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CD of the 2009 Teleconference.

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This audio recording covers the why, the what, and the so what of Pilates as an idea. It also explains the one point, two points, back to the one point of Pilates. In one hour you hear Michael Miller explain the essence of the Michael Miller Pilates Brand--that Pilates is an idea, what that idea is based upon that comes straight from Joe,and what that means to you as a practicioner and a teacher of his method.

Also, explained is the timing of the Michael Miller Pilates Convention. Why it is held over the summer solstice. How Pilates helps you survive in a gravity jungle and swim like a fish in an ocean of air.

Think you've seen it all? Think you've heard it all? If you are unfamiliar with the Michael Miller view of Pilates as an idea, this recording will introduce you to a whole new level, an ideal level, that empowers you to teach the original method of Joseph Pilates appropriately and creatively to the body in front of you.

Name: V1S113 Michael Miller Pilates Conference 2009
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Size: 62 minutes long
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Michael Miller Pilates Makes Sense