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Brief Description:
Michael Miller collaborates with Gillis Crawford and Kipling Solid to explore reformer exercises on the mat

Full Description:
May 31st, 2008 Michael Miller Pilates Studio in Boulder, Colorado. Michael Miller directs (with assistance) Gillis Crawford from Stratford, England and Kipling Solid, MMP LA from Chicago, Illinois some of the reformer moves on the mat. There are some great efforts, some unusual improvisations, and as always the pursuit of fluorescense through sensational alignment.
The entire reformer sequence isn't covered, because there is only so much energy to be spent in one session. So, not only are exercises explored, but when to say enough is enough for one session is apparent.

"The ref on the mat dvd is a great adventure and a reminder of how much material we have been blessed with to explore in new places but remaining true to the origin. I was totally empowered and ready to move, challenge and seek for more after watching this one. Let the breath keep flowing!"

Name: Volume I Session 100 Reformer Moves on the Mat
Size: DVD 78 minutes
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