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The Cadillac Level
Tower Intermediate
Monkey Intermediate
Hip Advanced
Push Through Series  
   Teaser Intermediate
   Reverse Push Through Intermediate
   Cat Intermediate
   Swan Advanced
   Push Through Basic
Mermaid Basic
Saw Basic
Roll Down Basic
   One Arm Basic
Breathing Basic
Spread Eagle Intermediate  
Pull Ups / Hanging Down   Intermediate
   Twist to standing Advanced
      Ballet Stretches Advanced
Leg Springs  
   Out and In Basic
   Open Close Basic
Leg Spring Series  
   Leg Circles  
      Outside to Inside Basic
      Inside to Outside Basic
      Helicopter (not in series) Intermediate
      Forwards Intermediate
      Backwards Intermediate
   Beats Basic
      High to Low Intermediate
      Low to High Intermediate
   Walking Basic
Leg Springs with Hips in the Air  
   Leg Circles Advanced
   Frog Advanced

   Magician / Airplane

Side Leg Springs  
   Forward / Back Intermediate
   Up / Down Intermediate
      Bicycle Intermediate
         Forward and Back Intermediate
         Up and Down Intermediate
   Big Circles Intermediate
   Beats Intermediate
   Little Circles Intermediate
   Little Walks Intermediate
Arm Springs  
      100s Basic
      Circles Intermediate
      Elbows Intermediate
      Elbows In Intermediate
      Elbows Out Intermediate
      Circles Intermediate
         Saw I Intermediate
         Saw II Intermediate
      Chest Expansion Intermediate
Hanging Up / Long Stretch Advanced
Neck Pull Advanced
Spear the Whale Advanced
Chest Expansion Kneeling Advanced
Thigh Stretch    Advanced
Waterwheel Advanced
Shoulder Bridge on Push Through Bar Advanced
Shoulder Bridge on Roll Down Bar Advanced
   Half Hang Basic
   Full Hang Intermediate
      Push Out Advanced
      Sit Up Advanced
      Pull Out Intermediate
      Swing Intermediate
      Twist Advanced
   Squirrel Advanced
   Bird's Nest Intermediate
   Half Inversion Intermediate
      Scissors Advanced
      Circles Advanced
      Bicycle Advanced
      Standing Advanced
         Pull ups Advanced
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