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Brief Description:
Michael Miller makes a final presentation in Annapolis, Maryland.

Full Description:
May 21st, 2008 hosted by Cameron Macdonald of Precision Pilates and in the home studio of Jan Sullivan.
This talk, no movement, no instruction, is less of Michael Miller's history and more of a detailed explaination of pilates seen as an idea. It was given in light of his expectation that it would be his last presentation, so he tries as best he can to explain the source and essence of the idea of pilates.
The first hour shows a good framing of him speaking. The second hour was not framed well. (the person changing the tape didn't frame the camera afterwards) so the second hour is mostly audio with Michael appearing briefly and partially on camera. If you are a fan of Michael Miller, this is his latest and best expression of his view of pilates, delivered in the nostalgia of expecting it to be his last.

Name: Volume I Session 96 Final Presentation
Size: DVD 124 minutes
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Michael Miller Pilates Makes Sense