upon how well they were able to process their information, i.e. keep track. The explosion of more powerful tracking tools for less money, makes the trend an obvious one power is fragmenting right down to the end user, the individual user, the autonomous user.

(((((Relative degrees of coherence.)))))

Sure, on one level just looking at the implications of increasing productivity for less money, can be very educational; but apply the same relationship to what is happening to the awareness templates of growing numbers of people in our society. The pressure to be selective in your listening is definitely on the rise.

So much pressing. On what? Money? What's money? Time. I need to devote more time to what makes money, then the time that I spend will be more enjoyable because I will be making money while I do something that I would enjoy doing anyway. Ah, but what Mike is telling me about it that making money means making the most of your time. When you focus on money, you are focusing on your time. Because how you spend your time equates to how you spend your money.

T.H.I.S. is published with the autonomous end-user in mind.

Working with PC's you work with patterns of reality. Definable, predictable patterns of reality. To even work with a PC you are forced into developing a new pattern within you to come to some sort of feeling about how to achieve results. In so developing a pattern on how the machine works in order to get the job done you intrinsically absorb reality's pattern of how things work because a PC is an expression of how things work that we can manipulate, i.e. electrons, information, money, time, happiness. Happiness is having free use of your time. You can spend your time any way you want. More than success, happiness is having free use of your time.

Why isn't it more obvious when I try to stuff my self into a size that doesn't fit?

Trusting your feelings is the same as using the force. You either embrace your encounter with life or you constantly flinch.

By acknowledging the rise in quantity of information available there has to be pressure on the quality of the information you look at.

I see value in making the effort to find paradigms that apply to the same manifestations of life. Like spreadsheet templates of the computer world, and how they compare with fundamentalist religious views.

...because the idea
is to illuminate the nature to life that is in common with us all. (Rather than being divisionistic.) By developing awareness of the templates that different walks of life use to cope with the flow, we are then better able to cope.

((All of this is mental activity aimed at helping your mind run into enough walls to get the sense that what you feel as you, lies beyond your mind. Just because you go beyond your mind does not mean the mind is no longer valid. The mind is only the tool for who you really are to use to help you become what you choose.)) (((with the kicker that your choices are limited to the pursuit of life or the pursuit of death. Trouble is, surviving long enough to be able to learn from your mistakes.)))

And then finally all the heavy stuff gets so heavy it falls right through the floor and leaves you there, all alone, more aware than ever.

It seems like the only way to get any space is to write. Seems funny. I work towards this situation for the joy and hide within from the fear. (Someday, like yesterday, someone will read my stuff and say: "Oh, his problem is such and such" The sad part about the critics is their humiliation.

I get so angry, angry at how far you have to push back the envelope to embrace your self.

Choosing your context on a regular basis, like going to mass regularly, helps keep you calm and on course.

Finding my self always seems to happen by accident, and the effort becomes maintaining the belief in my self till the next accident. The self awareness wears off so quickly; seeking the destination is to destroy the journey.

How much does one have the right to create? (How much right, or how much creation?)

It seems I get lost in all the fog and forget about what it is I really want to do, and that is sit here and enjoy my self. Because it is my self that really gets out through these keys. I've never had any success trying to force a paradigm on my writing. It's always been journalish in nature. No big deal, so what? You're right, no big deal, and nothing of it, but it is from the inside out, I'm sure that I 'm giving in the best way that I can, being the best that I can, and as long as you are sure of what you are doing in the same way then we are both on the right course.

When you look right into the heart of creativity you see god in action, will trying to express, reaching.

Being cold can be a frame of mind, feeling threatened, unsure of survival.

What scares me are the memories of the highs, it scares me how good you can feel. It scares me how much of life is letting go, actually making the effort to let go, all for the sake of love.


I miss so much by not paying attention to the now. Somewhere there is joy in life, joy for me, joy for those around me.

((("Doing a job"))) It's a job. Defining the meaning of your life by the job that you perform. Choosing your involvements or what matters to you by the job that you work at. Global perspective, heady ideas, "money is a commodity" "We print the best", and we want it back. Debtor nation, forced to act.

Gripping, something that involves you, something that draws you on and into adventure, into dying time.

Reaching for contextual significance.

I think that I hurt myself to get a clear feeling.

It's funny about me, willing to write it down, willing to sell it? The pain of an artist, the pain of a human being with shattered dreams.

Reaching for meanings, forcing back the envelope,...

It seems like there are just so many fronts to fight on; I can't maintain a perimeter, let alone expand one.


A man needs a gun. Needs. Not wants, or chooses, needs. Man survives by his aim, therefore he needs a gun. The gun can be a pistol, a rifle, a club, or a mind ((or even the minds of others!)) But whatever the type of gun, a man's gun is what makes the difference between prosperity and poverty. And the shooting gallery is chaos.

The pressure isn't always a matter of money. Who do you spend your time with? Spend your time. What is my purpose? My purpose is to extend my self into this world. My purpose is making money. My purpose is to develop the universal harmony. My purpose is to share my self with others.

Assets are the key, and enough cash flow to keep them insured. Cash flows are diverted from immediate consumption to attain ownership of assets. Ownership, control, responsibility and benefits.

The pressure to fit into that ominous "out there", who you should be
((((( " he wants to cover the whole spectrum,
and he's finding it mighty slim."))))) smile

This is what I do. I sit here and do my best at engendering autonomy. If I can really get paid for what I enjoy doing isn't that setting the example that I want? ((And does what you look like, who you are, how much you have, matter? Of course not, because you are making your living on being food for thought in the land of electrons. Just like people go to science fiction movies to expand their horizons, people will also tune into electron broadcasting stations with a particular brand of information.))

Traveling beyond the speed of light is being there.
is being. (())

I don't need children to find my self in others. Think about that.

A floating paradigm, compared to a fixed one, me compared to my father. Here we go into the night. Into the unexpected, into life and caring (((caring pulls you into life, wanting to live and wanting to see life continue))) ((((((like an actor wanting to emerge beyond his image))))))

So I get on the plane and go, do I realize what I'm in for? (No) But does it matter? No, so why bother. ((Am I really up to this?))

Skipping stones across the water, being the stone and enjoying the sensation. "We have drugs that can cure that." Keep you underwater all the time. "Jee, thanks."

This is a joy, it really is. Sharing just the paper and ink hardly seems like enough. (the old paradox of leading for the joy of it or leading for the duty of it) ((Woaa, Mike come back,tee hee.))

((((("It's as though you insist on being an iron grate in the current instead of a chain link curtain.")))))

If the shoe fits you don't have to wear it.

It's funny when you can't quit because you aren't employed.

Man's greatest fault is not reaching beyond a woman. I look heavily upon men and women being overlapping ranges on a broad spectrum. To reach in both directions, rather than seek to skew the lines.

There is no amount of belief in you from others that can sway your decision to believe in you. ((('ve got to see the self so that your self can help you see you.. ((heavy)))))

Series of parens, levels of depth, meanings within meanings, as above so below, as without so within, as within so without. Ah, that's my postulate. As within so without, so to understand without seek to understand within, a much closer connection.

To be successful you have to capture the imagination of your buyer, you have to have them believe you. (I guess that 's what they are talking about with how Hitler delivered the right message, the message that the people wanted to hear, so cautious of people that tell you what you like to hear, isn't that terrible to think that way? But isn't it true?)

(Thank you God for giving me the tenacity to develop my typing skills, cuz doin' this is such a joy!)

Who controls the money your company spends on enhancing the end user's power on the equipment he is using?

/The opportunity is much greater in selling training that enhances the user's equipment that has already been bought.

The real advances in productivity are not riding the time curve of the release of new equipment or software, rather, the bottleneck in productivity comes with the user; improve the user and you make some significant gains.

I need to direct the change or it will go wasted. The drive towards being what I want, doing what I want, is gone. Too far have I had to walk down into the valley to care about or even remember the heights. Is this going to be how it happens? Will I publish out of desperation? ((Yes))

How you use your memory to remove the drudgery from the information you want to process is what matters. When you are seated at a keyboard the machine remembers (or can remember) everything you type into it. If you find that something you typed in earlier, like a particular command sequence, worked well, you don't need to re-create it. You just need to capture it and save it by a name that you can remember.

You see RAM is the focus in that this is the most powerful area and its expansion affects you the most. What tools you place in memory are the ones that are most accessible to you, the tools that you have on your desk now help you process information. The tools that you have inside your machine also are meant to help you process information. When you understand the objective it becomes much easier to achieve results.

((( "Don't you see that you are missing the boat? When you are in the mists of a paradigm shift is the most important time to record your observations. Then most is when you feel the texture of contrast. So... press down the pile of bills and keep typing!")))

Getting into and out of electrons. That is the issue here. What information do you deal with that would be better to work with in electrons?

"Whether you are a buyer or a seller, information in the right place at the right time can make you money."

((((What's the difference between actual processor time and execution time?)))) ((((I don't think anything. I think it's relative. An ongoing process of synthesizing the now.))))

Our growth depends on the tools we create to help us survive. Our ability to gather and synthesize information is our inherent strength. The faster we process the information, the faster we can provide the tools, the faster we grow. Haven't we come to a place in our growth where we can develop tools faster than we can control their use? (Awareness has to catch up.)

We are moving into an age where we will act much more as processors and much less as data. When adapting to a new paradigm you need pieces not the whole picture. (The whole picture won't come together until you assemble the pieces, i.e. there can't be context without content.)

Sure time is money, but money is also time. Or "timing", if you will. And control over your money means control over your timing. The timing of what? The timing of when you incur an expense versus when you incur income. Planning to have enough money for the expenses you plan to incur. (((((think about the perspective of planning your expenses.))))) ((The purchase journal gives you a handle on the time frame.))

The evolution of an operating system (DOS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1,3.0....4.0 soon, and someday DOS X.X) is only a nifty example of the evolution of mankind. The operating system computers use is only a subset of the operating system that humanity uses. It is constantly evolving, and in some cases transforming. Evolution to me is a gradual process where transformation involves radical changes. Evolution was hard enough to swallow for its time. Maybe transformation will be the next phenomena that humanity transforms over.((()))

Accounting, why are there so many ads? Because it is at the core of the autonomous information processor. So the big transformation we are undergoing is one of becoming a majority of autonomous information processors.

Electrons are fragile creatures. Unlike humans once they are formed, created, they can easily be duplicated; but once the only copy is lost, very difficult to replace.

A company's success, or an individual's for that matter, has always been dependent upon how well they were able to process their information, i.e. keep track. The explosion of more powerful tracking tools for less money, makes the trend an obvious one--power is fragmenting right down to the end user, the individual user, the autonomous user.

By acknowledging the rise in quantity of information available there has to be pressure on the quality of the information you look at.

Assets are the key, and enough cash flow to keep them insured. Cash flows are diverted from immediate consumption to attain ownership of assets. Ownership, control, responsibility and benefits.

I don't see how you can function without using teaching metaphors. First the merry-go-round approach to learning: realize that ideas will come by over and over again. Let go of ideas that seem deep, and expect to see them come around again.

The second most important metaphor in class is DOS as your secretary who manages your files, from desktop to filing cabinets.

When you learn autonomous personal computing you need to learn DOS first, then tree-structured directories. Not a combination of both for the type of system that you have.

Tonight's class convinces me that you can't take a person in one sitting all the way through DOS and tree-structured directories. Just when the students think they are getting the hang of DOS, pathing destroys their confidence.

So, what do I recommend? Make the DOS basic class a prerequisite to the tree-structured directories class.

Where I got off into tree-structured directories should have been batch files.

In the letter, structure it so there is information of value in the offer itself. Stuff like F3, the importance of a RAM resident macro generator, keeping a log, DOS stuff, memory management stuff, application stuff, printing stuff, communications stuff.

What matters about Framework is that it has the ability to automate much of how you do something within a consistent command structure.

When to print out? Regular backups and right before you need it in hard copy. That way, in the first case you are protected, and in the second, you are totally current.

I address:
Borland Utilities

The issues: envelopes! throughput. colors.

The issue is not how easy you make it on the enduser but how quickly the enduser comes up to a satisfactory speed. So here again are trade-offs. Always a matter of trade-offs. Price vs. performance. Knowing what hardware will and won't do takes a lot of the guess work out.

There's two areas to spend money:
Money on how to use what you already have.
Money to get more to do more.

The issue with laserjet printers is the same as with personal computers--RAM. Available memory.

The next great surge in spending will be on know-how. Catch the wave. What will make it a surge? Look for your self. When computers were so hot you couldn't find any. They were tough to get. The next product that is going to be tough to find is product support. Know-how.

Won't there be some that just buy the product and develop their use of it autonomously? Wouldn't that be a good focus when we teach others? To develop their autonomy. That won't be the mass end of the market, but do you really want to deal with that part of the spectrum?

Ya Gotta teach the alphabet. Start there, because there is the logical beginning.

The hard part about dealing with a computer is dealing with conceptualization; teach a person how to deal with conceptualization and the hard part is over. (But it is the hard part that most people are having a hard time getting over. Like the wall on an obstacle course.)

Framework lets you get as autonomous as you want within one framework and because it matters only what you do with your information.

...its a hotbed of autonomy. How much can you do on your own? But people won't drink just because they are thirsty.

Typing is such a key involvement. More basic than English.

My log window is three lines high, the width of the screen. When alt-T lands (lands?), I do a carriage return at end of file, stamp date and time with two carriage returns, leaving me with the date and time in the upper left hand corner of a blank window.

What is fueling the demand for desktop publishing? Information generation at the autonomous level of distribution.

Reach through your self into your actions.

He's dreamin'. You have to meet the economic demand. If there is no economic demand, you have to create desire. And to create desire you advertise.