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Brief Description:
A good intermediate workout,

Full Description:
Michael Miller teaches Sylvaine Montaudouin. This session has been re-edited (after consumer feedback) to make the flow even better.

"Michael, thanks for the edited intermediate DVD! I look forward to using it...I really like the routine...it's a perfect morning workout....not too long...but complete....I really feel balanced when I'm finished."

"The mat DVD, it was Intermediate Mat B, 25 minutes long, is edited so well! It is a great length because the time committment is not too long for busy people who claim "I just don't have time". And it moves along, yet gives great cues that really help with control and precision. With it, beginners can start to add new exercises, and advanced students will get a great Pilates practice."

Name: Volume I Session 19 Intermediate Mat
Size: (25 minutes)
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