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The Caddy

Cad 1 "One Hundred"

Cad 2 "Roll Up"

Cad 3 "Roll Over"

Cad 4 "Leg Circles"

Cad 5 "Rolling Like a Ball"

Cad 6 "One Leg Stretch"

Cad 7 "Two Leg Stretch"

Cad 8 "Scissors"

Cad 9 "Two Leg Lower Lift"

Cad 10 "Elbow To Knee"

Cad 11 "Spine Stretch"

Cad 12 "Open Leg Rocker"

Cad 14 "Corkscrew"

Cad 15 "Saw"

Cad 16 "Swan"

Cad 17 "One Leg Kick"

Cad 18 "Two Leg Kick"

Cad 19 "Neck Pull"

Cad 20 "Scissors Hips Up"

Cad 21 "Bicycle Hips Up"

Cad 22 "Shoulder Bridge"

Cad 23 "Spine Twist"

Cad 24 "Jackknife"

Cad 25 "Side Kicks"

Cad 26 "Teaser"

Cad 27 "Hip Circles"

Cad 28 "Swimming"

Cad 29 "Leg Pull Front"

Cad 30 "Leg Pull"

Cad 31 "Kneeling Side Kicks"

Cad 32 "Side Bend"

Cad 33 "Twist One"

Cad 34 "Twist Two"

Cad 35 "Boomerang"

Cad 36 "Seal"

Cad 37 "Crab"

Cad 38 "Rocking"

Cad 39 "Balance Control"

Cad 40 "Push Up"

Cad 42 "Waterwheel"

Cad 43 "Hanging down"

Cad 44 "Hanging down with twist"

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