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Brief Description:
This diploma certifies that you have completed the necessary education to defend the thesis that Pilates is an idea.

Full Description:
A PhD degree means that you have proposed a thesis and then defended it by what you've written and passed an oral exam.
This PhD is meant to give you the credential, the piece of paper to hang on the wall, that sets you apart from other programs that never go beyond rehashing tradition. This degree goes beyond diluting the tradition of classical Pilates into meaningless minutiae. You want something to brag about? You want something that truely sets you above the ubiquitous throng of Pilates pedigrees?
Put a certificate on the wall that matters. Put a certificate on the wall that says you understand the ideal nature of the original work of Joseph Pilates.

Someone asked a teacher of mine who they learned their Pilates from. When she responded "Michael Miller", the person said, "Oh, he's classical isn't he?" My teacher said, "Well, he takes his authority directly from Joseph Pilates." And the person's response was "That's about as classical as you can get."

The truth is the only way you can get more classical is to take the classical into the realm of the ideal. You couldn't do it with classical Pilates if it didn't have an ideal nature to begin with. Because it does, you can go there, teach from there, and be as purely classical as is possible.

You don't need the piece of paper if you understand the idea. But if you want it, and you can defend the thesis that the diploma represents, I'd be happy to award you one.

PS I wouldn't try just ordering one without knowing that I'll sell you one. If you pre-pay with paypal and I don't approve it, I'll send your money back minus processing fees.

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