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Brief Description:
Michael Miller instructs Patricia Johnstone on lead-in exercises that refine alignment through the extremities and then progresses through a intermediate level reformer workout.

Full Description:
May 31st, 2008 in Michael Miller's pilates studio in Boulder, Colorado. Patricia Johnstone returns from Stratford, England for a session.
In this session Michael Miller focuses on what all other brands of pilates seem unaware of--the necessity of achieving alignment through extremities to achieve the goal of pilates: uniform development.
Observe Michael working to make alignment sensational. (with varying degrees of success) and exploring the use of torsion through the arms to achieve strength and load bearing in fluorescense.
Patricia gives it her all, and by the end of the session can be seen to have exhausted her reserves.
A good session to see how to send a client into the cave of their experience, and then know when enough is enough and protect them into a satisfying conclusion.

Name: Volume I Session 99 Torsion Leadins & Reformer
Size: DVD 75 minutes
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