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(The order is important; if I were new to Pilates I would buy right down the list.)

#1 ****** The Mary Bowen video
archive of Joseph Pilates
It can be ordered at this phone number:

#2 ****** The book Return to Life Through Contrology... by Joseph H. Pilates and William John Miller and the book Your Health : A Corrective System of. exercising that revolutionizes the entire field of physical education by Joseph Hubertus Pilates

#3 ****** Joseph H. Pilates Archive Collection,
#4 *** the book The Pilates Body: by Brooke Siler.
#5 ***** The book The Elements of Pilates and The Michael.Miller View..
#6 **** The video The Mat is the Method by Michael Miller
#7 *** The video The Full Mat and The Mat Explained (order one get the other free)

Reference books:

(you don't need all of these but these are some of my best recommendations)

New, the cutting edge of Pilates where quantum physics rubs up against biology. I highly recommend this audio recording.


The Anatomy Coloring Book (3rd Edition) gotta have this one. Start at the beginning and color in all the bones and muscles.

Anatomy & Human Movement: Structure & Function an expensive book but a deep source of reference

Manual of Structural Kinesiology with...

Taking Root to Fly : 7 Articles on.. Irene Dowd's book, great imagery.

Anatomy of Movement Blandine Calais-Germain, a must have for any Pilates Instructor

Sports Injuries Their Prevention and Treatment I. Peterson

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