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Brief Description:
New Pilates Apparatus
(patent pending)
Designed by
Michael Miller.
DEPOSIT ($0.00) is only to reserve your place in line to fill your order.

Full Description:
This DEPOSIT is for a piece of equipment meant to deliver the correct feeling for the condition of "core."
(Core is a condition, not just a location.)
Hence, the name: Core Corrector. It's not big, still don't know what it will sell for either retail or wholesale. It's manufacture and distribution will be controlled by the patent holder. If you are interested in purchasing, distributing or maufacturing the Core Corrector this deposit establishes your place in line.

I've already got customers saying they want one sight unseen. I don't know when delivery will be, much like being on a waiting list for a post office box.

Your "deposit" (send no money. select by check to process your order) will help me keep track of who said they wanted one when.

Name: Michael Miller Pilates Core Corrector DEPOSIT
Color: prototype
Size: prototype
Weight: prototype
Shipping: $
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