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Brief Description:
Michael Miller assists Cameron Macdonald during a reformer workout.

Full Description:
This is a great DVD. It shows a 55 minute advanced workout by someone who knows what they are doing. And a teacher who knows how to instruct, keep the session going, and makes loads of tactile cues. If you're a student of the reformer you'll learn at lot about performance, and what you need to know (like the order of the exercises) to approach the flow you're after. If you are an instructor of the reformer, you'll see Michael Miller teach a private. How he moves, words, timing, tactile cueing, pressing the flow. When to say something, when to say nothing.
This is a real gem of a DVD on many levels. Cameron does a great job working out; Michael does a great job supporting her effort.

"I just watched Cameron's reformer DVD working with you. You brought out the best in her....it clearly demonstrates what makes you a master teacher! I watch you help Cam feel more control rather then less and to sense alignment (not just "shoulder to hip to ankle). Also,I have never heard another teacher ask, "what's the point?" You asked this about Swan on the ladder barrel...bent knee to stretch the front of the hips, then straight, and telling why. You make the viewer listen--a missing link from other instructors who just tell you what to do. Another example is Arabesque l and ll, keeping the flexion of elephant. Why? --to be flourescent to develop a uniform body through uniform usage. And you see how rotation around the ears and shoulders is eccentric-- quite visible. You were sharing the experience of embodiment. And Cam was in the moment, because of your teaching. All teachers should study you!

Dear Michael
I ordered your advanced reformer DVD. ( with Cameron) I have to tell you it was worth every cent and then some. Your input was breath takingly insightful. I watched it at my studio and then hopped onto one of my reformers and let it play while I worked out and listened to your cues. I have never enjoyed a workout more!!!! The front rowing series was amazing and it opened my eyes and my body to the exercise in a way I had never experienced. Let it Flow !!! I want more!!!
You are what you say and your work proves it.

Name: Volume I Session 93 Advanced Reformer
Size: 60 minutes
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