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Brief Description:
This manual explains the Michael Miller Pilates view of the ideal within the tradition of Pilates, and gives detailed information on teaching the mat.

Full Description:
Detailed outline of the Michael Miller Pilates Idea.
Learn why we do Pilates, what Pilates is, and so what if Pilates is an idea.

Learn about one point, two points, and how it leads back to one point.

Included are goals and specific language techniques for instructing each mat exercise.

Favorite teaching techniques and the meaning of "spirit" is also included.

If you want to take your instructing to the next level, if you want to understand why you are doing an exercise, and how to instruct it effectively, if you want to understand why Pilates is a sequence of exercises and the significance of the sequence, this manual is for you.

Name: Michael Miller Pilates Instructor Manual
Color: version 1.0
Size: 8 5 x 11
Weight: about 30 pages
Shipping: $4.95
Michael Miller Pilates Makes Sense