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Brief Description:
Michael Miller explains the idea of Pilates and the meaning found in the sequence of the Mat.
Filmed January 31st, 2009 with Kipling Solid at the Riverside Pilates Studio in Riverside Illinois.

Full Description:
Here's what my archivist Bette-Lynn Steiner (blspilates@yahoo.com)had to say:

Well, you asked about 109, so I went to notes I keep on your DVDs so if someone asks, I remember content and info for recommendations. I wrote that 109 is one of my favorites. It is very refined, in fact, the best! I have seen this one twice.
Some notes of things I wanted to remember in teaching:
1. It matters how Joe evolved the Method in his lifetime. The mat stayed the same from 1902-1967.
2. I liked the line, "Rocking is Rolling Like a Ball inside out".
3. Using the matwork to apply the Idea.
$. Elbow to Knee right into Spine Stretch Forward to keep the flow/fusion (you are right about that!).
6. I liked the metaphors like an orchestra (all parts must work together), wedding ring (Joe's promise), and the photo with 2 men having a brick on their heads (showing survival in the jungle/gravity field).
7. The key is not just thinking, but LISTENING. Be sensational.
8. Curl grip rather than flat grip=inner thighs.
ETC.--lots of notes.
All I can say is other DVDs (especially the new ones) which I have borrowed and watched have no breathing, no listening, no target. You feel cheated after 109!

Name: Volume 1 Session 109 Idea Explained & Mat Explained IV
Size: Idea 50 min Mat 57 min
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Michael Miller Pilates Makes Sense