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Category: Affiliate

Brief Description:
Issued by either Michael Miller or one of Michael Miller Pilates Licensed Affiliates

Full Description:
If you are already a Michael Miller Pilates Certified Instructor you have the option to send in your old certificate to get a new one issued.(submissions not returned, so either keep your old one or send it in to get a new one)

If you have taken training from Michael Miller or one of his affiliates and want a certificate of completion fill out this form and when you get confirmation that your order went through respond with your name as you want it on the certificate, who the licensed affiliate was you were trained by, the date and name of the training and the number of hours.

(believe me, I'm working to make this easier but for now it is the way that works)

Name: Michael Miller Pilates Certificate
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Shipping: $4.95
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