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Live recording of Michael Miller

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"How great to have that recording of the history of the idea...and explained so well--the best ever. Michael, this is a great history of the idea! Anyone can understand and conclude that you are the one to go to if they want to know what makes Pilates what it is. And you wonder why it took so long for someone to say it is an idea, and that it can be explained--simply! The same questions I had when I came to you. But now that I understand I feel so empowered in my practice. And when people challenge what I say I now feel strong because the reasons are right there---based on physics, etc. Thanks for that!!! It is truly a great gift to give me!! I think it is terrific! And Cornu is easily understood." BetteLynn Steiner

Name: The History of Pilates as an Idea
Size: 2 cassettes
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Michael Miller Pilates Makes Sense