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Brief Description:
Michael Miller Pilates Chair Poster

Full Description:
This poster shows all and only those exercises demonstrated by Joseph Pilates, or his students in film or print prior to 1944. The sequence is Michael Millerís, arranged to show the idea of Pilates by grouping the exercises according to pattern and sequencing them according to eccentric loading.
Web subscribers have access to range of movement in clip motion and video to hear the breathing. http://www.hermit.com/hermit/chr/chrmenu.htm

Ideal for the pilates instructor who teaches in more than one location. 4 suction cups and pre-installed grommets make put up and take down a breeze.
(And of course, just printing out this image off the web goes well in hand, for free.)

(while supplies last)

Study questions:
(answers here: http://www.hermit.com/michaelmiller/courseware/chr/answers101.htm )
Which exercises could be considered primarily:
1) flexion
2) extension
3) side bending
4) torsion
5) Which exercises might you associate with footwork?
6) Why do 8 and 20 come before 9 and 21
7) What word in the idea is the reason behind 34 following 33?
8) What exercise is least appropriate for this body where connection to the pedal isnít even accomplished?

Name: Chair Poster
Size: 17 x 43.2 inches
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Michael Miller Pilates Makes Sense